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By using the 3D printing devices, the 3D model would be created physically. Manual process could be the one similar to sculpting. There are various entities like lines, triangles etc in a 3D space. The collection of these points is called as 3D objects. These models are used widely in the field of 3D graphics

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  • We adopt the latest and advanced technologies to serve our client’s requirements.
  • Our Unity 3D game development service is comprised of sophisticated features that cater to complex business needs for variant industry verticals.
  • Our developer team follows an Agile methodology to ensure seamless communication and complete the project transparently.
  • Our team helps clients in building Augmented Reality features in games that do not need a special headset to play.
  • We develop Indie games using Unity 3D framework, which requires minimal space and fits any social networking website.
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    3D Game development company India | 3D Unity’s Game development company India

    Everyone now is interested in playing video games. There is no house literally in the world which does not own a gaming console. But have you ever wondered how are these games created and what are the technologies behind it. How are the characters in the games being developed? Most of the games in the market now are using 3D characters and models.

    3D design is created using the 3D models available. The 3D character models enhance the quality of the website or the games that are being designed. 3D modeling is mathematical representation of the three dimensional object done with the help of a special software. This process is also called as 3D modelling. This model could be either created manually or automatically.

    By using the 3D printing devices, the 3D model would be created physically. Manual process could be the one similar to sculpting. There are various entities like lines, triangles etc in a 3D space. The collection of these points is called as 3D objects. These models are used widely in the field of 3D graphics. The 3D models could be a solution for many fields like design studios, real estate agencies, architectural companies, interior/exterior design services, furniture stores, engineering companies, magazines and design blogs.

    These are various products available in the market which make us feel impressed by the way it is designed and used in various fields. The models are available in downloadable format. This could also be purchased online and directly download from the company’s website. The file can be edited as per the need of the customer and used again. In other words the model could be customized further and used for the need of the buyer

    3D Game Development Company Process

    • The files are available in various formats like .lwo, .3ds, .xsi, .ma, obj. There are various companies who develop the 3D models and they sell them. There are various 3D modeling software available in the market.
    • Some of them are Maya – This software is the most popular one available which is at present used in the television and film industry. Maya uses MEL as its programming language and now it has developed itself into an application platform. It can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.3ds Max was called originally as 3D Studio MAX.
    • It is an versatile and reliable application used video games, film and television industry. It is used in Windows. It could be customized and extended through scripting which used Max script or its SDK.Form – Z . This is a general purpose 3D modeler.
    • It is primarily used for the purpose of modeling which also features photo realistic rendering and support for object animation. This software is used in interior design, product design, architecture and illustration. It also has import and export option featured in it. It is available in Windows and Mac currently.
    • MASSIVE is a 3D animation system used in the film and television field where it develops visual effects that are related to crowd. It is available in various platforms like Unix, Linux and Windows. This software was the target for many big budget movies after the release and success of The Lord of the Rings. This was used originally for controlling the battles in the movie.

    Sectors we cater with our 2D & 3D animation studio:

    • Movies
    • Cartoons
    • Website
    • Ecommerce or online marketing
    • Advertisements
    • Logos & Brands
    • Presentations
    • Online catalogues

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    Highlights of Our 3D Character Casual Game Development Services

    Our energetic Casual Game Development services are matched with your business requirement so that you can get the chosen results from our Casual Game Development Apps. The Causal Game Development Apps created by us are goal at increasing your business Return Of Investment (ROI) and improving its reach.


    Become highly appealing Casual game designed and developed by us to woo your viewer by providing them unparalleled experience

    Custom Casual Game Development

    Being Casual Game Development company in India. We provide complete customization support to our client with high quality standard. we always follow latest market research for customization your game.

    Enterprise Casual Solutions

    The Casual game development team includes the experts from several domain that’s why we have to ability to build enterprise-class game app.

    Enhancing & Migration Services

    We have proficiency in Casual enhancing and upgradations thereby allowing organizations to ensure their Casual game applications have the ability to support multiple platforms with advanced features.

