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Auction has constantly ended up being the best instrument for discovering appealing purchasing and offering services. The main obvious change in the arrangement of selling is electronic interface. With the assistance of online interface, it gets to be less demanding to place offer arrange closeout and all the related errands are done effortlessly.

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Auction has constantly ended up being the best instrument for discovering appealing purchasing and offering services. The main obvious change in the arrangement of selling is electronic interface. With the assistance of online interface, it gets to be less demanding to place offer arrange closeout and all the related errands are done effortlessly.

Have you ever thought about how your rivals figure out how to break the arrangement after a short compass of time? All things considered, the answer is their dynamic association in investigating online gateways of Auction. Accordingly, they find themselves able to secure best arrangements without squandering critical time. The main issue is you must subscribe to unloading destinations so that your prospects of purchasing or offering turn positive.

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    Auction Portal Development Services -

    Opportunities to quote cost and in this manner, Win the Auctions.

    In addition, you stand opportunities to quote cost and in this manner, win the auctions. Despite what might be expected, in the event that you are a vendor then, your probability of getting bidders are high and continue expanding when you transfer your archive of closeout. Basically, the in addition to purpose of these online closeout destinations is its stunning plans to draw clients’ consideration.

    Likewise, rebates on different items can be respected among other engaging elements which draw in bidders and barkers. Out of the various clients, just few acquire winning results! This plainly demonstrates that fortunes assume a crucial part in online Auction, however, that does not mean, you should not attempt all the practical strides to get fortunate. There are numerous selling entryways those backing every one of the items’ deal and buy.

    Our Auction Portal Development services:

    Run online auctions on your terms, your branding, and no commission fees.
    • Auction Portal Design & Development
    • Bidding Portal Development
    • Custom Action Portal Development
    • Penny Auction Portal Development
    • General Auction Portal Development
    • Auction and Bidding Website Development
    • Auction Management System
    • Existing Auction Portal Enhancement
    • Live / Virtual Auction Portal Development
    • Auction Portal Maintenance

    Some of the important auction software features are as follows:

    • Listing Items (set or percentage based)
    • Highlighted Auctions
    • Bold Auctions
    • Home Page Featured Auctions
    • Category Featured Auctions
    • Reserve Auction fee
    • Buy it now fee
    • Second Category fee
    • Make an offer fee
    auction portal development company, auction portal development services india

    Advanced search facility enables for items by:

    • Keywords (item title and description)
    • Items with reserve price
    • Items listed with buy it now
    • Items listed with buy it now
    • Items with swap enabled
    • By country/zip code
    • By seller
    • By buyer
    • By store

    Interested in our Auction Portal Development Services now?

    We develop different kinds of online auction and bidding web sites. We offer the best solutions to the clients
    who search for auction and bidding to sell products online.

    Online Auction Portal Website Development: Features

    BRTech offers a top range of Auction Website Portal Development services to its clients to streamline the online functioning of real estate businesses. Discovery below some of the outstanding features of our Auction Portal website development that make it stand apart from the crowd.

    Admin Panel

    Customer Service

    Mailing Support

    Report Generation

    • Products: Unlimited product features
    • Feature based prices
    • Cross selling
    • Delivery address per product
    • Stock Control
    • Discounts on orders over a fixed amount
    • Product rating and reviews
    • Best Sellers
    • Orders stored in database
    • Customer history of all orders
    • Customer can restore orders
    • Repeat customer recognition
    • Join mailing list
    • Discounts and loyalty programs
    • Pre-sales registration
    • Forced login before shopping
    • Logged order tracking messages
    • Customer based discounts
    • Mail to Merchant on order completion
    • Mail to Customer on order completion
    • Mail to others (mailing list) on order completion
    • Mail to Tell a friend
    • Mail on Order tracking message to merchant
    • Bulk Mailing by merchant
    • Mail to Merchant on new customer registration
    • Mail to Merchant on new product review
    • Mail to Customer on order tracking message by merchant
    • Mail on Processing an order by merchant
    • Sales reports
    • Search query reports
    • Total sales
    • Total sales by product
    • No of first page count
    • No of abondoned sales/ IP address

    Key Features of Our Auction Portal Website Portal Design & Development

    BRTech offers a top range of Auction Portal Website development services to its clients to streamline the online functioning of news businesses. Discovery below some of the outstanding features of our Auction Portal website development that make it stand apart from the crowd.

    Effective Admin Panel

    Do away with slow processing of data, on front-end and back-end, through an effective admin panel feature.

    User Registration

    Make it easy for users to register and start navigating the auction portal at the soonest possible time through an efficient user registration feature.

    Auto Bidder & Online Bids

    Make the most out from today’s artificial intelligence tools to automatically place bids online with a high chance of gain on a user’s side.

    Automated Workflow

    Streamline the process of whatever business or stakeholders through an automated workflow feature that removes redundancy and promotes efficiency.

    Membership Management

    Members, even users or visitors, in an auction portal have their different preferences which needs an effective management scheme of member information

    Unlimited Categories

    As there are numerous items to be auctioned, offering unlimited categorization would ensure convenience of use of an auction portal.

    Shipping Option

    Wider options of shipping the items mean that an auction portal can readily handle all kinds of items for bidding.

    Advance Search Option

    Let the auction portal users experience a consistently advanced search whenever they look for an item, a supplier or a category in the auction portal.

    Bidding Options

    Offering various bidding options would attract auction users to visit the portal more often to meet the needs that they are looking for.

    Message Board

    Communications among and between bidders and suppliers should be conducted robustly and effectively in a message board.

    Buy Now Option

    Immediate purchase of an item is often the preference of some users where this Buy Now Option works best for them.

    Custom Reporting

    Monitoring the status of a business should not be limited to a generic reporting system but a custom reporting will work best for auctioneers.

    Case Studies

    Website design and web portal development case studies, that illustrate some of our expert website design teams client success stories.

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      LoveCustomArt Ltd.
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    As a reputed Auction Portal Development Agency, BRTechnosoft is dedicated to building robust web solutions for clients. Following are some valid reasons to hire for our web development company in India:

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    Years Experience

    As an innovative Auction Portal development company based in India, We deliver irrespective of the size of difficulty of the project, We bring high quality of results to our customers.

    Track Work Progress

    We allow to our customer tracking record for any Auction Portal development requirement. whatever task complete it would be mention in project management to review client end.

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    Our Major goal is not just to satisfy our client. But also delight them with our services. Serving more then 300 customers. Its feels good that they keep coming back for more.


    Blending our experience with latest technology and trending style, our tailored Portal development services are aimed to boost your conversions.

    Quality Results

    We have helped a quantity of global businesses building many website their online presence with our result-oriented methods and performance-centric method

    Robust Project Planning

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    Any of Auction Portal development requirement from client. we will make sure studying their project and understand business needs and then we implementation accordingly.

    Flexible Pricing

    We have flexible pricing on our packages. We have custom made web development packages as per the client requirement. If smaller business owner has fixed budget to work on we will offer our customized planing.


    Our web developer professional team, with proven expertise, puts all its effort to understand and exclusive requirements of your website. And that’s feasibly the main reason why we are able to create effective websites that work.

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