Solve Your Query For How To Develop Search Engine And User Friendly Website

Solve Your Query For How To Develop Search Engine And User Friendly Website

My site is not getting list in SERPS, My site is not getting proper targeted traffic, etc. Nowadays, these all are some basic problems faced by many webmasters. What they don’t realize is that their web page is not made with consideration of search engine and user friendly factors.

A lot of hype is going around about SEO and not all that has been said is real. What is real is that SEO starts with creating a search engine friends website. This means the web page must be free of errors and constructed in a way that search engine like. We would like to say that a Search Engine Friendly website contains more than keyword filled Meta data and content.

For your today’s valuable time of reading this post we would like to share with you some different points of how to deal for creating a SEO friendly website. Apart from just search engine friendly website you must keep some points in your mind for creating a webpage that is user friendly as well.

So, let’s focus on these points. Your website must be designed in a way that it can quickly supports both the crawler-based and human-based search engine algorithms.

What to keep in mind for designing a webpage that supports user friendly platform:

Easy-to-read: This point you can clear very easy by imaging yourself as a user, means provided level of content is in manner for user to read and understand in easy way. Is there sufficient points covered that your PR as well as audience are looking for.

Easy to navigate: That point is most to focus for user friendly platform. As if it does not utilize in a proper way then there can be probability of forming high bounce rate. Because if the user is not in stage to understand the navigation that you provide and feel complicated than they move from the page quickly.

Easy to find: Use of phrase and words in webpage must be in a way that it can be easily found by search engines.

Layout and design:  It should be utilize in a right way by managing CSS, color, fonts.

Speed:  Download speed of the webpage affect most and this is the second factor which plays key role to increase bounce rate. As no user is in mood to wait more than 15 second for waiting to get download the webpage. You can check your website speed Google Speed Test

 What to keep in mind for designing a webpage that supports crawler based platform:

Mange Keyword: The content of the webpage must have keyword with right density. Moreover, it should be used in same manner in META.
Site architecture: Use menu as well as navigation designs that help search engine to go in smooth way for crawling.
Link structure: Link structure on webpage must be as per the definite rule of search engine because then only your all links will be crawled and caches.

Dealing with creating a website that is search engine friendly then ask some question to you before going ahead: 

Crating SEO friendly website becomes very easy for you if you ask some basics question to yourself. This let you to understand the points of view that what you are looking for and how you can outline the right way for achieving it.

  • Does your webpage include audience targeted and crawler liked words and phrases or not?
  • Does your website’s content is formed with proper keyword placement or not?
  • Dose designed navigation structure is easy for human as well as search engine to reach the target or not?
  • Have you placed keywords in content with right density or not?
  • Have you utilize targeted keyword in META (Title, Description & keyword)?
  • Does your webpage stand with both sitemap.xml and sitemap.html or not?

So, these all above listed questions’ answer will let you to be on right path for developing the search engine friendly website.

In wrapping up of this topic we would like to tell you that you should keep in mind to develop search engine  as well as user supported website because it is a worth development for reaching out the aim of website creation.

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