Magento Development is slowly becoming a growing need for all kinds of Web Based Retailers

Magento Development is slowly becoming a growing need for all kinds of Web Based Retailers

Magento Customization & Development is slowly becoming a growing need for all kinds of Web Based Retailers

Magento, the open source ecommerce software that has been made keeping in mind the solutions that online retailers need. It has a lot of features and functions that are embedded in the software. The main function of Magento is to provide the online retailers a mechanism by which they can control the appearance, functionality and contents of their websites. It has a very friendly user interface that helps the retailers to take charge of the marketing, advertising and content management of their businesses. Magento is owned by eBay and is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world.

Today Magento customization & development has become a major issue that the online retailers are concerned about. They are looking to hire trained and specialized human resources who can provide them with impeccable solutions on the Magento Platform.


What are the Main benefits that are provided by Magento Development?

Magento has a host of benefits to offer that can be very fruitful for the online retailers in terms of Ecommerce development. Some of the main benefits that magento offers are:

  • Magento is a professional ecommerce web application that enables the online retailers to exercise total control over the structure and function of their websites.
  • Magento offers customized skins for specific busieness solutions which can be selected based on the needs of the retailer. It also enables the retailer to customize the selected skin even further to suit his needs. The addition of new skins is also possible.
  • Being open source, Magento can be upgraded and customized as per the needs of the user.
  • Using Magento enables the customers to enjoy a good experience by visiting the web store.
  • Magento enables innovation and experiments for the retailers. Thus it facilitates improved Ecommerce development.
  • Magento is international software and can be acknowledged by browsers from different countries.

What are the 2 formats of Magento?

Magento comes in two versions. One is the Enterprise version and the other one is the community version.

The enterprise version is expensive and it offers greater features, insurance and better support. The enterprise version is generally used by very large retailers who can install in house departments to take care of their online interface via Magento. The enterprise version of Magento is difficult to operate and it is likely that the retailer has to Hire Magento developer.

The community version on the other hand is completely open source and enables a better way of so called Magento development. The community version has created an ecosystem which helps the owners to exchange plugins and emoluments.  The community version is used mostly by small scale businesses and is very effective.

The Magento software also has the capabilities to provide accounting solutions to the retailer. It has proved to be a very useful feature and has spurred the need to Hire Magento developer.

Magento development is slowly becoming a very useful proposition for all types of web based retailers. It abilities as a Marketing Tool, as a mechanism to initiate sales promotional activities, scalability and ease of use has made the most sought after ecommerce web application. It is slowly partnering with more web based problem solvers to accommodate features such as reporting and analysis. It has to upgrade itself according to the needs of the retailers.

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