Something catchy information from Matt Cutts for Geo-location Technique

Something catchy information from Matt Cutts for Geo-location Technique

Geo-location is something new for which most of webmasters are in confusion that is this accepted by Google or not. So, today we are here to discuss about this hot topic and to explore the exact fact about it in words of Matt Cutts.

What is Geo-location?

Geo-locating is the process under which content including, tweets, videos, Facebok status, blog posts and statuses are tagged with Global Positioning System (GPS) data. This data is nothing but street addresses or co-ordinates. So, end user will be treating based on their IP address

E.g. Use of French if looking for information then serve that used based on IP address with related page of French language for same.

According to Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts has explained accurately in which way geo-location technique is free from penalty and in which way it comes under penalty.

When Geo-location is not consider as spam technique:

This technique is not spam when you are using it to deliver content to the end user that based on its IP address. Means, you are delivering the same as you are delivering to Googlebot, so in this way this is totally fine. If any user for your web content is from German and you are delivering the webpage of your website made of German language then in this case it is absolute ethical way of using Geo-location and it is not considering as spam.

So, when you are not hiding and doing anything wrong that comes under penalty then you are definitely on safe side. As long as you handle Geo-location that way you will be fit you will not be hiding and you will be able to return nicely geo-located pages for Google and search engines then don’t worry keep it up as you are on right way.

When Geo-location is consider as spam technique:

Whenever you are deliver the content to end user which is different from the content that you have delivered to Googlebot then in this case Geo-location is consider as spam technique. So, you are hiding something from Google and delivering to end-user which is not acceptable so by using Geo-location tactic in this way comes under the penalty.

Apps and its scenario:

Currently the Geo-location industry is growing; improvements are being motivated by many applications to get the exact output for same. Foursquare and Gowalla are leading apps for Geo-location. Moreover, social networks such as Facebook and tweeter are expected to be progressing out their own tailored Geo-location features for its 500 million users.

This application widely used in area like following:

  • Online gaming
  • Media
  • Health care
  • Banking

It is the fact that this tactic is used by webmaster for web sites to help determine the physical location of visitors. By knowing the right physical location of end-user you can really improve the promotion of the business in a lead generation way which ultimately take your business to profit graph.

So, this is the exact definite answer for your all queries concern to use of Geo-location tactic.

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