Let’s focus on hidden part of Google’s December update Authorship Shake-up

Google’s update affection is always on top news for e-marketing industry. Today, we are here to do some valuable discussion about Google’s recent update on December 19, 2013 called as Authorship Shake-up. Quality is always in prior for Google and that’s why it has given priority to authorship search result listing in triggered query. However, after release of this update there were some low down point of authorship result in SERPs.

Is this is update suddenly introduced?

My answer is NO. If just take look back of few days about speech of Matt Cutts you can easily come to know that it was already given promise for such update will be in short time.
At Pubcon Las Vegas, Matt Cutts already spoke about that authorship mark-up disappeared from SERPs by weighted of 15% of queries over an interlude of about a month.

Is losing authorship mark-up for your website means low quality of website?

Getting lose your authorship mark-up in SERPs definitely make you upset. However, we would like to say that don’t bother yourself with thought that your site is under penalty or your website is not up to Google’s terms of quality.
Google has just lowered the volume of showing authorship mark-up in SERPs. And the reason is very simple they might feel that authorship was too high up and that the quality may have been set a slight excessively stumpy.
In another way, we can say that Google was giving authorship mark-up just according to on-page tags or superficial strong factors. It wasn’t looking at how those factors were supported by other ranking signals. So, now if you want to get your authorship mark-up recognize for SERPs, you must need some strong facts like solid link profile, social mentions, etc.

How to come over this update and get your Google Authorship recognized?

According to my personal advice, I would like to suggest that try to write blog and articles by keeping ideal customer in mind instead of just focusing on Google Authorship.

  • Time after time providing top great quality content
  • Improving and signifying your individual authority
  • Focus on social mentions
  • Solid, top great quality links from other reputable and high Page Rank sites
  • Set your Authorship for posts instead of main pages of website as well as product descriptions or listings.

Eventually, authorship mark-up is a kind of good habit; however, don’t bet the spamming on it. Enhancing your authority by building some strong social profiles is right choice, but continuous focus on that with spam can lead you down side as well.
Lastly I would like to say that I’m sure for Google will keep modify and improve authorship mark-up to help web visitors to select the top quality content for which they are looking forward. There are a lot of concerns right now; however, I will keep my eyes open for more information regarding it so readers of this post can have more detailed information.

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