What Now? – Time to consider the other facets of article writing

What Now? – Time to consider the other facets of article writing

The hitherto scenario is dreadful for your business, then what is the need to seek the fuddy-duddy situations, wherein you can extract the best of the pathways to dive into. There are several easily adaptive strategies for article writing.

1. Start a blog

Blogging has gone above sky and why not when you can get the more traffic to your website by the most legal and famed prospects. It is great to be linked with high-quality relevant websites.

2. Guest posts on niche related blogs

Guest blogging on other relative websites can extract you several linkbacks which could be fruitful on a longer way. If you send a niche-reacted blog and it comes under appreciation, great your work is half done to get the traffic.

3. Submit your blogs in premium related directories

A worthwhile consideration, of recognizing your very own blogs to the reputed blogging directory wherein your blogs may get high likes and beneficial linkages.

4. Use social media channels for promotion

The highly active world on the social media is the key to go. The updated information and plans can be shared on this most appreciable and high traffic platform where you can inform your followers about your new story.

The strategies are well knitted but what counts here is a sharp mind and boosting the new adaptive measures.

2. Google’s Recent Webmaster Guideline Changes: What You Need to Know

The World Wide Web is one place to answer all your queries where there is an equal share of information. The recent chances so formulated by google depicts to add more credentials in terms of making web more specific and value added. They recently modified their schemes by adding large scale articles and blog campaigns, advertorials and optimized anchor text in articles and press releases. By all this, it simply forecasts the wide scenario of high end strategy in terms of content.

Large scale articles and blog campaigns:

Guest blogging is defined truly by Matt Cutts when he addressed last year over the impact of the blog campaigns. Guest blogging defines on your goal if it is to gain more of business and backlinks then nothing can beat it. If your sheer purpose lies on adding credibility and value to other’s blog, then you are not aiming for inculcating volume to your business.


An advertorial is also known as native advertising, is a piece of editorial content that a company pays to have published. The content is benefitting from the back links established. Advertorials could be misleading for the user by landing to the page not in search for. A piece of content is an advertorial must consciously be described as an advertisement.

Optimized anchor texts

Using customised and effective keywords in the anchor text for a link back to your website. According to google this is one manipulative tactic, as you are driving back to the website by the backlinks of your site. An association between the keywords and the back links is not acceptable by google.

The case for organic SEO

The technical savvy minds have manipulated the web content in accordance with the site, by using effective keywords and content. This practice is more into force for achieving the prime position in the race of high ranking. The more your ranking is , the more prosperous your business might get and so the Developers began to create more sophisticated algorithms to get more traffic. As the time revolved, the algorithms and updates made an ice breaking task for the regular updates announced by Google such as Panda and Penguin. Thereby, a time to time algorithmic updates by google is quintessential to maintain the heat in the online market.

How to use time you would’ve spent building links

More than link building, what counts more in today’s scenario is effectively presenting your resources. Make blog comments, interact through social media and make your site recognized. A fresh and worthwhile step is always appreciated on this platform where you come out with something beyond the league. Natural shares and other social practices do more good to your website in keeping its ranking high and driving traffic. Further SEO  of your website by using meta tags, update file names, transcribe videos bring extra advantages to your site.

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