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How much does a website actually cost the customers?

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”How much does a website actually cost the customers?” alignment=”left” spacer=”line_only” spacer_position=”middle” line_height=”1″ main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;”]The World Wide Web which has connected the whole globe with each other has a lot more complexities than you can actually think. You may be a Small Scale Business or a Large scale Organization where thousands of employs work in or even a E-Commerce Brand you will have to have a website so that you can reach out to people on a large scale and influence them by educating them about your brand or product or then services that you offer.
As there are different businesses so there are different types of Websites with different attributes that are designed to help out the business to grow. If you are still unaware of the prices and are looking for some help then this is a place of solution for you as you will find the In-depth details of the costs that will be incurred for designing your website and the type of website that you will need.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Which type of Website will be suitable for you and a basic idea of how much will it cost?” alignment=”left” spacer=”line_only” spacer_position=”middle” line_height=”1″]This is something that depends on the type and nature of your business where we generally have 5 types’ customers who need a website which are as follows.

  • Customers who own Small Scale Business and Individuals –.

    A “Basic Website” is required in order to help cater to the needs of the customers who own a Small Scale Business as this is that very type of website that is apt for this type of business. You can design the website yourself or also hire a designer to help you. The cost however here is $50 a month if you design the website by yourself and if you hire a developer then the costs will be around $2000-$5000 for the whole thing. This type of website has limited usage and may not allow you to have 2 way communications with your customer but the for a small scale business your direct relation with your customers is what really matters. The website should just be able to convey the proper message to the customers and there you go.

  • Customers who own Medium Sized Businesses –

    The Advanced form of Website Designing is required to meet the needs of Medium Sized Business owners as a strong CMS (Content Management System) is required to manage these businesses. There is a lot of hard work and patience put into these types of websites as far as functionality and design is concerned and the cost for designing an advanced website these days is around $7,000 – $30,000. There are a lot of things when it comes to CMS where you need to get in touch with your customers through Articles and Blogs on our webpage and at times the Chat Option is also there where you can provide live help to your exiting and prospect customers. You need to use word press and other tools in order to manage the

  • Customers who own Large Scale Businesses 

    For Large Scale Business owners “Custom Websites” where there are a lot of things involved starting from excellent designing and graphics along with Responsive Design Method where the website arranges itself automatically as per the screen resolution of the device on which it is being used on be it a 18 inch computer screen or a 3 inch mobile screen the website will work easily without any interruptions. This is the best service that a Website Designing company offers to its customers and the charge for this type of website is around $25,000- $1,00,000+ which is actually a reasonable cost as there are more than 10 different things that need to be done apart from designing and developing the website where you have to meet the customers, complete the consignment in a stringent timeline, lots of people are involved with different levels of approval, governmental rules and regulations should be strictly adhered to etc. Most of the websites and social sites that you use come into this category.

  • Customers who have an E-Commerce Brand –

    There is a lot here where we have massive needs of the customer starting from a responsive website with exceptional graphics and highly user friendly website. Only the Super Advanced form of Website Designing is required and the cost here starts from $25000 and goes to 6 digits. The designing here is done only by the experts and the content is also monitored in each and every stage as it needs to be genuine and true as the thing here is related with money.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Miscellaneous Information” alignment=”left”]Here is a small brief of the different services offered by the website designing agencies and their prices.

  • For a Domain Name: $10-$100 per year
  • For Web Hosting Services: $100 for a month or $50-$1,200 per year as per needs of the customer.
  • Custom design and Architecture: $2,500-$10,000+ for a year.
  • Shopping Cart integration along with detailed Programming : $200-$15,000
  • Content Creation: $50-$200
  • Management charges for Project: $600-$3000
  • Training and Testing : $600-$4,800
  • Digital Marketing setup and Launch : $600-$4,800
  • Website Management Services : $75-$150 per month.

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