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Among the various Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress (WP) is a very popular ad the most widely used open-source CMS. WP CMS 'exclusively for blogging' is a thing of the past. Today WordPress is widely used for e-commerce website, websites of professional publications and for a variety of other websites. One need not be a professional web-developer to build a business website using WP. It takes time for you to learn the method of building websites using the other types of CMS whereas, anybody can learn very quickly how to develop a website using WordPress.

This web development company India had developed numerous powerful websites for big and small businesses using the WordPress software and all those websites appear highly professional. Today big and small businesses insist for WP CMS for their e-commerce websites mainly because WP websites are quite easy to manage. The leading web development services India nowadays use WordPress for majority of their clients who want to develop powerful business websites since the WP software is a full-scale content management software. WP offers Plugins for any type of scenario and the users can have the support of a very large community.

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WordPress - one among the very best options for content developers and online businessmen

Web designers and content developers always find it difficult to choose the CMS that can meet all their requirements. They have a wide variety of choices including paid and free. However, more than 32% of the websites the world over make use of the WordPress CMS. It is estimated that in a month not less than 400 million people view the web pages that are hosted by WP. Blogs that are written in more than 120 different languages appear on WP sites. The flexible features, wide variety of tools and awesome plugins made WP the very best platform for online businesses.

Unlimited advantages to businesses enterprises from WordPress

Those who select WP CMS for developing their business websites find that the WP platform is very convenient and easy to manage. The natural interface, sufficient speed and the other amazing features of WP make it the most suitable option for their website. Now let us examine the most outstanding advantages of WordPress CMS for developing new business websites.

1. Thousands of amazing options for web designing

Those who design their website using WP will have no dearth of theme options for customizing their websites. Thousands of free dedicated themes are available with WP for personalizing the website.

2. Content management made easy

Editing the content of a WP website is very simple and easy. It is just a cake-walk for those who can edit content of an MS Word document.

3. The easiest platform for web developers

Professional web developers of web development services India who possess adequate knowledge of particular technologies such as HTML, PHP and CSS only can develop websites using the platforms like Joomla and Drupal. But, those who develop websites on the WP platform need not spend their time to learn such complicated technologies. No coding is required for developing WP website.

4. 100% free download

The WordPress software is offered 100% free of cost. Without paying anything, one can download, install, use and modify the WP software. The WP software is 100% free and the software may be installed using a domain name and web hosting. WP has officially recommended many hosting providers who will provide domain name and web hosting service.

5. SEO-friendly

Business websites are highly benefited by using the WP platform since it facilitates search engine traffic. WP websites drive immense traffic and have high rankings in search engines. Google and many other search engines always give preference to WP websites since code of superior quality with semantic markup is used to write WordPress. Further, the WP websites can drive much more traffic using the WP SEO Plugin.

6. Assured safety and security

The WordPress platform is highly safe and secure. Moreover, those who have WP websites can make their websites more protected by installing the WP security plugins that are free. The Sucuri Scanner provided by WP ensures protection from malware and attacks by brute force.

7. A very strong community behind WordPress

The WordPress foundation is the force behind WP. WordPress foundation is a non-profit organization and as a very strong community this foundation ensures continued growth of WordPress. This community consists of millions of users, web developers and small businesses and they are committed to help each other. WP is written in more than 53 different languages and there are thousands of multilingual websites on the WP platform.

8. Thousands of plugins for customization

Businesses with WP website can customize their websites as they wish just by clicking a button. For any customization there is a plugin and among the thousands of plugins, the WP Social Media Plugin, the WP SEO Plugin, the Rich Snippet Plugins, the Image Compression Plugins, the Email Subscription Plugins and the Plugins for Creating Landing Pages without Coding Skills are very useful and popular.

9. Word Press is always Updated

WP remains updated without fail and is always in the path of improvement. Being open source, the WP design and development community keeps on providing feedback and tips for improvement. Apart from fixing the bugs, the regular WP updates bring forth additional functionality and more new features. WP is permanently cutting-edge.

10. Ideal option for large enterprises

It is a historical fact that WordPress started as a blogging platform and even today WP offers the best business solutions to the "just born" entrepreneurs and small businesses. But, today the WordPress platform is very big and is well equipped to meet the requirements of very large businesses. The long list of business giants who are using the WP platform include fortune 500 companies like The Walt Disney, Sony, Best Buy, Tesoro, Xerox, Mercedes Benz, Marks & Spencer and many more.


WordPress infuses power into online businesses by providing an awesome content management system. WP is free and you can use WP and get the benefit from WP without much technical knowledge. The other various website management platforms that are available in the market require capital and technical expertise. The amazing WordPress software provides a robust Content Management System for budding, small, medium and large business enterprises the world over.

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