Guaranteed SEO ServicesThey say life doesn’t give you the second chance. We very often resort to concede without truly realizing the impact of it and therefore very often than not commit repeated mistakes. But, thanks God at least there’s something on earth which guarantees you of its services which is none other than SEO Services. What is this SEO all about? A very relevant question vis-à-vis the topic of our discussion beyond any doubt – let’s try to address it.

What are SEO and its services?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. The very next question that must be rumbling in your belly is what this search engine is all about. Right? I appreciate this, as the understanding of SEO forms the backbone of our further course of deliberations.
Some say it’s a part of writing and some opine it to be a part of designing…great confusions…isn’t it? SEO is essentially the sum total of all techniques that website owners use for improving the performance of their websites on a search engine like Google or others. Here performance relates to the result of the search engine; in short if your website is search engine optimized then it should always appear within say, top ten of the search engine results whenever someone across the globe places a request on the search engine that matches your product lines or services.
A SEO vendor is therefore supposed to maximize the visibility of your website/s on the web worldwide or even within the niche market you are operating the entire process of which is to be summed up as the Guaranteed SEO Services.

Why should you opt for Guaranteed SEO Services?

SEO is like the water to a fish. A fish can’t survive without water despite all your efforts to keep the fish alive; likewise without SEO orientation your website will not be visible to your customers and prospects on the web resulting in wasteful expenses on your part and losing the valuable connect with your TG (target group).
There is many a company in the world that do billions of dollars business on the web – some of them don’t even have the virtual network of retail outlets. Take the examples of all the websites such as, or others who are currently experiencing double digit growth even in India. Don’t all these sound interesting?

What is Google Search Plus Your Worlds?

It is the latest search algorithm released by Google that promises bespoke search results to individuals. This initiative is to address the issue of eliminating irrelevant or less relevant search results further and make the results most relevant and unique to the individual query.

How does Google Search Plus Your World affect Guaranteed SEO Services too if you don’t align with the right one?

To put things in right perspective a visual reference at the below expedites our apprehensions and understanding.

  • Change in User Interface: Google is extensively promoting its all new Google+ pages to take on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a business strategy on the part of Google to maintain its supremacy. Hence, you or your website will not be suggested by Google if you or your website is not on Google+.   
  • Personalized Search: Google is actually contemplating more visibility through recommendations of your contacts within your circle. This means adding more users to +1 you will invariably be increasing your content or website visibility and recommendations.
  • Google Bias: It’s a part of the Google’s business strategy to beat the competition and hence promoting aggressively Google+ over social networking sites. In consequence the promoted materials are even visible to people who are not logged in.
  • New Social Signal +1: Google has implemented +1 as the social signal and the more +1s are there in your circle the better rankings you would have in your social search.
  • Keyword Referral Data Loss: Due to encrypted search results that Google has promoted people have begun witnessing 10% to 20% keyword referral data loss.

How will you select a Guaranteed SEO Services vendor?

This will work as a general guideline while selecting your SEO vendor since the market is abundant with options – everybody is vying for your attention and money; hence you have the right to pick and chose the right one. But, how to choose the right one if you are not certain about premises for it?
We will constrain our discussion on three basic themes; namely searching and identifying good SEO companies, points to ponder before hiring a SEO company and Conclusion.
Searching & Identifying Guaranteed SEO Services: While searching and identifying good SEO companies you must fix up the check-list for them based on your requirement. A sample check-list can be as follows.

  • Do they provide quality content?
  • Do they post quality blog frequently?
  • Do they have a proven credential?
  • What their customers’ say about them? Can go for a reality check with one or more customers directly.
  • How much do they charge? The SEO vendor may be excellent in all the aforesaid parameters but fitting into kitty too will matter most for you

Points to Ponder before hiring a Guaranteed SEO Services Vendor: Talking to your shortlisted SEO vendors individually on their strategies to make your internet marketing endeavor outstanding will help you realize which one stands out or not vis-à-vis your expectations.

  1. A check-list on SEO vendors’ strategies:
  • How do they choose keywords and / or how’s their keyword selection?
  • How far are they quality conscious in their content writing?
  • Are they doing social bookmarking while working on link building campaign?
  • How innovative are they on meta tags?
  • Are they using site map? If yes, how effective is this?
  1. Asking your shortlisted vendor on their social strategy for SEO will into the second place in the pecking order. A check-list on the same can be as below.
  • Whether would they be installing Google +1 button on your site?
  • Will they create a Google Plus Brand Page relevant to your business?
  • Will they walk an extra mile in contacting Google Plus one users of your industry and seek their votes for your site
  1. Ask the SEO vendor on listing with Google Places. A check-list should include whether the vendor would be submitting your business to Google Places and whether they would upload video and images to the Google Places. If the vendor doesn’t then you will lose the visibility and business from the Local County / city. In other words, Google Places must be made an integral part of your SEO strategy.
  • Whether would they be installing Google +1 button on your site?
  • Will they create a Google Plus Brand Page relevant to your business?
  • Will they walk an extra mile in contacting Google Plus one users of your industry and seek their votes for your site
  1. Check on the SEO vendor’s article marketing strategy. Ideally it should include squidoos, Hub Pages, Articles Place, Ez Information, Ezine articles etc. to name a few.
  2. Is the SEO vendor agreeing to Guaranteed Rankings? As per SEO guidelines of Google none is empowered with any priority submit or so for a guaranteed ranking.
  3. What kind of SEO Intelligence Tools and Online Reporting will the SEO vendor provide to you?
  4. Ask for references from the SEO vendor for referral checks at your end. Additionally can ask for case studies or testimonials from their clients.
  5. Will the SEO vendor make changes to your website? If yes, check for the reason behind such an urge.
  6. Background check of the SEO vendor involving continuation in this SEO business.
  7. Take clarity from the SEO vendor on the support front you are supposed to receive.

Guaranteed SEO Services therefore are to address issues relating to the changes in the search engine and to keep your website healthy in terms of top of mind awareness thereby greater revenues.

To your comfort and pleasure you would be happy to note that We can be right at your door step in helping you out with authentic and Guaranteed SEO India. They say you can’t win the race if you don’t venture to run; likewise use the services from the table of BRTechnosoft to believe in its unmatched quality and deliveries. Your satisfaction is guaranteed here – just assign a small project today to SOI and see the difference all yourself. We are simply the best you can bank upon.

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