Understanding The Google Plus Marketing Online Marketing Challenge

  • Optimizing your business profile
  • Uploading interesting cover photos related to your business
  • Connect relevant content/information to your business profile
  • Set up your Google+ Authorship Snippets
  • Build your Google Plus Circles
  • Developing competent and reliable Google Plus Marketing services/strategies that will help in adding value to your Google+ circles & customers.

Google Plus Marketing Services – improve your websites social media

What if you are in the middle of nowhere trying to find your way out and you suddenly see a person walking upto you and informing you that, he is there to show the way for those who have lost their ways? You would shout out for joy and and be immensely happy and thankful isn’t it? You definitely would. Well if we connect this scenario with our desperation to reach the top pages of the major search engines, then the man who comes as a saviour can be related to Bing and Google.

Of late both Bing and Google have come up with a statement that social networking metrics is one of the vital ranking factors they are considering to improve the users website ranking in the SERP’s. They even stated that they are making use of the best Google Plus Marketing services to help improve the online profiles of their users.

Google Plus Services
Google Plus Marketing

Will Google Plus Impact SEO Marketing Services?

Its an undeniable fact that today social media is considered as one of the biggest platforms to propel one’s business to greater heights. And as Google is considering every possible means to improve its status as a social media platform, what could be better than using Google Plus marketing services to improve your online business visibility.

Now when Google+ Marketing Services are considered, then how can Google+ Authorship be left behind or overlooked. Talks have been going on from years that Google will give higher priority to the online verified profiles than the ones that still remain as anonymous. To confirm this has made the following statement about the future of major search engines.

When it comes to search result, any information that is tied up to online profiles that are verified would be considered for higher rankings than the ones that hasn’t been verified.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google Search Spams, has stated that, they are making few changes in the Google algorithms and once it is updated it will give authorities dealing with certain niche a better ranking boost, for being the authority for that particular niche.

We at BRTechnosoft, with our years of experience in the SEO and SMO(Social Media Optimization) field, will strive towards bringing your online business profile on the top by using the best of Google Plus Marketing Services. We understand that “Content is the king” and is also the main factor for optimizing your website.

Keeping this in mind we develop content that will be ranked high by all the search engines. We know the role Google+ Profile will play in taking your business forward and hence will make use of the best Google+ Plus Marketing Services/strategies to get its due recognition in the social media platforms.

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Google+ Marketing services – We take care of the following

  • Optimizing your business profile
  • Uploading interesting cover photos related to your business
  • Connect relevant content/information to your business profile
  • Set up your Google+ Authorship Snippets
  • Build your Google Plus Circles
  • Developing competent and reliable Google Plus Marketing services/strategies that will help in adding value to your Google+ circles & customers.

Core factors to consider before approaching a internet marketing company,

  • The major core part they are in
  • Complete analysis report generation of yours within no time
  • Explanation about the approach to build strong online presence
  • Creating innovative ideas for promotions
  • Day to day report generation and change in action accordingly
  • Multi functional activities or concepts

What Do Our Social Media Marketing Services Include?

You will get below mention feature when you register with our social media packages or campaign.

  • social-media-optimisation

    Original Posts

    We make sure when we start your blog posting or any social media build original content that is not spanned or copied from different place on the web. These original content and engaging post associated to your place help to attract customers to your website. This also increase your authority in the eyes of google and your being to be watched as an expert on a certain subject. In the long run, this bring qualified traffic to your website and increase domain authority rank on google search engine.

  • social-media-optimisation

    Setting up Your Social Media Profile

    We are help you to setup your social media account from scratch. Rights from choosing the correct profile. Picture to composing you ‘re’ ‘aboutus’ page, we make sure that you have a professional profile. Our optimized content techniques make sure that we provide the exact kind of content that users are showing search intently for. This results qualified traffic coming to your website.

  • social-media-optimisation

    Dedicated Account Manager

    As a top of social media Agency in India. We understand that each business is unique. That is why we provide dedicated account manager or project manager who will handle your social media campaign completely and help you build relationship with your customers and community.

  • social-media-optimisation

    Quality Images

    We don’t use common images but use a mixture of high-quality stock images or custom-made images that are sourced from our internal photo library. The custom image is then optimized correctly for search engine ranking using alt-text. These images get help to bring in excellence traffic that is looking for your exclusive product or services. Our social media optimization company prides itself for this.

