Node.js 10.0 version with various amazing features

Node.js 10.0 version with various amazing features

Node.js 10.0 version with various amazing features

Node.js 10.0, the latest version of Node.js is released and is expected to provide a lot of improvements and also the performance of Node.js 10 is expected to be considerably better than the earlier version. A stable launch of version 10.0 as the seventh release is awaited. By October 2018, Node.js 10.0 will start to function as the LTS (Long Term Support) to the platform and as a result the developers will be able to build up scalable applications. Developers can expect extended as well as sustained support from the LTS lines.

A few facts to remember NodeJS

  • js is basically a cross platform open-source run-time environment for building web applications like video streaming sites and single-page applications all of which are I/O intensive
  • js platform is developed on the V8 engine of Chrome JavaScript
  • js is one among the widely used server-side as well as back-end JavaScript run-time
  • js is a free back-end platform which is lightweight and highly efficient
  • js library has a huge collection of different JavaScript modules

Google V8 v6.6 Engine

Node.js 10.0 version comes with Google V8 v6.6 JavaScript Engine. This is indeed an exciting news for developers and other users since Google V8 v6.6 JavaScript Engine is capable of managing with errors to a great extent. N-API is considered as free API module and its operation in the new Node.js version will not be affected by the V8 Engine.

Node.js 4 to be upgraded

Now it is imminent to upgrade Node.js 4 higher version as a result of the release of Node.js version 10.0, there will be no more support for Node.js 4.

Now let us examine the salient features of Node.js 10.0 version.

Improved Performance

The async generator and other new features of Node.js 10.0 make it easier for the developers to deal with the codes and now the developers can function almost independently. They are assured of seamless flow of the resources. The new version will be very effective in minimizing errors and getting rid of the blocks that create restrictions. The run-time environment is made more flexible. There will be better connectivity and the options are now streamlined. Now it will be easier for the users to check for errors and avoid loopholes.

Advantage of the new JavaScript language

In the new JavaScript language more mitigations are shipped for the side-channel vulnerabilities in order to secure the information. As a result spilling of information to the unethical form of JavaScript as well as Web Assembly code is effectively prevented. Another advantage is the function.prototype.toString () which will ensure that the accurate code text source slice is returned which includes comments as well as whitespace.

Errors will be tackled more efficiently

Errors in the Node.js platform used to be a great problem for developers. Other than a single string message no other error identifier was available with the earlier versions of Node.js. Hence, whenever there was a change in the program or in the code a string comparison of the error content was necessary. Changes in the text also were delayed due to the string comparison. The developers can make use of the error codes in the latest version to update the text without affecting the applications.

Improved back-end applications due to changes in N-API

N-API is no more in the experimental mode. It will now ensure stability and also will help for different project development so as to facilitate better back-end applications. Now API is independent of the V8 Engine. In future, one need not spend money for maintaining native modules. Upgrading to the latest versions is made easier and solution is provided to the problem of module breakage. The developers and users can easily get the N-API back to the earlier versions 8.x and 6.x. This will enable the users of earlier versions to update the framework easily.

Experimental promise versions of fs functions

Node.js 10.0 version directly provides the experimental version of fs Functions whereas in the case of the earlier versions the developers were required to take additional steps.

More effective solutions to security issues

All JavaScript frameworks are known for their outstanding security features. With every new version the security feature is also updated.

Node.js has been very successful in tackling the various security issues that are looming large over the internet space. The collective work of the newly introduced OpenSSL 1.x team and the Core Infrastructure Initiative team has led to the development of the most effective solutions to the security issues. Their joined efforts enabled them to develop the ChaCha 20 cipher and Polu 1305 authenticator. The encryption of the communications is carried out using the latest architecture.

Improved diagnosis and solution to performance-related problems

Node.js 10.0 version has made the applications more visible and as a result the performance-related issues are sorted out easily. The users can carry out diagnosis in a better way using API since they can run the events off and on at run time.

Improved npm version 6

The upgraded version 6 has brought a lot of improvement in npm with regard to stability, security and performance. Node.js 10.0 version can ship the updated npm version 6.


The inclusion of many new features as well as changes by the Node.js team is part of their mission to make the task easier and more comfortable for the back-end developers. The Node.js 10.0 version will be active till April 2021 and the developers will be able to create better web applications with more visibility as well as easy access to errors.

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