3D Character IPhone


[h1a]3D Character IPhone[/h1a]

Wondering on the concepts and magic behind the iPhone games which is capturing every ones attention today? It needs years of experience and high level of creativity behind all those attractive images and models used in these games. The game art is a challenging task and even after we develop we need to be in tact with this technical world for the new development and inventions. The concepts for creating the model should be understood very well before designing it. The iPhone games may include menus used in the games, graphics, buttons, background screen creation and icons

We need to make use of the latest trends and technologies for creating a game in the iPhone.
[h2a]There Are Various Genres Available Some Of Them Are Listed Below[/h2a]

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  • Adventure
  • Card
  • Pinball
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Fight
  • Sports
  • Shooting
  • Quiz


Development of games in iPhone is one of the emerging platforms today and its growing fast. All the game apps are competing with each other today to catch the market. Any iPhone games should ensure high graphics and sound quality

There are 7 steps in creation of any 3D character. : idea and concept art, modeling, shaders and textures, rigging and enveloping, animation, lighting and rendering and post processing. Let us explain them shortly.

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  • Gathering the concepts – Here all the concepts are gathered. The idea behind the creation of the character is understood for giving the best output. The sketch of the model is drawn and its features are defined.
  • Modeling – Building a mesh would be an important step in developing a 3D character. And the same is done in this step.
  • Shaders and textures – What is the character made off? The material is defined from which the model is to be created. It may be a metal, glass, plastic etc.
  • Rigging and enveloping – Here the skeleton for the model is built and it is attached to the mesh. This process is a time consuming process where the skeleton building would take time. This process is also called as enveloping.
  • Animation – Here an animation software is used to bring life to the characters.
  • Lighting and rendering – In this step global illumination algorithms are used to create light.
  • Post processing – This step could be considered as important since all the fine tuning of the character is made here by using various rendering processes. The effects like glow, blur or depth of the field are adde


The process are not very easy as explained above. It undergoes a lot of hard work and time to create a character. Like wise many characters are created and displayed using various animation and graphics method to make a game. This game is then ported to the iPhone and introduced in the market.

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