Web Development

Project Detail

BIN AL MUTHAR is oil and gas company in Dubai Including energy & Power, Marine, & IT. With the local knowledge, well network and expertise, MB believes in the leadership to providing services to the key markets that it serves.

Website development Wordpress customization and complete plugins based and page editor. We convert design figma to wordpress technologies. 

Client Bin Al Mutahar Oil
Project Date20 June 2021

Boosting Tool

We have been used their are various tools for project development to improve website stability and all over performance which mention below 

  2. Wordpress 
  3. Chrome DevTools
  4. Sass
  5. Grunt
  6. CodePen
  7. TypeScript
  8. GitHub
  9. NPM
  10. JQuery
  11. Bootstrap
  12. Visual Studio Code
  13. Sublime Text
  14. Sketch

Impressive Results

We have developed this website from scratch in wordpress with used of latest technologies in wordpress morever their will be many customization to convert figma design to wordpress and its media part is best we upgrade and after developed client website it will be huge impact with growing their business. 

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

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