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If yes, then you have landed on the right page. BRTECHNOSOFT is amongst the finest gambling SEO company India. We can do all it takes to elevate the digital ranking of your business’s name on SERPs. We provide SEO optimization services and link building campaigns for your exclusive gambling and casino business.  

Being an exclusive form of business, the traditional or the common SEO strategies do not apply to the website development and optimization part of online gambling games like poker, betting sites. To date, we have partnered with multiple gambling businesses online to provide the services like local optimization, search engine optimization and link building programs.

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    Website optimization for casino and gambling digital presence

    Organic Search Engine Optimization

    Casinos, gambling or betting and other similar practices are part of the same industry. Although the risk factor of the players of this industry is very high, the industry is experiencing a boom with every passing year. And to further reach the audience, all you need is the right SEO practice.

    With our specifically designed SEO services, your online business will experience a makeover in search result ranking, an increased number of RMPs (Real Money Players) and also a victory over your competitors in the gambling industry. To satisfy all your needs BRTECHNOSOFT, A CASINO SEO COMPANY INDIA is the perfect answer. Our professional marketing experts and SEO wizards are all yours. The strategies designed by us make use of social media platforms to increase reach and awareness.

    Benefits of SEO for casino and gambling websites

    Wondering how search engine optimization can elevate the digital ranking of casino and gambling websites? If yes, then here is the answer.

    • Professional gambling industry SEO services ensure better returns on investments.
    • It rules out the problem of crawling and indexing.
    • Experience elevated search engine rankings. Thereby increase in reach and visibility.
    • Well, structured SEO ensures the multi-device compatibility of your web page. Good services will make your website compatible with all users, be it desktop user or mobile user.
    • It becomes easy to generate brand awareness.
    • Your webpage enjoys better rankings for a longer duration on professional search engine services.
    • With online existence, you can give casino links to the directory for better traffic generation.
    • You can also do manual profile linking via high page rank sites.

    SEO Services for Gambling and Casino / Poker website provided by BRTECHNOSOFT

    • Our professional team will perform a complete analysis of your business goal and then plan out a strategy to execute and implement them to get desired results.
    • Keyword research plays a very important role in SEO. Our team will analyze keyword research as per your website and best casino, gambling industries and provide you complete keyword report with searching high-search volume and low search volume whatever suitable to your website.
    • Our team will analyze your website current content. If any duplicate content is available over the website we will inform you to change as per Google guidelines and remove those duplicate content from your websites.
    • Our team can analyze your website and recommend technical modifications like speed optimization, responsive website (mobile devices), broken links, sitemap etc. which can be fixed by our team to get the best results in google search engine.
    • Also, we will produce weekly / monthly reports for you to review our performance and keep in the loop with the current competitive market.
    • Link building is one of the significant SEO services that our team excels in providing.

    Considering the rise in the online gaming industry, even gambling and casinos are experiencing high demand on digital platforms. Today these games are more open and more reachable to the public, because of their online presence. And the add on the benefit of SEO services by poker SEO company India or betting SEO company India further add on to the benefits of the business. Check out the below pointers, to have an estimate of your benefits from SEO:

    Highlights of Our Gambling / Casino SEO Services

    Like every business professional, even you desire a hike in the digital ranking of your gambling business. But, the job is not that simple. This is because the routine SEO strategies and tactics are not effective in the case of gambling, casino or betting webpages. This industry requires customized services, like the one mentioned below. You should be aware that every SEO agency doesn't follow the right practices for online rankings. This is why you should have a good gambling SEO agency, with the primary focus on creating the best strategies and reaching the right target audience.


    In SEO keyword plays a very crucial role in generating traffic for your website. Our SEO experts will do deep keyword research to find relevant gambling specific keywords for your business.


    As content is king, an informative part of the content can grab your customer attention. Our professional content writer will optimize your content as per relevant keywords to improve your website google search engine.


