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  • We can integrate custom courses with LMS to help you get the reporting and results you want.
  • We can Custom code courses in SCORM, SCORM and AICC so that you can track the progress of your learners without difficulty.
  • We put together interactive platforms for video conferencing, threaded discussions, screen sharing, instant messaging, message boards and e-mailing.
  • Corporate training departments often buy our LMSs to automate recordkeeping and for the registration of employees / workers for online courses.
  • Plug-ins developed for delivering, documenting, tracking, reporting and administering learning processes.

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India

What is an e-learning portal

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India

An association sets up a virtual environment for distributing access to knowledge to its staff. This is how an eLearning portal is born. Such portals are known differently by different people.

  • eLearning centres
  • internal portals
  • online education centers
  • virtual universities
  • corporate universities

These deliver the framework for eLearning or online training to take place in an organization. They also provide specific tools to learners to access, navigate and aggregate “learning chunks” (whether complete or bite-sized) or “learning objects” from courses, web sites, internal databases or sources.

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India

E-Learning Portal Development Company

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India
Today, e-learning has transformed into the most favourable technique for honing the data base. It’s not excellent to find people selecting themselves on unmistakable e-learning passages to aggregate information on a blend of subjects/focuses.

Whether it’s about setting off to an online organization, instructional class or a corporate instructional course, an e-learning webpage grants you to do this and considerably more. With web transforming into the best focal point of information resources, e-learning stages have been powerful in making their own exceptional claim to fame. ASP.Net has been successfully utilized for building simple to utilize yet e-learning online web portals.

Wherever you are, wherever and at whatever time, you can sign on the Internet to access to help of PC or any ICT contraption and start taking in your school lessons including from The NCERT pursuing material. Undoubtedly, even from the comfort of your homes, that is the thing that these areas urge without heading off for a fresh session of swarmed classroom sessions at instructive expense centers and instructional activity classes to supplement learning and taking another routine additional to the riotous school plan.

You can search for modified heading from experts to clarify dogging inquiries passed on from your school, classrooms besides search for any kind of additional sponsorship for your self-learning technique.

Learning Content Management System (LCMS) web development Services

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India
LCMS is a platform for handling content creation is mainly designed to hold libraries of content, enables organizations and educational institutions to create courses from it. Content might be images, documents, video or even audio files. We have qualified programmers, graphic designers and content creators with the precise expertise to help you define your objectives for an effective LCMS solution.

  • “Uncooked” presentations improved into developed courses with voice over’s and responsive design.
  • “Flash Content” converted to HTML5 and custom learning platforms developed by using tools such as Storyline, Lectora, Articulate, Blackboard or Captivate.
  • Gamification of e-learning content along with fabulous 2D and 3D graphics is created for interactive learning.

E-Learning solutions from BRTECHNO  help companies, organization and educational institutions train their employees and students to work smarter as well as more efficient than ever before.


eLearning Portal Development Services Includes Feature :-

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India

BRTech offers a top range of E-learning Portal Website development services to its clients to streamline the online functioning of news businesses. Discovery below some of the outstanding features of our eLearning Portal  website development that make it stand apart from the crowd.

Features of E-learning Web Portal

  • Mobile/Tablet ready & Responsive Layout
  • Embed links from Slideshare, Scribd, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Public & Private Courses, Tests, & Live Classes
  • Cloud-based and Scalable
  • Unified Content Management
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Developer API available
  • Recruiter tools for Pre-Hire Testing
  • Upload any kind of content – DOC, PPT, PDF, MP4, MP3
  • Scalable & Secure
  • Built-in Collaboration Layer
  • Assignments & Feedback
  • Powerful Reporting & Tracking
  • WebRTC based HTML5 Virtual Classroom
  • Social Networking tools to collaborate with people
  • Fully Managed and Hosted
  • Unified Content Management
  • Secure Video & Audio Streaming
  • Themed Courses
  • SCORM support
  • Integrated E-Commerce
  • Integrated Courses & Testing Platforms
  • Advanced Tracking & Reporting Dashboard

Moodle Platforms features :- eLearning Portal

  • Site management
  • User management, user policy management and authentication
  • Role management and permissions
  • Course management – course definition, course design, enrolment and more. This is the key part of your Learning Management System.
  • Grades management and assessment engine
  • Activity modules – study material i.e. resources, assignment, quiz or tests, forums, chat, lessons, workshop, question banks and more
  • Appearance management – UI, themes, design elements, branding
  • Other utilities like blog, calendar and more
  • Reporting module
  • Security management
  • Server management and backup management

General KEY Features for e-Learning Portal

  • Course Management
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Content Management
  • User Management
  • Web-based Training (WBT)
  • Student Management and On-boarding
  • Forum
  • Student Information System
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Blog
  • Online exam/test
  • E-commerce Functionality
  • Video streaming
  • Training
  • Custom Features

Our E-Learning Portal Development Services:

  • Professional E-learning Portal Design
  • E-learning Portal Development with high-end Coding
  • Smooth your old E-learning Portal Migration Services
  • E-learning Portal Management with our experienced E-learning developers
  • Standard E-learning Portal Modernization
  • High Quality Learning Management System
  • Customized Elearning Website Development
  • Video & Audio Streaming Web Portal Development
  • Elearning Community Portal for Students
  • Corporate Elearning Portal Solutions
  • E-learning Intranet Portal Development
  • Learning & Course Management Web Portal or System
  • Cutting-edge solutions for E-learning Web Applications & Softwares
  • E-learning portal solutions for Schools, collages, universities, tutions and education industry.
  • Revamp existing E-learning Portal with trendy features
  • User-friendly E-learning Mobile App (IOS & Android) by our mobile app developers.
  • E-learning Portal Testing by our Experienced Testers
  • E-learning Portal Maintenance and Technical Supports
  • E-learning Portal SEO Services to increase awareness and traffics
  • Enterprise E-learning Portal Solutions with demanding


