Link-building Concept Will Be kicked out or Still will play role in 2014?

Till now in digital world “link building” has played key role. However, if we take look in year of 2013 Google has introduced some major updates which have given new approach for marketing that fits in boundaries of Google algorithms. Such algorithm just clarified some output as “link building not useful to get SERPs result for top position”. Now, how much this sentence is true or not that our today’s discussion. So, let’s move in advance!!!

Since SEO has been introduced, all webmasters were focusing on Link-building in terms of quantity. However, Google Penguin Update has ruined the quantity based link-building fact. If we take look in Penguin update history then it is as following:

  • Penguin – April 24, 2012
  • Penguin 1.1 (#2) – May 25, 2012
  • Penguin #3 – October 5, 2012
  • Penguin 2.0 (#4) – May 22, 2013
  • Penguin 2.1 (#5) – October 4, 2013

To deal with in-depth discussion of that “What will be the scenario of link building in 2014?, “Will this concept of link-building closed or will still much important?” some terms regarding link-building must cleared.

What is Link Building?

In-depth real meaning of this question is something like that: For the website to generate links with right and informative content that leads the reader of that particular page to reach with desired information for which they are looking forward.
However, we are really sorry to say but most of webmasters are just making deal for how many numbers of back-links we can generate. To make true this concept they use spam content and keyword stuffed submission. This is actually wrong and it leads your web platform to down for ranking and may be you will be penalized.

What is Link Schemes?

  • To buy or sell high page rank based links
  • Deal with link-wheel just to get back-link
  • Use software or some programs to generate bulk links
  • Link-exchange just to have back link
  • Bulk base keyword spam article submission
  • Be a part of make deal to buy advertorials
  • Making spam news base Press Release and do submission

Is it true now link-building no more important?

No, this is false. Still link-building is in the market as to get your desired SERPs position for targeted keywords to have link-building is required. However, now Google wants Qualitative link building instead of quantitative link-building.
How to deal with link-building in 2014?

  • Focus on esteem link-building of editorially given links. These, links are passed from editorial and they have approved as it is not spam links and providing content for which are reader are actually looking forward. Means, such links will be based on human intervention which supports both algorithms of Google “Penguin” and “Hummingbird”.
  • Always choose platform for link-building where readers are actually get genuine and required information with proper flow.
  • Give priority to high-page rank backed links. Pick authorized websites for link-building.
  • Focus on guest blog posting.
  • More social media engagement.
  • Strategically planning for content marketing.
  • Build your community with poll questions.

So, in conclusion we would like to say that still link-building concept is industry of digital marketing. However, now focus on quality factor instead of quantity.
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