Efficient and innovated web application system is the most essential requirement of businesses today for their survival, success and growth. Service of efficient and talented app developers is inevitable for creating effective and technologically advanced applications. Professional web developers have a decisive role in effectively promoting the brand and making it a success in the market. Web and app developers enable the businesses to achieve their goal by providing efficient, robust and technologically advanced applications. Businessmen and entrepreneurs have to ensure that the company’s requirements for application developments are promptly fulfilled and that a team of qualified and experienced application developers with expertise are at the service of the company as and when required.

We come across with two types of app developers – Dedicated Developers and Freelance Developers.

Who is Dedicated Developer?

Dedicated Developers are qualified and experienced app developers who are employed in any one of the web and mobile app development companies to cater to the software development needs of the company’s clients. The Dedicated Developer or team of Developers will be entrusted with the task of executing the app development project of a client and they will work exclusively for that particular client till completion of the project. In order to provide their clients reliable and the most efficient development service, these companies recruit dedicated developers with proven track records and excellent project management skills. Once the project of a particular client is completed, tested and delivered, the Dedicated Developers will be assigned the application or software development project of another client.

Who is Freelance Developer?

The freelance developer is not employed by a company but, he works for his clients and meet their requirements of new software and new applications. In other words, they are self-employed mobile app or web developers and they work independently on contract basis. In the competitive field of app/software development, the efficient and talented freelance developers have immense opportunities and those who are really capable and reliable will be hired by businesses and software companies.

Reasons for hiring Dedicated Developer

1. Owner of client company need not bother about the development project

When a company or a business house entrust the task of app development with a reputed web and mobile app development firm, the execution of the app development project will be undertaken by a team of professional developers from the app development firm. This team of dedicated developers will work collectively and take care of each and every aspect of the project execution. Each member of the team will have the experience and expertise in the relevant field and they work with the commitment to provide the best quality service to the client and complete the project exactly as per the schedule. This will enable the owner of the client company or the Businessman to devote his entire time for marketing, promotions, procurement, market analysis and other areas of his business. He need not spend time for the app development project.

2. Client company need not invest on hardware, software or coding resources

The client company can completely avoid investment on hardware or software in connection with the app development project if they hire a team of dedicated developers. In case an organization entrust the task of app development with an in-house development team, they may have to invest heavily in workstations, desktop systems and design software items. Coding resources also will be required. But, when they hire a team of dedicated developers, the company need not make any investment and thereby save substantial amount of money. The web and mobile app development company which has undertaken the project will provide the dedicated developers with their own offices and their own resources. Thus Dedicated Developers enable the client company to reduce the expenses to a considerable extent.

3. Project completion within the deadline and within the budget

The Dedicated Programmers are well equipped with the most advanced techniques to ensure maximum accuracy in their work and achieve 100% client satisfaction. The clients expect the project to be completed as per schedule and well within the budget. The web and mobile apps developing companies hire dedicated developers with the required experience and expertise to work as a team and build the best quality software and apps as required by the client within the given time and budget. Dedicated Programmers are capable of completing the project well within the deadline without giving any trouble to the owner of the client company.

4. Development team will take care of crisis management

In case of a sudden crisis in the workflow, the programmers in the team of dedicated developers can come for rescue so that the owner of the client company need not worry about tackling the situation. The programmers in the hired team will solve the problem using their crisis management skills.

Reasons for hiring Freelance Developer

1. Gets the benefits of global talent

The Freelance Developers always have the quest for knowledge and information. They keep on visiting numerous websites in different fields to acquire more knowledge and get familiar with the latest technologies that are used for developing software and applications. They always keep themselves updated about the developments that take place in their professional field. Companies and businessmen who hire the freelance developers for their development projects will be highly benefited by the Freelance Developer’s access to global talent.

2. Cost-effective service

The web and mobile app development company has to pay the Dedicated Developers attractive salary and provide various statutory benefits, paid leave, overtime allowances, bonus, retirement benefits, etc. As a result the client company that hires the Dedicated Developers has to pay substantially higher service charges when compared to the amount charged by the Freelance Developers. So, hiring Freelance Developers for development projects is always less expensive. Also, Freelance Developers are willing to work for fixed charges or for hourly rates.

