Six Big Mistakes Companies make in Social-local mobile(SoLoMo) Marketing Efforts

Now a day’s digital marketing an increasingly that where the lines are imprecise between search, social and local and mobile marketing, it’s very hard to keep pace with all the changes that take place, big or small businesses. A lot of these changes, and how quickly they happen, can overcome any marketer dedicated to the space, let alone small business owner who has a hundred other items on their taste when running online business.

So what’s a local business to do?

While it’s hard to keep up with everything, here are seven big mistakes that you can avoid that will help keep you on the right place even with all these constant changes.

1. No Phone number include on home page :

Its Generally survey, more than 60%  of small business miss a huge chance by not including their phone / Mobile number on the website on the home page. In today’s most of the people using mobile, smartphone worldwide. It’s even more important that your businesses phone number be actual text on a page and not integrated with a graphic or a banner. You might be asking why?
Our smartphone are actually “Smart” in that they can recognize the format of a phone number and turn it into “click” or “dial” link. If your phone number is in graphic, a smart phone can’t recognize the phone number; it only sees the graphics here are example

2. Not Added Social Media Profiles:

You are likely plagued by the number of social media sites that are present on the internet today and each day there’s a new “Go TO” site listed in the news, it’s really hard to keep on top of that.
The truth is, you don’t have to be appealing in the every social media sites on the web. But you should be claiming your social media profiles on them. This means listing your address phone number, website urls like twitter, facebook, google plus, instragram etc. And any other information you would like someone to see know.
It’s also save you from having to battle with getting your name back from either a competitor or fun who could fake your company. Trying a correctly reclaim a social media profile that should be legally be yours is a process that can take months and time you can’t afford to waste.
Regarding your profiles on social media sites is no longer a overwhelming task as it’s used to be either with tools like knowem. You can register your profile in minutes.

3. How to Monitoring their business Name:

Everything not happens in the comment on your blog, websites or on facebook. People can talk about you and your business, product or employees anywhere on the web where there is a box to type in and button to press.
You can’t be everywhere at same time nor can you afford to spend time 8 hours of your day hunting sites for what people are discussion issue about you. That a simple you can use the tools like Trackur comes in.
Here I am giving you smaller introduction of Truckur this tools like hunt blogs, forms, message board, facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc. for the keywords or key phrases you put in. what’s even better thing here that these tools can send you daily updates that compress that datainto easy to read reports, only taking you in minutes to get handle on what is going on and what possibly altering you to problem or more better yet, opportunity.

4. No Email contact mention on Homepage:

As we discussed in the begins about most of the business owner not mention the phone number and email address not mention in top of the homepage and email contact information is very important rather than hunting around the your site Contact Form, many customer prefer direct email access where customer can send you email directly.
If you are scared of too much spam, then you can set your email address put into an image or graphic and just make it visible and easy to find. In Today’s world people once they read the site information, they are directly looking for quick email address in priority basis everywhere in the sites like home page and inner page. Where people can discover the email address for your websites.

5. Ignoring Social Media or Removing Negative Comments

Here most of the biggest company make mistake ignoring social media in today’s world. Where its facebook or a niche forum or message board, where people will connect about you. It can be good or it can be bad about you, but burying your head in the sand the ignoring it won’t make it go away.
In the same indication, removing the negative, such as comment and postings, will not only not make the issue go away it will mostly like do the conflicting, inflame the situation. In today’s world, where people are probable your company to be connect on social media sites, in fact 85% of them do. They also connecting you to address their complaints in a study by American express 25% of customer who complain online expect you to reply to them within short of period like 30 minute or may be 1 hour.

6. Websites not mobile friendly:

Last, this also more important on this list is having a mobile friendly websites, today’s world most of the people having smartphone, mobiles etc.. Generally observed that more than 93 percent of SMB website aren’t mobile compatible and won’t provide successfully on mobile device or smartphones.
People are gradually more dependent on their smartphones and go to them to get information. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, your business is missing out, not only by it not rendering on a smartphone but also by it possibly not become visible in the mobile search results
Here we have provided some useful tips for small business owners to success their online business. If you have online websites with NO Traffic, Not Listing in SERP.  We can guide you with right way of direction to drive your website traffic in search engine as well as we provide you absolute SEO guidance to improve your websites ranking in search engine with guaranteed results.

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