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At BRTechnosoft we have a separate team involved in developing these 3D games. Very few people even know that this industry is even bigger than Hollywood. Most of the characters that appear in the Video and the online games are 3D character animation. There was a time when 2D was used. But now it’s all changed and most of the games use 3D animated characters.

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Today 3D animation is all over in this digital era. It is not just for entertainment but also an powerful tool for visual communication. Websites, games, movies, and television commercials are all using 3D animation today for numerous reasons, not only these rely heavily on 3D animation there are many other uses being seen in video production today. 

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    3D Character Animation Company

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    Playing games till late night is happening in each and every house around the world today. Not only children, but people of all age are interested in playing games as it gives them immense pleasure. How are those games created? There is a great hard work involved behind each and every video game that is used today

    At BRTechnosoft we have a separate team involved in developing these 3D games. Very few people even know that this industry is even bigger than Hollywood. Most of the characters that appear in the Video and the online games are 3D character animation. There was a time when 2D was used. But now it’s all changed and most of the games use 3D animated characters.

    The Process of 3D Character Animation Development

    They are the graphics that are 3 dimensional representations of geometrical data which are stored in the computer for doing calculations. They are then stored for later usage.

    In 3D animation, modeling is a process where mathematical representation is developed for any 3 dimensional objects. These models could be created using algorithms, hands or it could be scanned. They are used in almost all the 3D graphics these days. They are widely spread in various fields today

    • The 3D animated characters are created by using computer graphics.
    • All the characters are created in a 3 dimensional picture format.
    • After the pictures are designed it is displayed in a sequential order to create an illusion.
    • This illusion is created by displaying the images continuously which are slightly different from each other.
    • The difference would only be at a rate of 25 to 30 frames per second.
    • Delivery efficiencies with large repository of recyclable components, test assets and global delivery model
    • In 3D all the images are fed to the computer and all the frames are rigged to get the final correct image.
    • The computer animation could be done by animation software.
    • All the 3D model frames are combined and programmed to get a single output image.
    • The models comprise of vertices, faces, or edges in a 3D coordinate system. The various objects are carved to the desired shape.
    • And finally in a process called rigging they are all put into a proper form for working.

    We provide various services related to 2D-3D animation and motion graphics. These include:

    • The 3D character animation is used in real life motion picture, characters in movies and as animated objects.
    • It is also used to demonstrate the buildings and landscapes proposed. The understanding becomes easy when they are 3D animated.
    • It is vastly used in the Engineering sector for various designs. The 3D computers rely on the algorithms such as vector graphics in the wire frame model.
    • Storyboarding
    • character designs
    • back grounding and various other pre-production effects
    • Background coloring and color filling services
    • Cleans ups and inking services
    • Logo and title designing
    • Post production services such as dubbing, background music
    • Flash animations

    Flexible Engagement Models

    If you choose to hire remote 3D Game Character Animation App in India, at BRtechnosoft, we offer flexible engagement models to suit every business need. You can hire a dedicated developer(s) who work full time on your project or hire on an hourly or project basis. You can also scale up or scale down anytime.

    Hire a Dedicated 3D Game & Animaton App Developer

    If you have a huge 3D Game & Animaton App project that needs thorough attention, hire dedicated 3D Game & Animaton App developers for smooth project management.
    • 8 hours per day, 20 days a month
    • Daily timesheet / Work report
    • Guaranteed 160 hours of work p.m.
    • From $1280 per month

    Fixed Budget

    If you have a budget for specific 3D Game development such as theme or plug-in development, ask for an agile control engagement.
    • Utmost Flexibility
    • Agile Team Management
    • Simple Process
    • Complete Budget Control

    Hourly or Part-Time

    If you run a business with undefined projects or need expert assistance with ongoing 3D Game App development, hire certified 3D Game App Developers hourly.
    • Project-based working hours
    • Monthly or Weekly Billing
    • Pay for work only
    • Fast onboarding

    3D Character Animation Development Services that we offer include:

    • 3D Product Views.
    • 3D Prototypes
    • 3D Character Animation/Cartoon Animation.
    • 3D Tours (Real Estate/Property/ Interiors).
    • 3D Simulations.
    • 3D Logo Design.
    • 3D Graphics.
    • 3D Animated Movies/Short Film/Videos.
    • 3D Modeling.
    • Special Effects.

