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Delivering 100+ first page ranking every month

  • 100 % white label SEO Services
  • Focus on website design and development
  • Optimized more than 300 websites to date
  • Dedicated SEO campaign managers
  • Kickstart anytime, anywhere
  • 100% transparency in work & reporting
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Outsourcing SEO - The Backbone of a Profitable Online Business

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Search engine optimization (SEO) requires a measurable level of efforts from any expert. BRTECHNOSOFT is one of the top SEO outsourcing company India. When you partner with us for your SEO needs, all you require to do is simply relax and marshal your efforts and resources towards the betterment of your core business. All this, when we take up the responsibility of all your SEO operations and website development.

We understand that organic traffic is more preferred by anyone as compared to the paid optimization options. But since complete study and execution of organic SEO to procure desired results, is a tedious task, it is always advisable to hire or to outsource such services from any expert outsourcing SEO services India.

Opt for an ace SEO service provider like BRTECHNOSOFT for quality services. It is reliable as well as affordable. If you are a small or medium scale business owner, hiring an in-house SEO team will not be a budget-friendly decision. This is the reason why many novel brands and businesses opt for SEO outsourcing in India.

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SEO Expert India

BRTECHNOSOFT - A perfect place for SEO Outsourcing India

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At BRTECHNOSOFT, we deliver measurable white hat SEO solutions to wipe out your all search engine optimization challenges. We deliver ideal services at all the stages of SEO, to achieve bottom-line results.

Outsourcing our SEO services improve your business profits without making extra efforts. Our up to date local SEO techniques will upgrade the level of your brand in the local vicinity, build trust for your business and grow your business. We are expert in the task of building links and also providing content that will make you proud! Our experts employ 100% white hat SEO strategies.

Outsourcing the services of search engine optimization also includes on-page optimization and off-page optimization for a third-party company. When a company wants to concentrate on the core product and services of its business and equally desires an upgrade in digital presence, then they hire our SEO strategies.

So irrespective of the scale of your business and time of existence, we are ready to help you. We provide a cost-effective solution with increased profit, reduced costs and the advantage of spending more time with their clients.

SEO Outsourcing Services Company India

Get Ultimate Result with Our Outsourced SEO Services


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We the team of BRTECHNOSOFT are here to help you take advantage of our super refined organic SEO services. Our proven track record of successful SEO implementation campaigns for both national and international clients allows you to meet your desired SEO needs and help you establish authority. We have a deep understanding of the digital marketing scenario, and trained and certified professionals who provide long-lasting results by their craftsmanship and implementation strategies.

Money Saving Approaches

BRTECHNOSOFT is branded as the most competitively priced TOP SEO outsourcing company India. So,  if you are outsourcing an SEO project with us, then you must be saving a share of your finances actively.


Save your precious time and hard work

It is a confirmed fact that an SEO project takes a lot of effort with an enormous amount of time. But by selecting BRTECHNOSOFT as your SEO outsourcing partner in India, you will be able to have a whole eye on your business. Place your trust in us, and experience the result.


Meet our wide range of SEO services:

Through over 10 years of experience, we have increased the expertise in bringing and fulfilling all your SEO Outsourcing requirements in India. We deal in a range of SEO services like local SEO, Mobile SEO, Video SEO, Link building, online reputation management and ASO (App store optimization).


Result-oriented Services

You can always trust our affordable and reliable SEO services. We assure you of valuable ranking on search engine pages with valuable keywords. Our work is positive and with 100% reasonable SEO Results


Updated reports of your business performance

We provide our partners with our constant monthly performance report and make it suitable for them to have a check of their progress from an online marketing campaign initiated by us. It also allows our customers to trace out the key challenges and issues related to SEO.


Challenges SEO Facts

We know all the latest Google algorithms and our SEO professional team constantly research the latest trend of Google accordingly to overcome Google algorithm challenges and deliver high-quality results.


