The updated version of Penguin has sent chills across the SEO community. People are eagerly waiting to know how bad this updated version of Penguin can affect them. The first version of Penguin, penguin 1.0 was a real lethal weapon set at reducing the number of spam sites across the globe. This lethal weapon was a single mail that was sent into the SEO of the sites and, brought them down completely. The first version was a bull’s eye that simply looked at the paid links, link networks, low quality links and, anchor density of the site to decide if it was worth denoting a spam or not.

A Glimpse of Penguin 2.0

The first question that crosses the mind is if Penguin 2.0 is going to give out a harsh Google Penguin Penalty to the sites or not. A very heavy thought that has set many people at work to find out how exactly to protect your site and recover from the penguin penalty. So, let’s begin by understanding what the Google Penguin Penalty is. While the first version checked for anchor density, the second and most updated version of Google algorithm, the Google Penguin Penalty version 2.0 checked for something called keywords. The sufferers observed in this version were those sites with keywords like loans, money, insurance, low cost holidays, cheap holidays etc. Strange isn’t it but true. For Google they seemed to be sites that were not original, with a lot of backlinks similar to those of competitor and absolute spams. What happened to these sites was totally ruthless. Their traffic was reduced by 50% and, their overall clicks also reduced. They were rated as spam sites that you could visit at your own risk.

The Resolution of Problems

If there is an issue, there is a solution too somewhere around the corner. The basic issue is that Google Penguin Penalty 2.0 is not doing the work that Google had updated it for. It is actually performing a reverse mechanism thus affecting the entire SEO world. When today you search for some of the best keywords say low cost holiday packages, you would generally come across websites that aren’t legitimate or known. This is an issue that Google needs to solve. But, some websites that are blocked need to look again into their keywords and, backlinks to get into resolving their issues. Few websites that hit hard actually don’t possess any of the said parameters like original backlinks, proper legitimate anchor density etc. There are ways to resolve this issue if the brand takes the matter seriously.

Ways to Resolve the Matter

You could probably follow these following methods to protect your site and recover from Google Penguin Penalty:

  • A full link audit of your site is necessary and you should ideally perform it right away for your site.  In case you are suffering from a low quality link profile, you would know about it and can rectify it in time to save your site from getting spammed. A link audit would include the following:
  • The unrelated sites’ links
  • The links that come from the bad neighbourhood
  • The hidden variety of links
  • The percentage ratio of the no follow links vs the actually followed links
  • Anchor text is another reason why Google Penguin Penalty 2.0 may work on your site. It is time to randomize these texts on your site. You need to use branded keywords and, move your focus from the exact match ones. This would create unique anchor texts
  • Link schemes enable Google Penguin Penalty 2.0. So be careful about the link schemes on your site. If possible, remove all the link schemes from your website to ensure perfect working and, to protect your site from this Google Penguin Penalty.
  • You need to work on the SEO of your site without thinking of a search engine. Make it searchable through other avenues as well. This would help you protect your site and recover it from Google Penguin Penalty. The moment you open your mind to other avenues, you are not thinking of just a search engine anymore
  • Monitor your link ratios as well. They are important for your site. The link ratios that you need to monitor include:
    • The type of link and its location
    • The theme of your domain
    • The type of site
    • The ratios: site wise and link wise
  • The most important thing that you should ideally do is create a Google analytics alert that would help you keep an eye on the uptime and downtime of your website and, work in that way

These are a few tips that you could work on. Rest, you need to make sure your site is as original as possible to protect it from Google Penguin Penalty and Google Penguin Compliant SEO Services . For more further information drop you SEO Requirement at or Call Now ++91-9978082756

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