A highly maintained ranking in this World Wide Web is quite seem to be one head hitting job, the traffic and ranking may drop down suddenly and drives your mind with several thousand thoughts. Have I been panda slapped? Before this question fluctuates in your mind, you must know there are several other reasons which could be responsible for arising this situation. A great way to look over the website ranking overall, try to watch for keywords. A distinctly separated keywords have more to offer to analyse a particular content area of your website. In case you are pertaining with some major issues, a protocol is designed

1. Have your rank really dropped?

In case you witness a sudden decrement in your website ranking, spare a time of a day or two and recheck. It might come back, in case you do not see anything working after the spared time, do not worry. You can donate a time of a week or so to let it work. Patience might work for you in coping up the situation.

2. Ok, I have double checked and they really did drop. My Analytics show a decrease too.

Thai scenario should be dealt with patience. Try to check over all major points, and look how the drops are correlated, and are they all from one group of keywords? Are their association is from certain page of the website?

3. If they are all from a particular category of keywords, read on. If not, move to step 4.

You need to make a check to the sites that are ranking for these keywords. They could be new players too in the market as the detailed analysis given in new hands might come out to be little tragic. A technical issue might prevail to worsen up the situation. A recent change in the website technicalities could be another problem. If all that doesn’t work in your favour, sorry! You need to hire an SEO expert.

4. If they are not from a particular category of keywords, but from the same pages or sections of the ire, you are in a problem.

The pages that used to rank or have traffic could arise other governing issues. A good quality content without any duplication or poor attributes are great to work in your favour. An accidental non index or canonical tag, are technical drawbacks to make you suffer.

5. If you identify and of the above, you could be looking at the first stage of panda penalty.

An early clearance of this harmful content is mandate to avoid drastic future outcomes. An early warning sign that could impact your website from panda.
Panda is not a manual penalty, it is an algorithm. It is refreshed periodically. If you are hit by an algorithm update, you might sit by making choices. If you are not finding the results, don’t worry Google is there to serve you at primary basis. You are now highly empowered to fight with the panda, right?
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