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Reasonably Priced

Hiring our in-house SEO team will cost you less as compared to in-house. Also, our extremely skilled SEO wizards, content developers, content writers, and project managers manage everything related to SEO with ease. Also, outsourcing helps you get the same or better results without even hiring extra resources.


Well Planned

SEO is a time and money consuming task which requires proper planning. With an in house team, it becomes a little difficult to conduct the SEO task impactfully. But a simple outsources from an ace firm like us, will provide you better ranking at low cost and in a faster time.


Daily activities of SEO

Outsource company India can help your business to move its focus from the everyday activities of SEO. Your company can focus on helping customers directly, while an SEO outsourcing company will take care of SEO marketing activities.


Improving the results

Our SEO services not only focus on the conversion rate but also give importance to improving the results of the company.



Outsourcing helps your brand to get access to industry experts. Also, outsourcing makes it economically wise to hire experts in the industry and work at affordable pricing.


Increase the efficiency

Outsource company India helps you to increase the efficiency of business and productivity. BRTECHNOSOFT is a leading Indian SEO service provider which is also affordable.


Highly skilled professionals

BRTECHNOSOFT is well equipped with professionals who are specifically experienced in their niche area, to deliver result-oriented strategies.


Hire SEO Expert

Outsourcing SEO can save your cost. Hiring SEO staff can be an expensive job and contract-based/ temporary employees don’t always live up to your expectations. This SEO job can be handled by an expert SEO outsourcing company based in India.

Covering All Major Technologies

Ensure you need your SEO staff to implement the best SEO practices? Do you need to know why your website is not ranking on the top in Google SERP? Hire our International SEO Expert and dominate the search results..

As a Best SEO Outsourcing Company India We Follow the Advance Hiring SEO Expert Work Flow Process.

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Our Approach as Best Outsourcing SEO Company To Improve your SERP in Google

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At BRECHNOSOFT we combine the two significant success pillars – innovation and experience to provide an easy to comprehend, transparent and thoroughly customized business solution. Our experts make all efforts to strengthen online visibility and brand authority. Our 360-degree approach crafts a profit-oriented growth of your business through organic, ethical, and effective optimization methods.

  • Keywords and Market Research

    Throughout the years, we keep on refining our keywords and market research with constant changes to internet searcher rankings. The algorithm of SEO keeps upgrading itself continuously and so does our set of tools and techniques, to keep up with the pace. Being ranked as one of the prestigious professional SEO companies in India, our SEO planning is marshalled to ensure website optimization and ace ranking.

  • Site SEO Audits

    As part of our SEO audit function, our tech wizards deeply analyze each step on the audit list to identify any issue which needs modification or improvement to boost the webpage performance in organic search.

  • On-page SEO Services

    As part of the on-page SEO services, our SEO specialists provide meta tags, meta descriptions, interior, outbound linking, and picture enhancement as a norm. All this is done to ensure mobile friendliness, snippets, and speed too.

  • Link Building Services

    Link building service by Search Engine Optimization company India helps your business website acquire backlinks via link building activities like manual outreach, guest blogging and broken link building, to name a few.

  • Content Marketing Services

    Our content marketing services are catered by a group of SEO content specialists, who function as per the guidelines of Google and other search engines for ranking the web pages.

  • Google Penalty Recovery

    We don’t appreciate any black hat SEO tactics, to rank on top. We sincerely abide by the Google endorsed rehearses for SEO rank structure.

  • Infographics and Interactive Content

    Our interactive infographic design follows a personalized approach to avoid the unnecessary crowd and to speak directly to the site visitors. Our interactive content strategy encourages the interactions that keep the audience glued to the brand.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    We prepare a comprehensive SEO report to provide an overview of how the website is performing on multiple search engines, especially Google. Our main emphasis is on organic traffic, domain metrics and rankings.

