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Google Penguin Link Auditing

We Give you the boost to stay ahead in the race

  • Custom report of link auditing
  • Along with toxic links we also identify the related Anchor text
  • Remove links via step wise process
  • Plan strategy for quality link building
  • Give dedicated time and effort
  • Re-initiate the Link audit for ensuring that new built links are in a right way or not

Reason for choosing us as toxic link removal services India

  • Custom report of link auditing
  • Along with toxic links we also identify the related Anchor text
  • Remove links via step wise process
  • Plan strategy for quality link building
  • Give dedicated time and effort
  • Re-initiate the Link audit for ensuring that new built links are in a right way or not

Being a foremost stand of providing bad link removal services India we deal with only those links building which are playing key role for your SERP ranking back. We use the safest option called guest blog with fully natural text links.
Our offered toxic link removal services India includes so many factors for penguin link auditing like we deal with dilute the anchor text means, new link building we make a strategy which are based on different and natural anchor text instead of keyword stuffing kind link building. If your website or portal stands for some great, genuine product or service then we focus on branding.


Our Link Audit Service Process :

We  now give priority for quality since under the new penguin algorithms all quantities based links are considered as web spam. The SEO packages that we offer from BRTechnosoft are based on quality article marketing.
Our experienced professionals always insist for content that are highly informative. The packages that are offered by BR Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services are perfect blends of healthy SEO and SMO. We encourage our clients to create and send the content of the best quality to the reputed social media websites.

  • Understanding your business’s objectives and essence
  • Running numerous tests to check your current backlinks
  • Listing your inbound links
  • Reporting irrelevant, poor-quality links with complete details
  • Reporting of broken and warning links
  • Categorize the links (Article, Blog Comment, News, PR, Social Media, Video Marketing etc.
  • Checking the relevance of each link manually
  • Analyzing apt anchor text for fresh link-building efforts
  • Correcting critical linking and referencing errors
  • Regular scanning of links
  • Employing multithreading to boost performance

Highlights of Our Google Penguin Link Auditing Services

BRTechnosoft is India’s leading Google Penguin Link Auditing company. Here are a few of the many advantages we offer.

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Before begin the process of finding all the links that are point out your domain. Our Professional  team are experts does a complete manual link exam in order to find, if any too bad or toxic backlinks in your profile. We maintain a details sheet of all these backlinks.[/us_iconbox]

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Once the whole backlink is checked by our professional team. Our team create a disavow file that includes all suspicious back-link responsible to drop your website rankings. Or those that are not adding value to your website. The disavowed link are then replaced with organic high-quality backlinks in order to get top search engine rankings. For more details inform you may read our article –  Google Penguin [/us_iconbox]

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Our professional SEO expert keep a close eye on the search results and incase there are some changes notified by google, we request to recover your website from Penguin penalty.[/us_iconbox]

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Our professional team at search eccentric, then exam the all over progress of your website and check the penguin recover [/us_iconbox]

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Why You Should Google Penguin Link Auditing Services

BRTechnosoft helps losses of low-quality link building by eliminating what is inappropriate or not complying with the new rules. Our team will place the fresh link in your profile whether you are dealing with algorithm penalties or with manual ones. The first ones are more unsafe and difficult.
Since Google is making regular algorithm changes, any website can experience a thoughtful impact at some point. Even those that advantage of good quality link building may happen to be against the rules at a point in upcoming, should Google review its criteria. When this occurs, we are ready to help and make every aspect of your web existence legitimate again.

What We do to Recover Your Site from the Penalty?

    • identify and duplicate content and remove them if any
    • Add high quality and relevant content
    • Analytical review for the recent traffic fall
    • Full analysis of your backlink profile
    • Removal of bad spam techniques, black hat methods and other poor SEO practices
    • Audit the site to avoid anchor text issues
    • On page optimization using specific targeted keywords
    • Block the unfixable pages from being crawled
    • Delete bad links that have a negative effect on the site
    • Focus on increased online brand visibility

  • Repair Your Rankings the Right Way

    By offering 100% custom-made solution every client. We are able to provide effective yet affordable Google Penalty removal services. To date, we have assisted hundreds of business restore their importance and prosperity through our Google Penguin recover services and beyond.
    Approaching all google penalty recover services strategically, we are able to deliver constantly excellent results at an affordable cost. Your penalty recover will take place through four individual phases

    • Detailed Analysis: The procedure begins by defining exactly why you were handed a penalty by Google and where you went wrong.
    • Intensive Planning: We’ll carry out a comprehensive audit of your existing Search Engine Optimization strategy and over-all website framework, in order to create a plan for its recovery.
    • Careful Implementation: The importance of careful execution cannot be overstated – rushing the job typically does more harm than good.
    • Ongoing Optimization: Implementation of the approach is only the beginning. Continuous optimization will confirm your website’s strength and prosperity are fully restored.

  • Expertise in Google Penguin Recovery Services

    We have been into Digital Marketing & SEO Business since 10+ Years. We have understood Google Penguin Recovery Techniques and tools. Our experts are highly professional and they know complete latest google algorithms we know how Google Algorithm and Penguin work.

  • Trusted by 100+ Companies

    We help numerous companies and have accomplished top rankings on google and other search engine with highly competitive keywords. We can get you the desire ranking and website traffic. So that you grow your business promptly

  • Flexible and Affordable Price

    We have many different customized packages for SEO which client can save their money. We are very much flexible and provide affordable Google Penguin Recovery Services.

  • Transparent Work Process

    We send all work reports to after complete Google Penguin recover client daily, weekly and monthly basis whatever we performance its shows to client and also, we updated ranking reports weekly basis date week wise on-page and off-page activity report including on weekly basis

  • Timely Services and Fast Response Time

    We understand time importance. We try our best our best to complete entire SEO work before given estimated time. You can start seeing results faster and easier. We are awarded as one of the best Google Penguin Recovery Agency in India. Our support team is available on chat or email 24 x 7


We goal at enhancing your business online existence and work towards improving your site’s rankings on Google and other prominent search engines by leveraging proven digital marketing methods and tactics. Every drive we work on is completely adapted to your business and it benefits us ensure that we deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your site through our array of SEO services

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Our professional seo expert team analyst will talk to discover more about your unique case and the they will use specific tools to analyze your back-link profile for high risk link outlines that has generated the penguin penalty.

  • Sites that are linked from your web pages
  • If the source pages or domains are penalized
  • If the domains are part of the effected link network
  • The anchor text that is used to link to your website


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Our professional SEO team a full manual link audit to confirm any specious generated bacllinks in your profile and take essentials step to preserve high quality links and authority backlinks that are important and are still effective in drive value to your website[/us_iconbox]

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Our Google penguin SEO Expert once analysis completed then we will create disavow file that includes all toxic and back links and those are not adding any positive value to the website then we submit the Disavow file to Google webmaster tools. Next, we improve all the backlinks to help Google re-crawl your website and wait for Google next update.[/us_iconbox]

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We constantly monitor your website progress of your website and check the recover turn the strategy accordingly the best results in google search engine[/us_iconbox]

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