How to Securing WordPress sites against attack

How to Securing WordPress sites against attack


Almost every site deals with the fear of getting hacked, thanks to the master minded hackers who tries to navigate every possible step to Hack the stuff and earn some pennies. WordPress is a system that is high in security but nothing comes with the assurance of 100% security. There are certain steps the hackers are engaged into to get into the CMS by hacking the website. The high skills in coding of the hackers works here. However, to beat that, you need to withstand your system with all the possible safety measures to assure that it could not be hacked, whereas WordPress is constantly engaged in resisting the threat of hacking.Certain factors you tend to look over in order to ensure minimal hacking risk. Let’s unleash the key factors

WordPress Setup & Installation

Installation is the very first stage and when you install WordPress make it a point, that it is downloaded or installed by a trusted installer or from the official website. In any circumstance, a slight loophole can make it an easier task for hackers to execute their work. In just seconds, they will be wandering into your system.  It is an intense problem, and several users suffer majorly.

Update ASAP

To get away from the comfort zone is not our call. By sitting in front of the system and let some software be downloaded, we simply ignore WordPress updates and its plugins. This may affect your system severely and gives put you in problem in the long run. As far as possible, do not ignore WordPress software updates as they are automatically generated to ensure extra security to your system and making it more compatible.

Only the Essentials

If you have plugins that are not under use and bulking up in your system, these should be uninstalled immediately. These plugins would have been Installed for some task, but if now is of no use, delete them. Plugins simply creates another opening for hackers to get back your system and make the normal functioning bizarre. Unnecessary plugins reduces your WordPress security and sets you for the target.

Some points mention below how to secure your WordPress websites:

A habit of choosing accurate and uneasy passwords is the key. Act smart in choosing your passwords, such that it won’t be easy to crack. Make it a point that your password must be comprised of letters (both upper and lowercase) and numbers in a non-sequence form. A string password is not an easy job to crack and might take several programs’ to guess over it. On the other hand, username like admin simply opens the door for hackers as it’s very easy and common to break the ice. Passwords should also be changed at a regular interval.

  • The wp-config.php file contains all the private details of your site. So it’s pretty significant that you protect it at all costs. An easy way to protect this file is to merely place the following code in your .htaccess file on your server.  Below mention code can help you to protect your .httaccess from hackers.

            <Files wp-config.php>
            order allow,deny
            deny from all

           <Files .htaccess>
              order allow,deny
              deny from all

  • Protect your wp-config.php file: this file you can find in to root path. The wp-contains all the confidential details in your sites. So its very important to protect them so any hackers can’t track those file below mention code can help you to protect wp-config.php wp-config
  • Another method hides your wordpress version:  another good idea to remove the generate Meta for wordpress version. If this enables then hackers know which version you are using it for your websites and they will be easy hack your websites and other thing every time updating your wordpress version. Below mention code can help you to removing version of wordpress You need to place below code in function.php of your active theme.


  • Limit The Number of Failed Login Attempts:  in wordpress there are nice plugins Limit the number of Failed Login attempts this is very useful when hackers can try to enter password more then 3-4 time automatically block ip. Here you can download the Source :
  • Limit The Number of Failed Login Attempts:  in wordpress there are nice plugins Limit the number of Failed Login attempts this is very useful when hackers can try to enter password more then 3-4 time automatically block ip. Here you can download the Source : login-lockdown
  • Ask Apache Password Protect: this is really great way to protect your wordpress sites this awesome plugins where you can control your websites in terms of security you can protect your site with 401 authorizations in simple steps. All these things you can manage from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Don’t use Admin Username:  Normally when we setup word press sites people use admin user so its hackers will try to using. As of version 3.0 you can change this during the set up your sites and you can picked up any new username rather then “admin”
  • Latest Back of wordpress : this really good thing if you can do back up every 2 days for your wordpress sites or you can set pluins auto back up and schedule your backup. Here are some useful plugins Backup WordPress, WP DB Backup this will help you to backup your wordpress websites and you can also schedule your back time.

Secure host

It is also quintessential to fight back with the hackers as secure host implement extra security into your system and saves the file too. You might get cheap ones too as they are infested with viruses and malwares. It is great to defence you when hacker gets off to your security, a secure host will backup your files, no matter if the website is completely destroyed.

HTTP authentication

There are sites which are easy to get accessed and suffers with less security are more tangible to get hacked. Adding a second level of authentication will prevent hackers from hitting your site due to the difficult parameters. A good host will serve you with extra security in seconds; however manual installation is easy by adding .htaccess file in your wordpress admin directory.

Smart work pays, and extra stringent security will pay you more. Shield your website with the above specified measures so that cracking it by hackers won’t do.

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