    Success is when the potential audience can help your business gain a large number of customers. Our casino SEO experts will use the power of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. to increase your visitor reaching out to the targeted audience.


    We have been successfully running link building campaigns for more than 10 years. We are excellent in link building techniques and also earn backlinks with high authority websites for your gambling/casino/poker business website.


    Appraisals and rating play an important role in maintaining your brand reputation. Our casino SEO team will help you earn and manage online reviews from your customers. We will use local business listings to brand your reputation all over the world.


    As social media is very important in the internet arena. Our casino SEO marketing team will help you boost your social media channels to promote your business with a specific targeting audience. We have massive experience in social media and accordingly we will help your brand create an image all over the world through social media campaigns.

    Looking for the best Casino SEO services in 2022? Hire our Gambling, iGaming & Betting SEO experts to BR your Google rankings.

    Schedule a free project consultation with one of our expert developer today!

    Advantage of using BRTECHNOSOFT for Gambling and CASINO SEO Services

    • We have many different customized packages for SEO which help clients save their money. We are very much flexible and provide affordable Gambling SEO Services.
    • Professional gambling SEO services by gambling SEO company India ensures a better ROI.
    • When partnered with the best casino SEO company in India, you can be sure regarding the success rate. There is no future problem related to indexing and crawling as well.
    • Experts provide organic traffic to your website for a longer duration.
    • Excellent services from poker SEO company India, ensures website compatibility on all the devices ranging from desktop to mobile.
    • You get the ease of creating brand awareness as the good ranking of your web page ensures the deep trust of visitors.
    • Gambling SEO company India provides in-depth keyword research and content creation, as well as on-page and off-page optimization.
    • A good gambling SEO service provides link building generated from top sources.
    • Timely service and fast response time.

    There is no doubt concerning the effectiveness of an effective SEO strategy for a gambling website. When the optimization services and content strategies are on the same page, the website experiences growth, an increase in the web page organic traffic and improved ranking. Similarly, the gambling SEO service by BRTECHNOSOFT offers the best SEO practice and services to make your business grow eventually.

    What drives your website great results

    Our teams constantly of highly motivated, smart, and innovative web designers, web developers, SEO experts, and social media and marketing professionals who know the best what it takes to help your brand connect with prospective customers. Connect with us today to strengthen your web presence and grow ROI

    Page Optimization

    • Crawl your website.
    • Conduct an SEO audit and define your site architecture.
    • Update URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions.
    • Make sure your keyword is in your URL.
    • Include your keyword throughout your page.
    • Track keywords and topics for each page.
    • Don't keyword stuff.

    Internal Site Audit

    • Run Your Website URL through a Site Audit Tool.
    • Find Technical Errors.
    • Identify SEO Problems.
    • Analyze Design and UX.
    • Assess Website Content.
    • Generate a Checklist of All Site Issues and Recommended Fixes.

    Content Marketing

    • Establish Your Goals.
    • Define Your Audience.
    • Research Your Competitors.
    • Complete Topic And Keyword Research.
    • Review Your Existing Content.
    • Devise Your Strategy.
    • Plan Your Resources.
    • Plan Your Content Production Schedule

    Technical SEO

    • Use SSL.
    • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly.
    • Speed your site up.
    • Fix duplicate content issues
    • Create an XML sitemap
    • Consider enabling AMP
    • Add structured data markup to your website.
    • Register your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.


