Google Penguin Recovery Plan

Google Penguin Recovery Plan

Eliminating Over-Optimization

Regain lost Google rankings with our Google Recovery Services and get your business back. Our link detox experts will use tried and tested methods to fix your links profile. Always adopting white hat practices, we have mastered the skills required to work with changing search algorithms.

Google Penguin Recovery Plan
Link Detox and Google Disavow for up to 1000 back links – USD 450 3-4 Weeks
1. Extract fresh index of top 1000 external links 1-2 days
2. Manually check each link/domain for the following: 7-10 days
a. Http Status of Source URL (If source URL is not live then link can be ignored)
b. Do follow vs. No Follow (No follow links can be ignored)
c. Anchor text (Google recommends anchor text variation)
d. Sitewide Links (these are not good)
e. Reciprocal Links ( Links to/from Resource pages which have been created for the purpose of reciprocal link exchange are not good)
f. Paid Links (these should be No Follow)
g. Links from Bad Neighborhoods
h. Links with low citation flow
3. Contact Webmasters to remove bad external links (Matt Cutts, Former Head of Search Spam at Google recommends removing as many as possible before disavowing) 10-14 Days
4. Disavow remaining bad external links via Google Webmaster Tools 1 Day

1. CSV file with list of links/domains that need to be disavowed. This file can directly be uploaded to Google Webmaster Tools.