A-Phantom-and-PenguinThe drastic month of May 2013 affected the web designers severely, when all their planned strategy fall straight away. It was the upgradation of two most intensive algorithms which is a weapon in disguise for Google. These algorithms impacted the market of SEO professionals, business owners and many sites across the vast web.

The two drivers who reversed the market scenario, first was Phantom(targeted on contents and not links), the second one was Penguin 2.0( hammers unnatural links). Penguin 2.0 was more averse than its predecessor and went on deep impact.
The market hit greatly by Penguin, Phantom and Panda. The great efforts were dissolved, and the outlook was changed. The anger and frustration was normal, as it wasn’t a miniature. It was huge. The revenue went on decline and hit hard the online marketing minds.

It can get worse:

The forceful slap of this highly popularized algorithm was catastrophic for the policy makers. The effect of one was unbearable but there is no other way. However, when two algorithms update simultaneously hitting back to back, it becomes insane. There are several ventures who’re dealing with this altogether. The consequences were deep but a recovery process is essential to save the rest who are not affected and plan with the present scenario.

Google Penguin and Phantom: A punch on the market

The worsening effects of penguin and phantom are distinct as each posess their own features and characteristics to hit the websites.
Penguin 2.0 hammers the unnatural links and as compared to its previous version 1.0, the grounds are more stringent. It went deeper, taking any page on your site in account. It is responsible for crushing the unnatural links using exact match anchor text. Earlier, Penguin was associated examining your homepage links only. The more technology got updated, the severe results it has offered for the web makers.
Phantom, on the other hand, is solely relative to content. It is similar to panda to some extent. There was a high deduction in the traffic, a day after phantom was released that is on May 8, 2013 and the decline was about 25-45 percent.

Inside story of Phantom:

Phantom marked a serious drift in the online market and for the websites. A sudden decrease in traffic was observed by this grateful update. It made a major target on the content and not links. Due to this algorithm upgradation there were several types of content issues in the market ranging from thin content, affiliate content, low-quality content, scraped content, etc.

Correlation observed in Phantom and Panda

The sites which are hit by Phantom was previously targeted by Panda. And it’s not with one or two but all the sites, it indicates only in one direction, the websites hit by panda was facing content issue and when they were low it was again smashed by Phantom. The algorithm criteria is unique to disturb the traffic with the strategical updates.

Ways to identify Phanteguin:

Are you a victim? But you have no idea. You are not aware. This is notified when there is a sudden drop in the online traffic comparative to a regular one. A sudden drop in the rankings of the website. A step is required but where to begin. Google webmaster tool and Google Analytics plays a vital role in identifying the specific drops in the traffic, in association with the dates of the drop. In order to line up the algorithm updates with the date of traffic decline, the dots are connected, and presents the real cause. Phantom arrived on May 8 and Penguin 2.0 on May 22, make a note of the same with the traffic declination.

  • A phantom lesson using location filters: A better knowledge of the issues are essential since you do not want to identify the wrong one. A proper time should be given to analyse the report status of your website. You must possess a clear picture in mind, Panda and Phantom are related with exclusively content whereas Penguin target links. Reporting the most important data from the webmaster tool is essential
  • Google Analytics: A newer version of Google Analytics gives you an advantage to get relevant identification. The google organic traffic need to be analysed by this analysis tool. For Phantom, you need to look for a traffic decline from certain keywords and landing pages, which can possibly let you identify the root. For penguin, it will surely be a traffic drop relative to the links. Advanced segment of this tool is more beneficial to provide accuracy.
  • Analyzing Phanteguin-an ice cracker The effects of both are deep. Altogether if you are targeted by both Phantom and Penguin, you must need to assure with a content quality filter and one for unnatural links. Penguin is acute, the recovery process is straightforward. On the other hand, Phantom is complex and requires more time to rectify. It’s a blessing if you possess resources to tackle both, if in case you do not have; going with Penguin first is the best advice.

Steps to take of you are targeted by Phanteguin

  • Figuring out the type of algorithm attacked you, it could be one or two, and accordingly steps should be taken.
  • A high analysis of links are one for penguin.
  • For phantom, a heavy analysis of content need to be done.
  • An authenticated SEO audit is also suggested if you are unable to handle both the factors. Laser focused audits can do wonders.
  • After an action, it is suggested to wait for another algorithm update. It has been noticed that websites have recovered from Penguin during a Panda update.

Recovery process on immediate basis:

If you don’t want to waste your precious time and money, after bearing the harsh aspects of Phanteguin, and fixing up the areas, then stand up with a new start. Both Penguin and Phantom deals with distinct factors and amplify the same on the website. The immediate possible steps need to be undertaken, so identify the type and deal with the after effects. Fix it up and move forward. Sticking with the situation won’t help, remedies does. We can help to recovery Panda, Penguin etc..

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