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The flutter hooks refer to the implementation of the various React Hooks that are sure to provide with the robust and the most effective way in managing the Widget life-cycle with the increase of the code sharing and the successful reduction in the so called duplication. The original source of the hooks comes from the point of the React and here things are extremely popular and most of the things are rightly adapted by the entire community. Based on the facts the flutter and the React are declarative linguistics. The solution can work drastically and it is the substitute for the StatefulWidget of Flutter.

Various Traits to Talk about

You have BrTechnosoft as the Flutter App Development Company India and we are trying best to deal with the perfect flutter hook package initially prepared with the efforts of Remi Rousselet. He is the popular creator and the provider of the flutter package. The hooks that we deal with are used for sharing the similar codes in the project and it is highly duplicated and not at all easy in case of the stateful widgets. The same will also allow you in the reduction in matters of the boil evaporating code and this is in respect to the single responsibility principle. There is also difference in the implementing of the flutter sample application and this will help in counting the total number of clicks.

Some Norms to Follow

You have some basic rules in the usage of the flutter hooks. The built of the each widget must call for the similar number of hooks in the same order. It refers to the fact that you can never call them under the conditionally exiting and building of the right concept. The hooks must always be used as part of the building method structure. It is always best to make use of the prefix in case of the hooks and one can call them at the beginning of the construction. Afterwards you can refer to the values of the same.

BrTechnosoft stands as the most efficient Flutter app development agency India with all the requisites at the right place. As part of the project, the hooks can help in solving the most vital StatefulWidget issue. At the stage it is not easy to make use of the logic from the points of initState, dispose, didUpdateWidget and the rest of the lifecycle widget methods. In case of each similar widget one can make use of the reimplement code from the scratch in the most effective manner.

More on the Flutter Hook Solution

Things can be solved partially with the use of the mixins and the solution comes with the definite limitations. The hooks are used based on the specific class. Both the class and the mixin in case of the flutter hooks are able to share the perfect object and that too in the similar circumstances. In the long run things can help in generating the kind of unusual behavior. The flutter hooks can help in solving problems with the shifting of the boilerplate logic as part of the body and the same can even be used in the building and reusing of the method within the largest time span.

The simplest form of hook can easily create the variable and one can easily subscribe to the same. In the case, the returned object is always the ValueNotifier<T> type and things cannot be directly accessed by means of the variables and with the successful entering of the variable value. With the change of the state the widget can have a self rebuilding. The same is also applicable in case of the default setState.


We are the most popular Flutter app development company in Ahmedabad with the name of BrTechnosoft. We implement in the manner to allow the hook to create the object like the Stream or the Future and for the first time the function of the builder is invoked in the recreating of things on each of the ensuing building. If you follow the example one can make the right use of the useStream hook. This will further help to serve in listening to the various updates of the Stream. This will help in triggering the kind of rebuild with the emission of the perfect and the new value.

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