  • social-media-optimisation

    Competitor Analysis

    Your marketing requirement we solidly approach for successful planning. We ensure that you succeed by helping you plan, build and implement an approach. This makes for in-depth competitor analysis. We come up with the confidential info on your competitors. We analyze the social media and website pages for your competitor and see what they are going well and what are doing bad. Next we will implement some of good on our social page while we acquire what not to do from their bad. We also identify areas that need enhancement and work on it

  • social-media-optimisation

    Result-driven Service

    If you are looking for produce quality traffic, leads or video views; we can do it all for you depending upon your business requirements within your budget limitation. We one of best social media marketing companies will help you get the best bang of your buck

Share your Social Media Requirement with Our Experts

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Why Should You Choose Us For Social Media Optimization Services?

Best Social Media Optimization Agency in India for startups and solo entrepreneurs, who want to change the world. We provide everything that you need to take your business idea live & turn it into a profitable and growing online business!

  • Create interactive blogs, articles and another type of content for your business website.
  • Introduce your website to major directories and other leading social media websites.
  • Managing your social media posts
  • Increasing awareness, visibility of your brand and traffic for conversation rate.

    In order to serve our customer, the best solutions. We follow a client-centric approach that focuses completely on fulfilling all the only online internet marketing requirement of our customer putting them first at every step.


    No Matter what it is that you want to improve your online presence, we are a one stop solutions providers for all your needs when its to comes social media optimization


    Here at Brtechnosft, a top-notch online internet marketing company in India have highly professional team that excel all the height of online marketing from social media and SEO, PPC marketing.

  • 99% Client Satisfaction

    Our Major goal is not just to satisfy our client. But also delight them with our services. Serving more then 300 customers. Its feels good that they keep coming back for more


    We carry a rich experience of more than a decade and take pride in saying that our worldwide customer is the live testimony of our reliability in offering outstanding online marketing solutions


    Although working with us, we don’t keep you blinded at any point. You will be associated with our SMO expert and guide you through the whole process


    Our SMO team, with proven expertise, puts all its effort to understand and exclusive requirements of your website. And that’s feasibly the main reason why we are able to create effective websites that work.

  • Result-Oriented

    We thrive when you succeed. We take a results-oriented method where everything from social profile listing to the execution of social media campaigns have a precise area of meeting your brand’s purposes. Everything is ROI driven and this is what will help you to improve your online presence and outgrow the competitor

Do you Want to Hire Best Link Builder Experts for Your Project?

We have Best SEO teams to help up-to-date tech-savvy client by order on the challenges on their bespoken requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SMO stand for?

SMO is the abbreviation of Social Media Optimization. It helps in optimizing the social media activities of your company. SMO enhances the visibility of your company’s profile on social media. SMO keeps the people engaged in your company’s website. It compels others to share your content with other people on the social media platform. SMO can refer to the software tools that do this process automatically for you. SMO can also refer to the website experts who work on such projects for their clients. The main aim of SMO is to promote your website on social media and increase the traffic of your website.

If I am getting SEO done for my website, would I still need SMO?

Along with SEO, having SMO is an added advantage for your website. Even you have done SEO for your website. SMO increases your presence on the social media platform. Being active on social media can help you become more highlighted. SMO enhances the speed of your online reach. SMO helps in attracting more traffic for your website through social media contact and sharing. SEO focuses on creating traffic through a search engine while SMO generates traffic from sources connected with social media. SEO, coupled with SEO, can provide your website with better rankings. This will help in generating more leads and higher conversion rates.

Is SMO necessary for improving my website ranking?

For improving your website ranking, SMO is undoubtedly an important aspect. SMO increases the visibility of your website on the social media platform. As the number of visits is an important criterion for ranking, SMO helps in enhancing your website ranking. As more and more people get engaged on your social media profile, they can post and access the reviews of your clients. The positive reviews of clients displayed on your social media profile help in increasing the credibility of your website. As credibility is yet another criterion for ranking, SMO again helps in improving the ranking of your website.

Can I do SMO for website on my own?

Yes, optimizing your website’s social media profile by your own is possible. To make an outstanding presence on social media, you need to choose a profile picture that stands out unique. Choosing the right image that is symbolic of your business is the first step towards effective SMO. Use simple and specific words to describe your company so that people get a clear idea of what exactly you deal with. Make sure to provide comprehensive information about your website. Actively handling your social media profile is another way to effective SMO. Make sure to update your profile with any minor change that takes place in your company.

Why should I hire an SMO?

Having the assistance of the professionals always gives highly positive outcomes. As the SMO professional has expertise and experience in the field, they provide your business with better optimization options. As they have a better understanding of SMO, they can easily understand what exactly your social media profile requires. Accordingly, they can plan the best strategies for you and help you increase your brand awareness. An SMO expert keeps your account regularly updated with the latest trends. Hiring an SMO expert can save you valuable time and lets you focus on other important works. SMO experts help you to target the right audience at the right time and thus increase your business revenues.