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    gambling seo company india

    Casino Gambling Link Building Pricing Plan Packages



    DA 30+
    $$250/ MO

    • Minimum Domain Authority [DA] 20+
    • 600+ Words Content
    • 5 Keyword/Target URL
    • Niche Relevant
    • Manually Outreached Blogs
    • Permanent Dofollow Link
    • Build Online Influence
    • Get Quality Traffic
    • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
    • Develop Your Authority
    • 3 Months
    • Bulk Discount Available

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    DA 40+
    $$300/ MO

    • Minimum Domain Authority [DA] 30+
    • 600+ Words Content
    • 5 Keyword/Target URL
    • Niche Relevant
    • Manually Outreached Blogs
    • Permanent Dofollow Link
    • Build Online Influence
    • Get Quality Traffic
    • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
    • Develop Your Authority
    • 2 Weeks Delivery
    • Bulk Discount Available

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    DA 50+
    $$550/ MO

    • Minimum Domain Authority [DA] 40+
    • 600+ Words Content
    • 10 Keyword/Target URL
    • Niche Relevant
    • Manually Outreached Blogs
    • Permanent Dofollow Link
    • Build Online Influence
    • Get Quality Traffic
    • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
    • Develop Your Authority
    • 2 Weeks Deliverys
    • Bulk Discount Available

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    DA 50+
    $$750/ MO

    • Minimum Domain Authority [DA] 50+
    • 600+ Words Content
    • 10-20 Keyword/Target URL
    • Niche Relevant
    • Manually Outreached Blogs
    • Permanent Dofollow Link
    • Build Online Influence
    • Get Quality Traffic
    • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
    • Develop Your Authority
    • 3-4 Month Delivery
    • Bulk Discount Available

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    DA 60+
    $$1250/ MO

    • Minimum Domain Authority [DA] 50+
    • 600+ Words Content
    • 20-30 Keyword/Target URL
    • Niche Relevant
    • Manually Outreached Blogs
    • Permanent Dofollow Link
    • Build Online Influence
    • Get Quality Traffic
    • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
    • Develop Your Authority
    • 3-4 Month Delivery
    • Bulk Discount Available

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    Looking for the Best Gambling /
    Casino SEO services / Poker SEO in 2021-22?

    Hire our Gambling & Poker SEO experts to BRTechnosoft your Google rankings

    Why Should You Choose Us For Gambling / Poker / Casino SEO Services?

    In the last few years, the face of SEO has changed a lot. Only keyword-rich web pages do not make the statement anymore. Google, too, has tightened its leash on penalizing the website. So, to survive these immediate changes, gaming and gambling sites need to focus on content strategy, proper affiliate campaigns, ink building, and mobile-friendly online content instead of plain social media. SO who will help you with all this?

    We, the experts of BRTECHNOSOFT, an ace Gambling SEO company in India will be your partner in this journey of digital up-gradation.

    This is how we can help you with SEO tactics:

    • We will create original content for your webpage.
    • We will first understand the industry we are working for and then identify its related keywords.
    • We write content that people want to read.
    • We include original opinions and facts of the industry players.
    • We provide a balance between the evergreen content and topical content of the gambling industry.


    By joining us, you will be working with a top gambling SEO Company in India. We have been featured in industries leading publications for our expertise. We offer the best gambling SEO services across India.


    We have a highly professional SEO team with our goals to offer top-notch gambling SEO services to our customers. All the team members are highly qualified and they know the latest google algorithms and latest techniques of SEO. They keep themselves updated with Google techniques and read their forum to know more.


    We know that every customer requirement is different. Our gambling SEO professional team will create customized SEO plans as per customer requirements. We have a flexible SEO plan with tailor-made solutions as per client requirement.

    Transparent Work Process

    We send all work reports to clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with on-page and off-page activity reports included.


    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have a huge list of satisfied and happy customers on our bucket. We are proud to have served many customers globally to date.


    We will allocate you a project manager for fast, real communication. You will be associated with your project manager via Phone/Skype/Chat.

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    The best Betting/Casino/Gambling Digital Marketing Agency help  to stay ahead of your competitor. If you hire qualified SEO services for online gambling advertising, it make sure you get better returns on investments. It solves the problem of crawling and indexing your website pages. It increase search engine rankings. As a result, reach, and visibility are increased. All users, whether on a desktop or a mobile device, will be able to access your website with good services. By proficient brand awareness, it becomes easier. Moreover, building links through SEO for online casinos is more efficient for better traffic generation.

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