E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India
  • e-learning delivers a single source of education materials certifying that the content delivered is identical for all learners and is of the uppermost possible quality.
  • Available e-learning courses are rapid and easy to update across the board without difficult to spend time and money forming and allocating paper, CD or DVD based content and materials.
  • e-learning is consistent, dependable and available around the clock via an internet connection.
  • e-learning is easy to accomplish and control online via our Learner Management System (LMS).
  • One of the furthermost obvious benefits is the possible to decrease costs connected with training and development of employees without the need of travel and accommodation for them at a central location. Because e-learning can be taken anytime, wherever, it doesn’t delay with serious operations of the employee.
  • e-learning is constant: every learner has access to the same high class instruction. e-learning removes the problems connected with different instructors teaching somewhat diverse material on the same subject. This also ensures all learners receive a reliable message.
  • New e-learning for iPads and HTML5 means allowing your existing legacy e-learning content to be migrated to a tablet compatible format, and our solutions will help you in attractive the first steps in an easy and a profitable way.Our exceptional staff of over 30+ valued employees who are highly motivated to work at a successful company like BRtechnosoft. They are qualified in technology and skilled in the English language to certify we not only provide first class solutions but can connect effectively with clients globally. Tried and tested procedures ensure a smooth process from project beginning through to delivery and support.


LMS Website Development Services – Next-Gen Learning In Real Time

Wide Range of Portal Development Category we worked in marketplace

eLearning Portal Development Company, Travel Portal Development, B2B Portal Development, B2C Portal Development, Real Estate Portal Development, eCommerce Portal Development, eLearning Portal Development, Game Portal Development

We anticipated delivering online eLearning portal development for a wide variety of business niches/industries, scopes, and intricacies involved in it. Irrespective of any underlying scenario, we provide the best experiences to your consumers, partners, and staff assists you.

E-learning Portal Development Features

E-Learning Web Portal Development Company, E-Learning Web Portal Development Services, E-Learning School Portal Development, eLearning Website design company India

We use the modern eLearning Portal development technologies to bring the outstanding eLearning experiences. The eLearning Portal development team delivers the shared design and development services to improve the complete educational experiences both on campus and off campus.

  • Effective Admin Panel

    The reliability of an e-learning portal extremely depends on how the users’ information are being managed by the administrators

  • Course and Content Management

    The merging process of the courses and contents in this portal essential be done in an well-organized manner in order to bring the up-to-date information to learners and evaluators.

  • Document Management

    Sending, receiving, storage and other management particulars for documents shared in an e-learning portal essential be done with ease and speed.

  • Multi Language User Interface

    A specific topic or course may improvement the interest of people of different races and thus, a multi language user edge will help best in integration any language barrier among communicators in the portal.

  • Scheduling

    As e-learning can be complete available across continents, setting the optimum schedule and duration of classes should be made possible.

  • Virtual Class Rooms

    A learner essential not to go solo since of the existence of a virtual classroom anywhere one could further learn intellectually and socially.

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

    An e-learning portal is greatest linked to other online libraries where knowledge of the users can be expanded

  • Quizzes / Online Exam / Test

    Validating the efficiency of the e-learning procedure must be evaluated through the combination of exams and tests online.

  • Navigation Tools

    Going round an e-learning portal, both from the front and back end, must be easily understandable in order to cater to several interested clients who wants to learn about a specific topic.

  • Forum / Blog / Voting / Surveys

    Where there is a community, surveys, forums and polls may occur, which gives an e-learning portal an prospect to be improved through this feature

  • Audio & Video Streaming

    From e-books, more communicating media such as audio and video streaming makes the e-learning process more active.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    There are many data to be generated from an e-learning portal and this cover the way for web developers to deliver a customized reporting element to their clients.

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eLearning portal development company india

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An award winning, ISO certified web development company, BRTechnosoft is a reliable name for providing on-demand web developers and programmer as per the precise demands of your organization.


Why Should You Choose Us For eLearning Portal Development Services?

Right Choice for eLearning Portal Development

As a reputed eLearning Portal Development Agency, BRTechnosoft is dedicated to building robust web solutions for clients. Following are some valid reasons to hire for our web development company in India:

  • Expert team with 5+ years of average experience
  • Project is supervised by a technical lead
  • Developers talents match your project needs
  • No setup fees: pay only for the work done
  • Strict non disclosure agreement for data protection
  • Flexible engagement on full-time or hourly basis
  • As always, your results get delivered ahead of schedule
  • Complete Transparency is guaranteed.
  • 8+ Years of Experience

    As an innovative eLearning Portal development company based in India, We deliver irrespective of the size of difficulty of the project, We bring high quality of results to our customers.

  • Track Work Progress

    We allow to our customer tracking record for any eLearning Portal development requirement. whatever task complete it would be mention in project management to review client end.

  • 99% Client Satisfaction

    Our Major goal is not just to satisfy our client. But also delight them with our services. Serving more then 300 customers. Its feels good that they keep coming back for more.


    Blending our experience with latest technology and trending style, our tailored Portal development services are aimed to boost your conversions.

  • Quality Results

    We have helped a quantity of global businesses building many website their online presence with our result-oriented methods and performance-centric method

  • Robust Project Planning

    Any of eLearning Portal development requirement from client. we will make sure studying their project and understand business needs and then we implementation accordingly.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We have flexible pricing on our packages. We have custom made web development packages as per the client requirement. If smaller business owner has fixed budget to work on we will offer our customized planing.


    Our web developer professional team, with proven expertise, puts all its effort to understand and exclusive requirements of your website. And that’s feasibly the main reason why we are able to create effective websites that work.

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