Multiple Areas We Serve For

With a team of dedicated qualified, we are growing with fast step in prosperous industry of SEO. Here is the list of multiple areas we serve for
News Applications

Travel Applications

Multimedia Applications

Education Applications


Delivery Applications


Money Management


Social Networking


Fitness Applications


Weather Based App


Dating Applications


Logistic Applications


Utility Applications


Real Estate Application


Shopping Applications


Medical Applications

Our 9 -Steps Outsourcing SEO Process

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If you as a website owner are seeking elevated web traffic to your website, along with incremental revenues, then trust only BRTECHNOSOFT, one of the best SEO companies in India. If you partner with us we can ensure your performance-driven SEO, using the below-mentioned steps.

  • Evaluate Your SEO Goals

    We will evaluate your SEO goal and increase more brand visibility, increase the number of conversations and ROI, build your brand reliability and brand image. Our process begins with a proper understanding of the entire business. We provide our clients with complete details from our end after evaluating their business goal as per their vision.

  • Performing an SEO Audit

    The importance of an SEO audit for a business webpage is to give the right direction after generating SEO reports from our SEO expert. We will also review your Google webmaster tools and Google analytics based upon providing complete technical insurance SEO Audit reports to increase your bounce rate, high conversation and also increase more relevant visitors that come to the websites. The wide range of SEO audit includes technical analysis, on-page analysis, off-page analysis, competitor analysis and keyword research, users experience etc.

  • Competition Analysis

    Competition analysis of websites is conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses and to help emphasize own SEO strategy. We make use of paid tools like SEMRush, Spyfu, SimilarWeb and Siteliner etc. Competition analysis is also important because it helps you learn about the online tendencies prevailing in your industry. We analyse domain authority, domain value, page authority, review current backlinks, estimated keyword rankings and exam current traffic

  • Create a Suitable SEO Strategy

    Our SEO strategy covers three elements- On-page SEO which can including help in optimizing the content for better SERP ranking based on keywords, off-page SEO which mainly focuses on link to point out with high PR authority website across the web and technical SEO which can include technical modification to easy crawled Google bot.

  • Keyword Research

    When it comes to keyword research we make use of high-class tools and our in-house techniques. Concerning the industry of our client, we identify both high and low competition keywords by figuring out their search volume, derive long-tail keywords from seed keywords, and pick those keywords that will benefit the website. We carry out a thorough competitor analysis by finding keywords that are used by your competitor.

  • On-Page Optimization

    On-page optimization aims at achieving high SERP rankings. We make sure our end to end all on-page activity like insert meta tag, HTML tag, content optimization, swapping internal link, URL and redirection, load time, website navigation and structure etc. We address all loopholes that are discovered in the SEO audit and optimize each segment of the website to increase higher rankings. We have high expertise in on-page optimization.

  • Off-Page Optimization and Link Building

    On-page optimization is regularly followed by off-page optimization carried out through means such as link-building. Off-page optimization is related to the domain authority (DA) of a website which can affect the SERP rankings. In this step, we ensure link-building with high-quality websites to generate backlink, blog posting, infographics, document sharing, guest posting etc.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is the need of an hour, to meet the ever-changing algorithm of Google in respect to SEO rankings. In this step, a proper technical SEO checkup is conducted to make sure the website is crawlable and indexable. We ensure a technically healthy SEO report card.

  • SEO Content Optimization

    We provide non-plagiarized highly optimized content to our clients for their website copy and blogs. Apart from this we also provide unique content for their social media deliverables.

Awesome, try out our seo outsourcing services

Best white label reseller SEO outsourcing services to get better search engine rankings.


Why Should You Choose Us For Outsourcing SEO Services?

By outsourcing our work, you can always choose to focus on your business and your clients.

By the use of our weekly and monthly reports, clients stay informed on the project status, keyword ranking and pending tasks.

Our outsourcing SEO services are expertise driven. Our whole team of experts help our partners to be successful on the digital platform.

