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WordPress is basically blogging software that uses programming languges like PHP, Javascript, CSS and MySQL to define and modulate appearance, text graphics etc. of a website. It has been running for a long time now and many users have downloaded it in order to develop their own customized websites and change appearances of existing websites.
It basically enables users desirous of blogging contents on the internet to choose the appearance of their websites, select themes, and customize the graphics and looks of the websites that they own and blog on. The service has become very popular among website developers ranging from amateurs to professionals and it has crossed 3.8 million downloads till date. More than blogging what made it more popular was the content managing system that WordPress offered.

Why is WordPress customization so popular? 

WordPress customization has become extremely popular in India. This is specifically because the service sector in India has been growing at a vibrant pace and most of it is Information Technology based. The Indian IT industry has been penetrating the world market with quality innovations at a price much lower than the European and North American counter parts. The main reasons are:

  • WordPress development in India has taken a momentum when the mature IT industry forayed into web development, web hosting and website support services. The maturity of the Industry enables it to understand the needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Most small and medium scale businesses tend to Hire WordPress developer from India because such developers tend to work faster and at lower prices than the others. This is because labor rates are cheaper in India.
  • India WordPress development provides quality contents to the clients. The client outsources the entire function to the service provider in India and the service provider is responsible to develop the website and also provide specific contents.
  • When businesses Hire WordPress developer from India they get many allied services such as search engine optimization, content management, website updating facility a knowledge processes.

WordPress customization was the first to become so popular among all businesses because the Indian IT industry was the first to properly capitalize on the plug in feature that WordPress started allowing. The Indians could do it not only for a computer based environment but also from phone and iPod based environment which has now become a major attraction of all businesses.
The Indians could also make stunning designs for the web pages by using the quality artists that India is rich in. Many creative artists such as painters, designers and musicians contribute to the development of the websites through WordPress in order to make it spectacular and attractive.
The Indian engineers by now are well versed in the programming languages that are used by WordPress and they can understand the client needs well enough. Thus WordPress customization India provides seem much valuable and better to the client and most importantly it is effective and worth what they pay.
The recent years have seen small and medium scale businesses from various countries making a beeline to get all their web related support from the Indian Service Providers. It is believed that India is the emerging destination of outsourcing.
BRTechnosoft is a leading WordPress development service provider from India. It has been rated as one of the top 10 service providers from India. It has vast experience on WordPress development and it has worked for clients from many countries. Thus is has myriad experiences to offer to its newer clients.

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