Vince – A Vital Google Update

Vince – A Vital Google Update

Vince update changed the scenario of SEO since 2009. The update made sure that because of brand value the site is not highlighted in SEO. Vince update does not end up there, and there is more to understand to keep you on track of the SEO programs.

The introduction:

Big brands had an advantage and the web presence made it a Herculean task for others to earn name in the SEO front. Unfortunately, they still received the unfair advantage, even though their sites were not SEO friendly. The change Vince brought out was called by Matt Cutts, Engineer, Google, as a minor change. He also called that this not going to bring in change in most of the cases of trail queries and only a few noticeable changes are anticipated. However, it was Vince that brought in spectacular changes to the field of SEO. If you still thinking that Panda, penguin and Phantom are what we should be concerned about, then you should know about Vince too.  Vince trained the webmasters to use various channels to get advertised. When you want to sell yourself online, then here are a few things, you cannot afford to miss.

  • Video
  • Effective blog content
  • Inforgraphics
  • PR

You cannot now simply hit the target audience with tags and links and thanks to Vince, those days are bygone. Google now monitors enough to link your brand advertisements in networking media, even if no hyperlinks are placed.

Links- They do matter:

If you are launching a new website to sell your product or service, then you would know that you need to put in efforts and invest time and wait to build trust. You can see lots of brands using a few SEO tactics. Now, don’t get tempted to use any of them. If you are going to follow their footsteps, you are bound to lose. Yes, still there are brands that follow outdated SEO tactics. For instance, there are competitors who give a run to the popular brands. You can see them offering more than 10 links to 8 different websites. This is nothing but a spamming technique and a few even resorts to using the same anchor text. So, in SEO , you cannot afford to say a technique that works for the competitor works for you too. What matters a lot in SEO is how you do a certain things, and this is vital than what you do.

When you stick to common ideas that may work for a webmaster or a company and think of implementing the same, then you are inviting trouble. You lead to spamming techniques to be used by the competitors and lose out the competition easily. There are much more too article submissions, PR without news, exchanging links, ignoring social signals, tactics and no strategy, keen on rankings , lack of design are to name a few. These are the most common SEO mistakes and the worst of them all is what works for XYZ will work for everyone too.

Back to the eight sites from a link issue, the number 8 is a mere factor of a very less fraction of the entire link profile. There may be even worse cases. The trust and links are earned by the new company. When a small company does this and you try to follow their strategies, hell break lose.

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