Being the most reliable and affordable outsourcing SEO company, we cover the areas like:

  • Website audit to measure the website health and discover the presence of any red flags and course content optimization opportunities.
  • Keyword research helps us determine our target market needs and reach.
  • On-page Optimization. We use only white hat practices for SEO.
  • Analytics tracking of targeted keywords, the flow of traffic to a webpage, and other metrics.
  • High-quality content relevant guest posts as part of link building strategy.
  • Great Results

    We know your #1 focus is results, and ours is too. Truth be told, we are glad to impart to you that Google has distributed our customer contextual investigations itemizing organizations that have accomplished stunning returns of over 20:1.

    We recruit the absolute best, and so deliver the best. Our specialists carry the aptitude, information, and experience that will set you up for the kind of wins you can gloat about at evening gatherings.

  • Like-minded interests and focus

    We feel numerous organizations get occupied with their core skills by offering a lot of related services to expand their income streams. Here in BRTECHNOSOFT, we have a single-minded focus: Search marketing – otherwise called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click promotions).

    That is it. Furthermore, there are many advantages too. We do, in any case, likewise invest an undesirable measure of energy inside Google Analytics because it causes us to drive increasingly productive outcomes. So we know some things about GA as well.

  • 100% Transparency

    Let’s be honest: the internet marketing industry has some believability issues. We realize your biggest dread is paying an office and not getting the outcomes, or paying some dues to monitor what they are (or are not) doing. That is the reason we are fixated on transparency and straightforwardness.

  • No Contracts

    We don’t have faith in contracts. We like to demonstrate our incentive on a month-to-month premise. Securing you in an agreement is nuts. We need you to work with us with your interest for a longer duration!

    At first, we ask you to verbally focus on at any rate of two months as this gives us sufficient opportunity to do something amazing. In any case, after that, we possibly need 30 days written notice if you plan to drop. No hidden obligations.

  • Exclusivity

    We are very much aware that we will approach some private parts of your business, so we willfully make a deal to avoid working with an immediate rival in your equivalent topography. We exclusively work with one player at a time in a particular industry.

    We don’t see how a few organizations can re-appropriate to a huge office or affiliate by working with a significant number of their rivals. That is not how we roll. We will call to get your endorsement before we take on another customer on the off chance if we see a remote possibility of a potential crash.

  • We Measure Everything

    Estimating means cash in the bank. That is the reason we demand both call tracking (if you get a critical number of your leads through the telephone) and evaluating your Google Analytics account. If vital, we will suggest changing the way examination records objectives on your site.

Do you Want to Hire Best SEO Experts for Your Project?

We have Best SEO teams to help up-to-date tech-savvy client by order on the challenges on their bespoken requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on a number of factors, like the size of the website, content quality, methods used for link building, the time when the links are created, targeted keywords and many others. Though it takes time to get top ranking with SEO and you also need to ensure ongoing optimization to maintain those results, you can expect the improvements after 3 months you continue with effective SEO.

We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Debit Cards. You can check our Payment terms and conditions to get more details.

BRTechnosoft is not only a top SEO agency in India but is also a reputed name in the field of digital marketing. We provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services which include: – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SMO (Social Media Optimization) – PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing – Content marketing – Online Reputation Management – Video Marketing – Email Marketing

We as the Top SEO company try to make the costs affordable for our clients. As per as the accurate cost is concerned, it varies from project to project depending on its current ranking on the search engines, number of keywords that need to be targeted, size of the website and also the niche of business. You can discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a free quote after analysing your website.

Undoubtedly, reviews have become a crucial factor to get success online. As everyone looks for the reviews before seeking services or buying products from a particular brand, it highly impacts the SEO and eventually, the sales.

There are companies that claim to provide quick results for SEO. But keep in mind that SEO takes time; it is only the black hat SEO strategies that can let you get fast SEO results. However, later on, it affects your website negatively and even your website can get blocked by Google. However, we recommend you to update your blog page and create interlinks on a regular basis as it will let Google crawl your website and gain exposure.

Sure! We love listening to your ideas and convert them into reality. You can discuss your ideas and we will work on them or can purpose some modifications to make them work better. Our aim is always to deliver the best SEO services, no matter what it takes.


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