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With the Internet becoming ubiquitous across the world and penetrating the lives of people there has been a growing avenue of business and service across the world through the Internet. Today people are connected to the world through the Internet and almost every business and service provider has to have an online presence. Such presence is also vital for political parties, artists and any kind of organization that depends on people. As a matter of fact all organizations depend on people and it is only wise of them to have an online presence.
SEO has been voted as one of the most effective strategies of online promotion and marketing. It has been practiced by many companies for years and they have yielded effective and successful results. It is now being used as a tool by almost all organizations that run commercial projects online.

What are the techniques of SEO?

There are many techniques that are followed in order to bring a desired website at the top positions of a web search through SEO. Some of the most effective and notable techniques that are used to do this are:

  • Keywords: Use of apt Keywords is the most important feature of Professional SEO Services. Keywords are basically phrases that a user is likely to type in the browser’s space of search while surfing the web on a specific content. So it is likely that the websites and pages of information that contain the closest keywords would turn up earlier.
  • Backlinks: Using relevant backlinks is another good strategy to make a good use of SEO. The better is the quality of backlinks that a website holds the more likely it is to be places earlier on the generic search results.
  • Social Media Sharing: The more a web page gets shared and talked about in the social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, the better it is for the web page to get displayed in the search results. For this reason many Professional SEO Company India has dedicated staff members who take care of social media campaigns.

What are the methods followed by Google to display organic search results?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Google’s search results work through algorithms or programs called crawlers. Crawlers basically scan all pages on the internet after a query is entered by the user. The scan is based on the keywords that the query contains. In the recent years Google is making plugins which can help the search engine to display the most relevant searchers. A few such programs are:

  • Google Panda: Google Panda is a web filters that allows only good quality web pages from passing the filter. It has basically enabled the grouping of good quality websites, such as websites which can be trusted with credit cards, and ranks are allotted to groups rather than individual sites.
  • Google Penguin: it is an update of the Google’s algorithm that can prevent websites which do not adhere to Google’s web master guidelines from popping up in the search results. This is a measure to stop black hat SEO tactics.
  • Google Hummingbird: Google hummingbird is another Algorithm update that can sense the mood and context of a query. Often conversational queries are entered by users. Hummingbird can sense such queries.

Most of the companies of Search engine optimization India are following Google’s organic results and are trying to find out the methods in which the algorithms are working. But it is next to impossible. The best way is to adhere to the webmaster rules of Google and use White hat SEO tactics.
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