Twelve AngularJS Frameworks that Gives additional edging to Web and Mobile Applications

A simple technical approach is what you must to get the preferred result even if dealing with a difficult project. The app developers go through a tough time in build an ideal mobile application and in such a circumstance; it is the framework that comes to their save. They can ease out the hassle and make your task look easy with the best prospective end results.
AngularJS has correctly been identified as one of the famous and leading open-source JavaScript web application framework, under the upholding of Google. It has definitely been able to correctly address and subsequently solve the issues related to development of single-page applications. It also assist in attractive the potentiality of Model View Controller (MVC) as well as the browser based applications. It simplifies the job of the development and testing of the application.
However, when it comes to choose the suitable framework for the development of AngularJS, the task can be risky. One of the prime reasons that lead to a dangerous choice is because of the availability of a number of front-end frameworks sustaining AngularJS.
According to a stat published in Similar Tech, AngularJS has gained much attractiveness amongst business and industry, which is about 18.69%.
And the fact is that ever since the accepted front-end frameworks have hogged the center period, they have been a great helping hand for the developers in create the tricky apps. As such the app developers are gladly adopt them for working and supporting the AngularJS. These frameworks offer a number of advantages and you can develop an app more professionally and swiftly.
So, let’s realize at some of the top and strong AngularJS frameworks that developers are more than happy to work with.1. Ionic Framework                                  
Ionic Framework is one of the mainly skilled and robust front-end AngularJS frameworks. It is also the first favored choice of the web developers. If you want to build approachable apps within a less budget estimation, then it is an ideal range. It not only helps in seamless operation of the Smartphones, but also increases the experience of the end users.
It expands its support to the HTML5 and CSS3 based mobile applications and the framework can effortlessly be optimized using ionic. It has also been powered by the Software Development Kit (SDK) and a library of UI components for build hybrid apps.

2. LumX

When it comes to prefer the best team for front end framework, LumX, positions itself as one of the key players in developing the web based app. It follows all the stipulation and essential standards of the Google Material Design Documents.
If you are preparation to make customized apps, look no additional than LumX that has been created with Sass, Bourbon and Neat. It has the prospective to automatically optimize your files and get better the functionality of the apps. It is strong and can build the single page very quickly.

3. Supersonic

Supersonic is a front-end AngularJS framework that has established its name as a trustworthy and dynamic framework used for developing hybrid applications. It has been implemented with the REST API (Application Programming Interface) features and functions.
With Supersonic within your reach, designing insightful app interface will probably be the easiest tasks for the developers. You can also incorporate data in the backend. The API based apps can be developed for both the iOS and Android Operating Systems.

4. Mobile Angular UI

The Mobile Angular UI has been known as another User edge based framework that has grab the interest of the web developers. It has proved its worth in build HTML5 mobile applications.
One of the factors that go into its favor is that it’s easy to understand and you can easily work with it. It tolerates you to move the web apps into the mobile because they are extremely responsive.
The optimization of Bootstrap and AngularJS assists the powerful libraries including the overthrow.js and fastclick.js. You can also benefit essential mobile essentials such as overlays, scrolling, switches, sidebars etc. You can design apps that will draw enormous traffic with high responsive designs.

5. Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap as the name implies is a strong and capable front-end frameworks Bootstrap that is backed by special components. The support of the HTML5 and CSS provides it an further boost that helps to develop native AngularJS directive.
Another outstanding point is that the developers no more have to rely upon jQuery or Bootstrap’s JavaScript. It is advisable to go for a new instruction such as carousel, color picker, dropdown and so on. In most cases, the new directives can be smaller than the actual JavaScript code size.

7. Suave UI

The option of AngularJS framework does not end with Radian but you have one more framework; Suave UI to prefer. The existence of directives, CSS definitions and services are effectively sufficient for the developer to create an aesthetically engaging web and mobile applications. The Suave UI can only be used in case you have added CSS & JS bundle-files and also include Suave Angular module.


If we literally define MEAN, it would mean Mongo DB, Express, and AngularJS and Node.js. It is a entire stack JavaScript framework that helps you in quickly build the best MEAN based web apps.
It also can build useful modules such as Mongoose and Passport that is configured and pre-bundled. It can help in design single or dynamic and multiple web application.

9. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Grid is admirable when the developer has to work with compound sets and modules with a range of features including visualization, sorting, filtering grouping, increase and so on. It assists in binding the cells and run column.

10. Angular Foundation

One of the favored front end frameworks, this is a modern and tailored Foundation having a number of directives that depends on the Foundation markup and CSS essentials.
One of the pros includes the designing of web applications that have more semantic HTML components. Examples of these include dropdown, substitution, accordion, alert, trigger, process bar and more.

11. Protractor

Protractor is usually regarded as one of the most well-organized and consistent Node.js testing framework for AngularJS. The Wire Protocol, JSON Web-Driver controls the browser and searches for DOM components thereby interact with it that does not take place at the same time. You can achieve the testing while operating it in an actual browser.

12. Videogular

Videogular is reasonably a useful AngularJS framework that is functional on both the website as well as the mobile phones. It is essentially a video based HTML5 framework that can bind with the API.


The AngularJS is outside any doubt the most accepted of the JavaScript frameworks that has essentially eased out the designing of web and mobile application to a great scope. The developer has to make the exact choice of the framework from the given options.
Today with the strong change in the technology, the developers are also change their methodologies and approval the technique that is fast accurate and simpler.

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