Why SMO is required to expand our business?

SMO allows you to connect with more and more users through the social media platform. With a strong presence on social media, more people come to know about your business. This helps in expanding your business. Through SMO, people have access to the positive reviews of your client, thus attracting them towards your business. SMO also helps in strengthening your brand. With a strong and successful brand, expansion of your business becomes very easy. By increasing the reputation of your website, SMO generates heavy traffic for your website. This again allows your business to grow. By placing your company in the top ranks, SMO helps you get more customers and expand smoothly.

Will doing SMO on my website increase customer of my business?

Most people spend their major portion of their time on social media. So SMO helps your business to reach a wide target audience. SMO allows you to reach customers irrespective of their physical location. With lots of potential customers available in the social media platform, your customers are sure to increase. As SMO helps your website to be user-friendly and attractive with the users, you have chances to gain more customers. With the sharing option available by SMO, more potential customers get to know about you and your conversion rates may soar high. SMO helps in strengthening the bonds with existing customers at the same time acquiring new customers.

Will SMO alone can bring traffic to my website or I will have to hire an SEO also?

SEO and SMO are complementary to each other. While SMO helps in generating traffic through social media only, SEO draws traffic through search engines. To gain more popularity, both SEO and SMO are important. While SEO helps in getting your business noticed, SMO helps in marketing your business. While SEO focuses on essential keywords to draw traffic, SMO helps in drawing traffic through posts and shares. To bring heavy traffic to your website, both SEO and SMO are equally essential. To establish a successful business online, you need to have the perfect blend of SEO and SMO.

How to find good Social Media Optimization Company near me?

Simply by searching in Google, you can get a list of names of SMO companies near you. Then you can choose the best one among them. To choose a good company, you first need to know about individual companies. You can search for all the companies in the top ranks of the list. You must look into the services that they are offering and the cost. Then you can have a comparison between the different countries and choose the one that suits your requirements. Having a glance at the reviews and ratings of the various companies, you can also have an idea about the quality of service. In this way, you can find a good SMO Company for your business.

Where to find best Social Media Creative agency?

Google can help you find the best Social Media Creative agency for your company. The rankings on Google and the reviews can be quite helpful for you in finding the right agency. There are social media consulting firms who can help you in finding the best Social Media Creative agency for your company. But these firms can only help when you let them know about your requirements. Letting these firms know about the needs and priorities of your business can help the firms get the perfect agency for you. Referrals or recommendations are another effective way of finding appropriate social media creative agencies.

What is difference between SMO and SMM?

In the Digital Marketing World, both SMO and SMM are important. While SMO optimizes your website, SMM publicizes your website. While SMO focuses on enhancing your website’s performance on social media, SMM focuses on branding and campaigning of your website. While SMO emphasizes the social sharing of your website, SMM researches to find out the opportunities for your website. While SMO forms the organic part, SMM forms the non-organic part of the social media. While SMO attracts more visitors, SMM keeps the visitors engaged in your website. While some say SMO to be a part of SMM, others say SMM is the next step of SMO.

How SMO is related to Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization makes the internet users reach your site easily. On the other hand, social media marketing is an important part of SEO. Nowadays, every individual is active on social media platforms. Twitter, facebook, google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some popular social media websites used by a huge number of population around the world. Reaching people through social media becomes easier for your business as people get the relevant information through these platforms. If your posts are getting more shares and engagement on the social media platform, the rank of your website becomes higher in the search engine results page. So SMO is related to SEO in terms of reaching more people on the internet.

What is your Social Media Strategy for Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the promotion of your business through words. In social media, content is everything. Most of the people on social media are attracted to catchy contents with detailed information in it. When promoting in social media for content marketing, several things should be considered to get more engagement and shares. First target the audience in social media, then create quality content for the targeted audience. Making sure that you are penetrating the right set of audience through a proper channel is important. Aware people through quality content about the product and service is the aim of content marketing.

Can we use the same content on different Social Media channels?

Using the same content on different Social Media channels is called cross-posting. It is an act by which contents are shared across different social media platforms or the same platforms for multiple times. Yes, you can without a second thought use the same contents on the same or different platforms, but it is considered to be a bad habit. It is a direct door to long term drawbacks. It will be like a guy plowing the same story again and again. This can result in breaking up of the followers’ chain and fall under the category of spam contents. It would be better if you craft a new message for every post and network.


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