    Casual Game Development

    Our qualified Casual game developer has capability in developing the wide-ranging games that single and multiple users can play

    Maintenance, Testing, & Support

    We will offer complete support and maintenance in the form of Casual game updates, in-app obtaining and others

    3D Game Development Company Process

    We have a team talented 3D Game App developer or programmer who stay updated on the latest technology developments to be able to developed advance 3D Game Apps solutions for our customers.

    We have been developing imaginative 3D Game  applications for a very long time now. Here is some other benefit you can get from our tremendous 3D Game development services

    • Physics – the programming of the game engine, including simulating physics, collision, object movement, etc.;
    • AI – producing computer agents using game AI techniques, such as scripting, planning, rule-based decisions, etc.
    • Graphics – the managing of graphical content utilization and memory considerations; the production of graphics engine, integration of models, textures to work along the physics engine.
    • Sound – integration of music, speech, effect sounds into the proper locations and times.
    • Gameplay – implementation of various games rules and features (sometimes called a generalist);
    • Scripting – development and maintenance of high-level command system for various in-game tasks, such as AI, level editor triggers, etc.
    • User Interface – production of user interface elements, like option menus, HUDs, help and feedback systems, etc.
    • Input processing – processing and compatibility correlation of various input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc.
    • Network communications – the managing of data inputs and outputs for local and internet gameplay.
    • Game tools – the production of tools to accompany the development of the game, especially for designers and scripters.

    Range of Features in Unity3D

    • With Unity 3D, you get an Editor that lets you develop the application as you conceptualized.
    • JavaScript and C# Script can be put into use for the development phase.
    • An internal GUI class present in Unity 3D comprises of various controls such as buttons, windows, label, etc. for the construction of a graphical interface.
    • An internal GUI class present in Unity 3D comprises of various controls such as buttons, windows, label, etc. for the construction of a graphical interface.
    • You get an internal asset repository that contains a host of plug-ins which help you complete a lot of tasks in a quick and simple way.
    • Unity 3D lets you to port on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows mobile as far as mobility based systems are concerned. It also lets you port on various desktop systems such as PC, MAC and with gaming consoles like PS, Xbox, and Wii.
    • As mentioned above, an implementation of real physics based simulation is very possible.
    • Another great feature is the presence of Stereoscopic display support.

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    We offer top gaming solutions that possess the uniqueness in designs and robustness in functionalities. Apart from this, a few of the qualities are given below that differentiate us from our competitors and make us the preferred choice amongst our clients.

    • Expert team with 5+ years of average experience
    • Project is supervised by a technical lead
    • Developers talents match your project needs
    • No setup fees: pay only for the work done
    • Strict non disclosure agreement for data protection
    • Flexible engagement on full-time or hourly basis
    • As always, your results get delivered ahead of schedule
    • Complete Transparency is guaranteed

    Huge Experience with Experts

    Being 3D Game Development Company in India, we developed extremely appealing and existing 3d unity games. The game created by our team are highly functional to take the player to next level. We use enchanting graphics so that user can conceptualize each and every bit

    Diverse Team of Developers

    With a competitive industry experience of years altogether, we have highly expertise and experience in developing games leveraging Unity engine wisely

    Prime Importance to Security

    We are powerful on securing games based on Unity with a strong development process associated with international standards and quality measures in place

    Complete Confidentiality

    We have highly technical polices approach for sign NDA with client and which is your all source code will completely safe and secure with us

    Creative Designs

    Our capable gaming programmers can work on design based on effective concepts that will work extremely for any context

    Attractive Characters and Backgrounds

    At, BRTechnosoft, we are known to create outstanding characters with incredible graphics and gameplay design, concept and backgrounds that will appeal to one and all.

    Reasonably Priced solutions

    We provide profitable solutions based on unity platform to the customer base worldwide without diminishing quality standards in any way.

    Flexible Hiring

    We have flexible engagement models that enable to customer to hire experts on an hourly, part-time and full-time basis

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