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It is a fact that every month hundreds of mobile applications are developed by various mobile app developers. But, the bitter truth is that more than 75% of the newly developed mobile apps miserably fail to impress the users and ultimately they are rejected. The mobile app developer can be successful in developing his custom mobile application as a brand if and only if he is able to cater to the exact needs of the customers. When the Mobile App Development company India introduces a custom mobile app, their mobile app developing experts must see to it that the new custom mobile app that they launch offers unique features that can provide the most amazing user experience. Mobile app development is indeed a time-consuming task. The successful mobile app developer will be flexible in his approach and throughout the execution of the project he remains focused. Unless the app developer move according to the emerging trends, he can't build up his brand. And as you know, the emerging trends are many. Hence, there can't be any compromise whatsoever on focus.

Avoidable mistakes

There is no dearth of mobile app developing companies. But, regrettably the majority of them give up without achieving their business goals. In fact they waste a lot of precious time, money and resources. It is too late when they realize that their product lacks in features that can impress the users and make them spend more time on the custom mobile app. Some among them fail because they didn't conduct a proper market study and as a result could not develop a unique mobile app which can withstand the competition in the market. Just as various other development ventures, mobile app development is also becoming more and more expensive mainly because of new, highly advanced technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality). Those who plan to work on a low budget and make use of cheaper technologies are more likely to end up with severe setbacks. When we go deep into this problem we come to know that mobile apps fail due to various mistakes that are avoidable. Hence it is very important for the professional Mobile App Developing company India to correctly identify the mistakes and take all precautions to avoid those mistakes while developing the custom mobile app.

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Mistakes that are to be avoided

1. It is wrong to think that your new custom mobile app must offer all the features and functionalities that are provided in the competitor's Mobile App

The custom Mobile App that you plan to develop need not be a large reservoir of features and functionalities. Every business is unique and the requirements and preferences also differ. After developing a feature-rich app if your customers find that more than half of the features in the app are of no use to them, it will be disastrous to you. Every additional feature makes the app costlier and the developer has to spend more time also. The intelligent mobile app developer must first of all identify a limited number of features for his app that can meet the basic requirements of the users. In due course he can very well ad additional features and customize the existing features in accordance with the feedback from the market.

2. Many mobile app developers ignore UX and UI - User Experience and User Interface

Those who use Smartphones are very particular about ease of using the app and the overall user experience. They will not tolerate complicated features, slow loading, disturbing bugs, lack of basic features, privacy problems, apps that consume too much space, unwanted ads, unsolicited emails and boring notifications. When they feel uneasy with the mobile app or unhappy with the user experience they will have no second though but straightaway uninstall the mobile app.

3. Developing the mobile app without clear idea of user requirements

Intense research on tastes and preferences of the users is vital for a custom mobile app to be successful. A professional Mobile App Developing company India will develop the app only after understanding clearly the exact requirements and using habits of the target audience. The mobile app which is developed without extensive user research is bound to be a flop.

4.  Inadequate budget and resources of poor quality

The task of developing the custom mobile app should be entrusted with a professional app developing team with adequate experience and exposure. When the mobile app developing company compromises on the quality of human resources to minimize the budget, the project will require much more time to complete and consequently there will be many unexpected expenses. The app developing team must consist of professional designers, efficient and reliable project managers, experienced testing personnel and high-caliber marketing managers. The app developer should not hesitate to go for the most advanced technology. Cheaper options are likely to produce poor results and sometimes negative results.

5. Objectives not clear and expectations not realistic

The mobile app development company will not be successful building their brand if their business objectives are confusing and their expectations are too high. The app developer should clearly understand his limitations and his expectations should match with his budget and the available resources. If they proceed without clear objectives and without proper planning, there will be unexpected delays and severe setbacks.

6. Single Platform apps will be rejected by users

The Mobile App Develop company India must ensure that they develop only cross-platform arms. Today there is no market for mobile apps that are exclusively for a single platform. The app developer must ensure that the newly developed custom mobile app can be used simultaneously for Android and iOS platforms with the help of the same source code. The cross-platform app can be made more customer-friendly by optimizing in accordance with the potential of both platforms.

7. Overlooking pre-launch testing of the mobile app is a disastrous move

Those who launch a custom mobile app without proper testing in fact ignore the importance of Quality Control. The app can be launched if and only if it passes beta testing by widely accepted app testers. Shortfalls or technical problems in the app if any, can be detected and rectified then and there if it is subjected to beta testing.

8. In the absence of proper marketing strategies the app fails to take off

The professional mobile app developing company must have clear, well-defined and long-term strategies for pre-launch and post-launch marketing of the newly developed custom mobile app. Without well-documented marketing plan even the mobile app with amazing features will fail to attract the attention of customers and ultimately will go unnoticed.

9. Ignoring user feedback is a wrong practice

Quality of user experience makes the app success or failure. Taking note of the User Feedback is the best way to assess the quality of User Experience. User Feedback also helps the app developer to make the app free of minor complaints from the users and the corrective steps will impress the users further and they will be more enthusiastic to use the app. On the contrary, when the customer finds that his feedback had no effect he will switch over to another mobile app.

10. Users lose interest when there are no timely updates from the app developer

Developing and promoting a custom mobile app should be an ongoing process. Periodic assessment of the app's performance is very essential to make necessary changes and makes the app more efficient by removing the errors. The app developer should ensure that updates are released on time so as to convince the customers the quality and reliability of the app and also commitment by the app developer to satisfy the customers.


Developing a custom mobile app is a risky, complicated and time-consuming task. Mistakes are bound to occur and there will be many hurdles to overcome. The major and most common mistakes committed by mobile app developers are listed in this article. Mobile app developers who make real efforts to avoid the above listed mistakes while developing the apps can indeed succeed in getting the expected results.

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