Know about the Top Five JavaScript Frameworks

Know about the Top Five JavaScript Frameworks

The majority of web application developers the world over had identified JavaScript as one among the best programming languages and as a result the popularity of JavaScript framework has increased further. The improved and highly innovative JavaScript ecosystem is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of JavaScript framework. Identifying the best JavaScript framework which will make their task easier as well as less complicated is now the real challenge for the application developers. Each developer will be choosing the JavaScript framework depending on his project requirements. However, apart from fulfilling the project requirements, the developers will also take into account various other factors such as whether implementation of the JavaScript framework in the project will be a smooth affair, the main features of a particular JavaScript framework, the documentation and support from the community, etc. When there are different JavaScript framework one has to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each framework prior to finally selecting a particular framework. This article provides the details of the top five JavaScript frameworks for web application development.



This is a JavaScript library for view layer. The performance of this framework is further improved by the virtual DOM. Vue.js has the features of both Angular js and React js. Vue.js was introduced in the market mainly to combine the features of Angular.js and React.js. Vue.js also uses props and state objects just like React.js. Those who use Vue.js framework are also required to store style-sheets, layout and component logic in one file as they do while using React.js. Those who are new to Angular.js and React.js are sure to find it too difficult to proceed with Vue.js and for them fining out the suitable framework is going to be very tricky. The Redux library in Vue.js has made this framework so popular. While Redux library is very useful in developed complex, it also facilitates large-scale applications. This aspect makes Vue.js superior to React.js because while using the React.js framework even to make comparatively smaller changes you are required to spend a lot of time.

What are the outstanding features of Vue.js?

  1. Two-way communication is possible
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Flexible
  4. Comprehensive documentation
  5. Simple way of integration.


React.js was developed by Facebook. Those who want to develop web applications for generating traffic prefer React.JS. On the GitHub there are more than thousand contributors of React.JS. React.js is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries by those who want to develop UIs. Reusable as well as interactive components of UI can be created using React.js. This JavaScript framework is written in React. The real strength of React.JS is that it ensures seamless integration with all kinds of architecture and Reactor JS is considered as the V in MVC (Model View Controller). The client and the server side can carry out their tasks at a time because Reactor JS allows rendering of client as well as server side. Reactor JS is powerful due to the presence of virtual DOM. Rendering of the sub-trees of the changing nodes is supported React JS. The web application developers who use React JS are able to write codes as if entire page is getting rendered on every change. JSX in Reactor JS is an extension to the language syntax of JavaScript. JSX is used to structure the component rendering with the help of a familiar syntax. Handling of DOM as well as API has been simplified and as a result applications are allowed to effect changes in HTML as well as XML documents.

Great advantages of React JS

  • Reusable components
  • Better user experience and better performance
  • Easy learning curve
  • React on server side is rendered
  • Fits well with other frameworks
  • Contributions encouraged by open-source library
  • Flow of data in one direction ensures stable code

Angular JS

Angular JS is one of the widely used JavaScript frameworks for carrying out development works on the client-side. As a result of the release of the latest version Angular 6 this year and that of Angular 5 last year Angular JS was lifted to great heights. For the medium-size businesses as well as startups Angular JS is the most ideal JavaScript framework and it also called as MVW (Model View Whatever). Following the revamping of the framework Angular 2 is expected shortly with a lot of exciting features to support creation of web applications for desktop as well as mobile. All these changes together equip the development team of Angular to manage the competition from the main opponent. In order to ensure more flexibility as well as agility to JavaScript, Angular introduced the new framework TypeScript from Microsoft. Angular JS has strong community support and it is the best framework for developing single-page-applications.

Great Advantages of Angular JS

  • Framework is featured comprehensively and has the best tested defaults
  • Support from Google
  • Support from a large community
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Improved integration of Material Design with the support of PWAs.
  • Two Way data binding


The various features of Ember.js are used for managing URLs and for all development purposes Ember.js makes use of HTML and CSS as main model. This framework provides comprehensive solutions to data management as well as application flow. Apart from developing web applications Ember.js helps to develop mobile and desktop applications also. The code idioms and various other methods offered by Ember.js are ideal for web applications. Using this framework, application developers are able to create scalable single-page web applications. Ember.js is based on MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel) type. This open-source client-side JavaScript framework is 100% free.

Great advantages of Ember.js

  1. Organized well
  2. Documentation is excellent
  3. High-performance
  4. Own debugging tool – Ember Inspector
  5. Two-way data binding
  6. Development is faster thanks to Ember CLI
Location Sensing
Augmented Reality


The RESTful JSON interface of Backbone.js enables web application developers to build up front-end applications that will function on the web browser. This JavaScript library is lightweight and is based on MVP mode (Model-View-Presenter). Developers who want to create more optimal designs with less coding will find this JavaScript framework very suitable. Backbone.js is not simply a front-end JavaScript library but, it is something more than that. The perfectly structured and well organized design provided by Backbone.js ensures more functionality to the application. After abstracting the data into models and DOM into views, Backbone.js will bind the two using events. With this JavaScript framework single-page web applications can be designed and also the different parts of web applications can be synchronized.

Advantages of Backbone.js

  • Back-end syncing
  • Support of large community
  • Updates automatically the HTML applications when model changes
  • Supports versatile projects
  • Provides easier way to develop front-en applications

While the JavaScript framework and library that you choose should fulfill your web application development requirements, the simplicity of the framework also is very important. There are pros and cons for each framework and also the latest versions, community support, ease of learning the language and documentation are also to be taken into consideration.

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