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    We produce visual effects in 3d scenario it can be created through the process of composting. This appearance can be making to outfit different formats as per the choice of the customer.


    If you are scheduling for making a building our artist help you to create all the structural essentials along with the nearly landscaping with the suitable dimensions of the proposed project


    Become 3D animation services provide we will help you to producing patients to understand about specific disease ad treatment. Which also help a medical student while teaching them.This technology is particularly helpful with the introduction of a new medical solution.


    This is additional attractive area which is in high demand currently. Whatever type of video animation you may desire, we will produce it for you. Our professional team can design AL type video animation from the cartoons top the proficient ones.


    Our 3D design Services also contains 3D mechanical animation, which helps the business to checked the wire frame and design of products before it goes to the manufacturing department.


    We deliver this service for mainly school, Hotels, Hospital and Real estates. This services will help your business customer to navigate when design you are going to offer them a high definition 3D video

    As a Best 3D Animation Company India We Follow the Advance Work Flow Process.

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    Requirement Gathering

    Our testing and review team is keen to eradicate loopholes in the system and in our process so that the game is developed with minimal hassle.

    Game Evaluation

    We complete a through examination of feature and functionality evaluating the idea and then arranged with the plan

    iPhone App Development Company in India, iOS Mobile App Development, iPhone Application Development Services

    Game Development

    Our game and app programmer who are qualified in unity have the right attitude to producing multiple version of the games obeying to different platform requirements and standards

    Game Review

    Our high qualified testing team test and review it and they are keen to eliminate loopholes in the system and in our process so that the game is developed with minimal hassle.

    Game Publishing

    Entirely games are strictly tested and delivered to the app store, although published after a review from the customer too

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    As an experienced 3D Character Animation Development Company, we can assist our clients in bringing their vision to life, irrespective of what platform they wish it to be on

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    We offer top gaming solutions that possess the uniqueness in designs and robustness in functionalities. Apart from this, a few of the qualities are given below that differentiate us from our competitors and make us the preferred choice amongst our clients.

    • Expert team with 5+ years of average experience
    • Project is supervised by a technical lead
    • Developers talents match your project needs
    • No setup fees: pay only for the work done
    • Strict non disclosure agreement for data protection
    • Flexible engagement on full-time or hourly basis
    • As always, your results get delivered ahead of schedule
    • Complete Transparency is guaranteed

    Huge Experience with Experts

    Being 3D Game Development Company in India, we developed extremely appealing and existing 3d unity games. The game created by our team are highly functional to take the player to next level. We use enchanting graphics so that user can conceptualize each and every bit

    Diverse Team of Developers

    With a competitive industry experience of years altogether, we have highly expertise and experience in developing games leveraging Unity engine wisely

    Prime Importance to Security

    We are powerful on securing games based on Unity with a strong development process associated with international standards and quality measures in place

    Complete Confidentiality

    We have highly technical polices approach for sign NDA with client and which is your all source code will completely safe and secure with us

    Creative Designs

    Our capable gaming programmers can work on design based on effective concepts that will work extremely for any context

    Attractive Characters and Backgrounds

    At, BRTechnosoft, we are known to create outstanding characters with incredible graphics and gameplay design, concept and backgrounds that will appeal to one and all.

    Reasonably Priced solutions

    We provide profitable solutions based on unity platform to the customer base worldwide without diminishing quality standards in any way.

    Flexible Hiring

    We have flexible engagement models that enable to customer to hire experts on an hourly, part-time and full-time basis

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