3. Hiring process is easier, especially during emergency

When there is an emergency, companies and business firms can easily and quickly hire talented and experienced developers from one of the reputed freelance platforms. It won’t be that easy to hire a Dedicated Developer with specific skills when there is an emergency. It is always easier to hire a Freelance Developer and the hiring process is hassle-free.


Dedicated Developers – PROS

  • Full concentration on your project
  • Committed to safeguard the best interests of the client
  • Work on all problems faced by client and provide the best solutions
  • Offer end-to-end service

Dedicated Developers – CONS

  • More expensive when compared to Freelance Developers
  • Finding out local talent is too difficult

Freelance Developers – PROS

  • Cost-effective
  • Just pay the agreed amount on completion of work and no other obligations
  • Less risky
  • Apply the latest techniques and are more creative
  • Independent Developers who specialize in a particular field are available

Freelance Developers – CONS

  • Selecting the right type of Developer is not so easy
  • Since you are not sure about their track record you have to keep a tab on them throughout the project
  • Loyalty not assured
  • May be having number of projects at a time. So, entire concentration may not be on your project.

Dedicated Developers VS Freelance Developers

When you entrust an app development project with a reliable web and mobile apps developing company, they assign the task to a team of Dedicated Developers who are employed by the company. The team of Developers will work with a commitment and their full concentration will be in completing the project within the deadline. They provide the best quality service to the client and will not abandon the project mid-way. Freelancers will have no such commitments and they are not tied to a contract. So, they may stop working on the project at any time. In addition to suffering considerable financial loss the client company’s business prospects also will be badly affected due to non-availability of the required apps.

The project will run smoothly and as per schedule and within the budget when it is executed by a team of Dedicated Developers. The developers will be having required experience and expertise and they will get all support from their company. In the case of Freelance Developers, there will be nobody to supervise their work or evaluate their performance. They will not be having anybody to support them also. In case the owner of the client company is not happy with Freelance Developer, he may have to spend more time to find a substitute and continue the project. Also, it will cost him more.

A web and mobile apps developing company always strive to improve their reputation in the field so that they will get more clients and the already existing clients will remain with them. Since Freelance Developers work without any commitment and since they may be having several projects at a time, the care and quality of service provided by the Dedicated Developers cannot be expected from them.

Dedicated Web Developers are used to follow certain rules and regulations and they work systematically. So they will be able to complete the task within the deadline without compromising on the quality of service. They will find out quick solutions to any problem that come up during the project execution and they will see to it that the workflow is not affected and the project is not delayed. Freelance Developers are not bound to rules and restrictions since they work independently. In case a problem arises, they may either abandon the project or will very much delay the completion of the project.

The team of Dedicated Developers who are supported by their employer are allowed to make use of quality project management devices and various other resources with which they are able to improve the quality of applications that they develop. Freelance Developers will not have access to such resources.

While hiring Freelance Developers, the owner of the company has to consider the safety and security aspects. When you hire Dedicated Developers from a reputed company, they guarantee 100% security of important data, business codes and technical specifications.

Dedicated Developers who have experience of working full-time as a team with dedication and commitment will be able to maintain a level of professionalism which will be advantageous to the client company. You cannot expect that level of professionalism from Freelance Developers.

Main reasons for preferring Dedicated Developers over Freelance Developers

  • Commitment to quality and timely delivery
  • Truly professional approach
  • Will not approach the client for hardware, software and other resources
  • Reliability and Security
  • Easy accessibility
  • Transparency in all aspects
  • Reliable support system
  • Client company need not worry about crisis management


Organizations and business firms find it difficult to determine the suitability of Dedicated Web Developers and Freelance Developers to fullfill their software and application needs. But, as described above, a team of Dedicated Developers is the best option. Hiring of Freelance Developers also has advantages. But in comparison, the benefits will be more from hiring Dedicated Developers than from hiring Freelance Developers.

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