Be ready to identify that your website is affected by Penguin 2.0 AND 5 or NOT !!!!
Being a webmaster we all are on the way to keep watch on our online platform for their best performance, am I right? Moreover, we are always eager to know that either our website is affected by any rolled out of Google’s algorithm or not.

Recently rolled out of Penguin 2.0 (Penguin 5) has given lots of SERPS affection. So, that many webmasters are in search of the fact that their websites are escaped this update or not.  There are some ways to checked out; however, first you must know that who will get affect by this update and here we are providing you some detailed information for same.
There are some definite areas which have been covered by Penguin 5. Following are some activities through which if you have built the links then it is sure that your website will get affect by this update:

Link building via Forum: If you have used forum posting for inner-page with use of exact match anchor text links then it will consider as spam and definitely due to that point your site’s SERPs will get affect.
Link building via Bio: Usually, we are writing bio for many link forming platform like article, forum, social profiles, etc. over such platform as we are permitted to put one anchor text; however, if you have used any exact match anchor text links for such bio then it will consider as spam by this rolled out update.
Micro Blogging: This considered as the best way for three tire link building; however, if you have used over optimized keywords for that blogging then it is also consider as spam link building.
Directory submission: This is very first and common activity attempted by any webmaster for link building; however, for this if you have used just highly optimized targeted keyword then sorry to say but it’s one of the spams according to Penguin 5.
Blog comment and forum signature: These two are highly accepted as well as well know for do-follow kind link-building; however, it is now beneficial only if you do it with natural keywords instead of targeted and highly optimized anchor text. So, if you have done these two activities for your website promotion via just titles then Penguin 5 will ruin your website performance.
So, as a webmaster if you have done any kind of above listed activities for highly optimized anchor text then give up for content modification as well as redesigning of the website. Just take a step for removing unnatural links and if possible then disavow all the spam links.
If you think that if you take some steps for any social media and designing factors of the sites to recover from Penguin 5 then we would like to say that it will not help you anymore because basically Penguin is designed for unnatural linking and this Penguin 2.0 is specially designed for inner pages; means, link violation of link-building for inner pages are in base of this rolled out.
Since begging, Matt Cutts has announced that Penguin designed for sites to look for spam; examining inner pages in contrast to just the home-page of sites. Penguin 5 is actually an exciting update, because it wasn’t formerly to work only for incoming link information of sector home page.
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  1. Neeraj Kumar

    Very factual and relevant article but I doubt when doing SEO anybody can hold back the old habit and practice of unethical (being defined with time) Search Engine Optimization!

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