Rules of High rankings changed: Surviving Google Panda update

Rules of High rankings changed: Surviving Google Panda update

Time to time Google updates has been one head striking concern for the SEO and strategising brains. The high ranking rules are now targeted by Google which are now changed and have assigned the stress over low quality websites. Visually, a new game plan to make the market planners restless.

The SEO geeks and market souls are shaken by the Google’s very own Panda update which is gaining its mark in losing the traffic and de-ranking the websites. The policy of going with an effective keyword is suffering deeply and by the timely updates which is one surprising note to attain more effective steps. The recent change in the high ranking rules have impacted almost 11.8% of the worldwide market and the search results. On the other hand, the scenario is not deprived from several misconceptions, doubts and an illusionary market condition.

What is Google Panda update?

This algorithmic update was more reclined towards the appreciation for high quality websites with ethical work and without any duplicacy or irrelevance. It is a wrath of google with low quality websites with duplicate, irrelevant and worthless material. So, a way to lower down the rankings of low-quality websites and a timely change to break the monotony.

What does Google mean by low-quality websites?

Content comes on priority that may have a penetrating impact

The low quality websites may have content

  • Not required by users to bookmark
  • indicating more of grammatical errors
  • that is mass-produced and spread to multiple sources
  • that combines of irrelevance for end-users
  • that is stuffed with keywords to simply drive the traffic

Learning from the mistakes of big publishers:

The big publishers too came under the dark shadow of google panda update wherein their long tail strategy of keywords hit down drastically. The content meeting the requirements of end users is passed by outstanding marks and that which is contrived had to suffer the losses. The big names of,,, witnessed the hit some or the other way.

What Now? – Time to consider the other facets of article writing

The hitherto scenario is dreadful for your business, then what is the need to seek the fuddy-duddy situations, wherein you can extract the best of the pathways to dive into. There are several easily adaptive strategies for article writing.

Start a blog: Blogging has gone above sky and why not when you can get the more traffic to your website by the most legal and famed prospects. It is great to be linked with high-quality relevant websites.

Guest posts on niche related blogs: Guest blogging on other relative websites can extract you several linkbacks which could be fruitful on a longer way. If you send a niche-reacted blog and it comes under appreciation, great your work is half done to get the traffic.

Blog Commenting and Posting :  This well-know techniques for increasing ranking and traffic. if you do blog commenting with do-follow blog and posting with high quality content for blog posting it will increase your ranking in Search engine. Remeber all blog commenting and posting with high quality websites and fresh content.

Submit your blogs in premium related directories: A worthwhile consideration, of recognising your very own blogs to the Highy quality blogging directory wherein your blogs may get high likes and beneficial linkages.

Use social media channels for promotion: The highly active world on the social media is the primarly key to improve your rankings. The updated information and plans can be shared on this most appreciable and high traffic platform where you can inform your followers about your new story.

Infographic Submission :  Today Google majorly focus on infographic submission and it will be most useful techniques for SEO. their are many sites avaible online like after google algorithms update this will most useful techniques.

Social Networking sites : Today world Social networking sites is most powerful get ways to increase rankings like twitter,facebook,linked, Google plus+, Digg etc.. which can be improve your ranking worldwide.

The strategies are well knitted but what counts here is a sharp mind and boosting the new adaptive measures. For more information about SEO Services you can drop your inquiry. Get Quote Today!

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