The Vital Features that are to be integrated with ECMS

The Vital Features that are to be integrated with ECMS

Content Management System (CMS) is the software which helps in systematic content management. CMS makes use of web and IP technology for developing, editing and publishing content and WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the best examples in this regard. There should not be any confusion between CMS and ECMS. Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) which is new to many people, consists of strategies, tactics and tools that can be used by business enterprises to manage and store vital data as well as the whole lifecycle of the organization’s content. This data will be available in different formats like PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Word Docs, scanned images or videos and power point presentations. ECMS ensures security of vital documents and helps to improve employee’s productivity. ECMS also facilitates improvement in the quality of customer service. Now, let us examine the features of ECMS that are essential:

Modular Capacity

Modular capacity is very important for ECMS. Unless content management is made flexible administrators will not be able to edit, design and apply the parts of the content as required by the organization. Also, they may have to manage tasks notifications and administration of different sites and platforms. By way of meeting the technological needs and updating the ECMS only one can ensure maximum ROI. The great advantage of CMS is that since it is smart it will adopt the design changes very fast and also the outcome of the changes will be shown through the search engine.

Strong and Updated Security System

Security of ECMS is indeed a top priority. There will be steady increase in the number of content providers as a result of which there will be security risks for information which is going to be a matter of concern. Hence regular updating of security becomes a prerequisite. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) must be brought under the security cover. By ensuring robust security to the ECMS not only the valuable data pertaining to the business is safeguarded but the customer’s trust regarding the safety of the content is also protected. It is also important to check whether the security management system is as per the industry standard and also the platform that it supports. It is all the more important to prove beyond any doubt that the security management system is really effective and suits to the business.

Tracking the performance of content

Tracking the performance of the content is a crucial task of the ECMS. The ECMS should check how the audience receives the content and how they react. The administrator has to make use of proper analytical tools like Google Analytics for this purpose. Google Analytics will enable them to track the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the dashboard directly. By way of taking into account the number of views, shares and comments one can assess the performance of the content. Formidable integration of CMS and the effective analytics is very important. There must be a clear understanding regarding the type of the content so that it will be appealing to the target audience. When the content is appealing to them it will be easy to convince them about the merits of the products and ultimately persuade them to buy the products. The advantage of integrated analytics is that it will personalize the user’s experiences and provide exactly what they require.

Scalable Content

The ECMS should find ways to make the content scalable as well as redundant. One has to go deep into the various aspects and understand clearly the functioning of the platforms. Integration of the CMS platform is likely to make the scaling a difficult task. Unless it is connected to a database a page cannot function. Maintaining a balanced system is a challenging task. Scaling is made easier by decoupling mainly because of the presence of administrative tools and logic. Logic separates the tools from front-end user experience.

Social Media Integration

The social media platforms facilitate communication with larger audience and hence the business organizations should come forward to take advantage of the potentialities of the social media websites. Integration of ECMS and social media is very important. There should be an easy and simple method to provide social media buttons to any site. This will make sharing of content easier. Before sharing, the content should be optimized. Apart from that, all the users must be encouraged to share the content.

Publishing Controls

Publishing Controls is one among the important features of ECMS. Since it is the finally drafted content of the ECMS, the core facets of the organization as well as the website will be highlighted in the Publishing Controls. The highly experienced team of writers, editors, contributors and administrators of WordPress is the best example. Each one will be performing his task separately. Prior to the publishing of the post, it is to be reviewed. Hence the publishing controls should be on the content which will go live on the website.

Strong Support System

A strong and extensive support system is vital for the smooth functioning of the business enterprise since it may have to tackle a lot of problems related to CMS. While most of the platforms are without a proper support system, WordPress and Drupal are exceptions. They have their forums as well as engaged communities. The well connected support system will ensure fast and seamless navigation since it will enable the ECMS to run hassle-free.

Multi-Platform Functionality

The business enterprise will have sufficient scope for growth if it has the option of multi-platform functionality. For example, if there is a second micro-site, the data, content and analytics of the existing site can be accessed. However the multi-platform option will not be feasible if it is highly expensive or the ECMS is unable to handle more than one site.

Templates for Content

Automation of business process will help not only to save time but also to improve the quality of work. Hence, the templates will be of great use in making the ECMS successful. Once the grunt work is published, the processes can be easily updated using templates. After publishing the product on the e-commerce website, the templates are used to change the size of the images, create the drop-down list of various categories and create a Meta description and so on.

Extensive Search Options

The visitors must find that the ECMS is search-friendly. Most of the visitors will be using the website in search of specific answers to their queries. By way of providing them the best possible answers the website can win their confidence and they will be more likely to become customers. In this way, the website can improve its conversion rate. When the tourists are able to get valuable information pertaining to a tourist spot from a particular website and in case they could not get the information from any other source, the website which provided the information will be the winner.


Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) is getting more popular and is widening its base very fast. It is up to the businessmen to ensure that the site offers the features that can ably cater to the needs of the users. ECMS makes the web more powerful so that sharing of content will be made faster. One should aim for effective interaction with users with the help of optimized content and should ensure that the users are able to get specific answers as well as genuine and useful information.

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