Implement the following SEO strategies and achieve higher ranking for your website

Implement the following SEO strategies and achieve higher ranking for your website

Once it came to the notice of Google that SEO experts help their clients to get higher ranking in the major search engines by way of applying different Black Hat techniques, key word stuffing, etc., various changes were brought in the algorithm. Prior to that there had been a lot of methods to improve the search engine ranking of e-commerce websites. Though the options are less, still there are different SEO strategies that can facilitate higher ranking for websites. Online marketers can select the most effective strategy and implement the same for their website so as to ensure substantial increase in their volume of business. From the very best SEO strategies, one may choose and implement the most ideal strategy for his website which can be either On-Page or Off Page. Here is a list of very effective SEO strategies that are ideal for improving the search engine ranking of websites.

Optimize the website for more number of relevant keywords

Even if you may have to spend a little more it is advisable to optimize the keywords for as many number of relevant keywords as possible. One should not be over confident of the keywords that are already used. Chances are there for the very same keywords optimized by other marketers also who are also offering similar products. When others are using the same keywords the ranking of your website is likely to fall. This kind of setback can be avoided by optimizing the website for plenty of powerful keywords. When a website is optimized for about 60 – 70 keywords, it will be able to maintain the upward trend in the website traffic. It is very important to ensure that the website is optimized for sufficient number of keywords. Marketers should not under-estimate LSI Keywords since LSI keywords are also very effective in improving the ranking. Any keyword that is a match to the user’s intent is valuable. Those who want to conduct keyword search may make use of the Keyword Planner Tool provided by Google and also Uber Suggest. Apart from identifying a lot of search terms to optimize your website you will also get an opportunity to find out the missing keywords by checking the website of your competitors.

Equip your website with snippets

Snippets are in fact very important for business websites. Nowadays, addition of snippets is an important part of SEO campaign. The snippets provide a confidential preview of the website when the potential searchers make their query. The website with rich snippets will always stand out among all the competing websites and the users will get the most interesting results for their searches. Snippets help to grab the attention of the audience and snippets enable the website to improve the CTR. Snippets facilitate more conversions. Star reviews are very effective snippets. After going through the reviews the users will have clear opinion about the products and the reviews instill trust in the minds of those who are new to the website. This kind of snippets encourages the new customers to support the brand. A trusted website will not fail to appear in the Google list.

Competitor Analysis – equally important to boost your SEO ranking

The websites of at least a few of your competitors might be able to get higher ranking for the main keywords. Identify them and collect ideas to make your website more impressive. After browsing the website of competitors, you have to find out effective ways to improve the UI of your website so as to ensure better and more effective user engagement. When you are able to keep them on your website for more time, chances are more for conversion as well as actual sales. One can make use of advanced SEO tools like Majestic, Ahrefs etc., to identify the source of the backlinks that are found in the competitor’s website. Competitor Analysis is very important for successful SEO campaigns.

Improve your URL Structure

The purpose of your webpage must be clear so that search engine can properly index your webpage for the search term entered by the user. The web page should ensure to provide information strictly in the order of importance. Bread-Crumb navigation can ensure a perfect flow in the order of importance. The symbol for spacing must be readable and the URL Structure should be without numerical as well as mixed cases. The other important SEO strategies to be implemented are providing canonical tag for prevention of duplicate content, ensuring faster loading of the website and including 401 Error Code and 301 redirection

Ensure that your website has indexing capability

Indexing capability of the website is a prime requirement for optimizing the website for the search engines. In case Google is unable to confirm the existence of your website, you may not be able to run the website and build up your business. For all E-Commerce websites, it is important to have the HTML sitemap which will facilitate easy navigation among the web pages

Publish 4 – 5 blogs every week

Fresh and quality content is the most vital requirement for SEO campaigns from now onwards. SEO content marketing should be at the top of your strategies for optimizing your website. When the visitors are served with fresh, interesting, useful and informative content they become closer with your website and will be visiting your site at regular intervals. Consequently, they come to know more about your product or your brand and will get more interested in your products. This will pave the way for their decision to try your products.

When you post new content every week you will be able to include more powerful keywords which will in turn help your web page to get higher ranking on search results. When you optimize your website for more relevant keywords, higher position in Google will be more likely and consequently your website will receive more organic traffic.

When you post a blog do provide inter-connecting links

When your website has proper inter-linking, it will be appreciated by Google. In order to promote your product or service you may be posting blogs regularly. For each blog that you post, see to it that a link is provided. The link on each blog may lead to either your product/service page or to the home page of your website or even to another blog on the same subject which was posted earlier. By providing the links in this way you can easily keep and engage the visitors within your website and finally most of them will confirm their orders for your product/service. When a reader goes through multi-number of blogs on the same subject they are able to gather more information.

Provide blog images in the accepted formats

While presenting the search results to the users Google will index images also. When a reader clicks on the image on the blog, he will be taken to the website. The images must be in any one of the following formats which are accepted by Google – JPEG, PNG, BMP, WebP, GIF and SVG. For the blog images there should be Alt Tags that are keyword focused.

Try to secure Natural Backlinks of superior quality

Your website will acquire top ranking on search engines when you post blogs of excellent quality. Your webpages may appear at the top of Google search results for almost all the relevant search terms. This will happen whenever your blog content goes viral. Many other bloggers who also post their blogs on the same topic may find your blog posts highly informative as well as interesting. As a result, those bloggers will provide a link in their blog posts which will take the readers to your website.

These Natural Backlinks will enable your website to achieve higher ranking for all major keywords. The latest updates of Google algorithm very much encourage acquiring Natural Backlinks from third party sites that are of better quality. High-quality backlinks from third party publishing sites reflect the reputation as well as trust of the website. Natural Backlinks enable the website to improve its domain authority

Be lavish while providing content to home page as well as product pages

After the SEO campaign, normally you expect your website to get ranked by Google Search Engine within 30 – 45 days. In order to make it a reality you are required to ensure that sufficient quantity of content is provided and there are not less than 4 paragraphs as well as 5 relevant keywords. Apart from this, your product/service page also should contain sufficient quantity of content with not less than 5 keywords. The On-Page content should have primary keywords as well as LSI keywords. Apart from improving the ranking, this will make your website more visible online

Take your blogs to wider audience

As part of your SEO, you must ensure that the content of your blogs is distributed among a large audience. This can be done easily by way of publishing your blog posts on social media platforms and using the blog post for e-mail marketing, influencer marketing and social bookmarking.

Provide answer to the question asked on Q & A forum of Quora

Quora is a very effective platform for considerably increasing traffic to your website. While posting your answer to the query which was made on the Q & A forum of Quora, you can provide a link also to your website or blog so that readers can receive additional information. By regularly taking part in the Quora discussions your website will get more traffic and ofcourse more visibility.

Provide additional landing pages for multiple products

Higher code-to-text ratio is also very important for a website to get higher ranking on Google search results. When there are multi-number of products, there should be sufficient number of landing pages with content of superior quality. Besides improving the traffic to the website, this will enable you to make use of more number of keywords, provide more number of internal links and target more number of relevant keywords.


All the SEO strategies cited above are aimed at making the website a more favored site by Google. The website will soon start to receive more traffic of excellent quality and ultimately there will be a steady increase in your business. Since SEO constantly undergoes changes, it is all the more important for online marketers to be updated always.

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