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Hospital Management System



Online Software For Your Clinic/Hospital

Hospital Management System brings together all the information and processes of a hospital, in a single platform. It presents you with a unified 360-degree view for managing patients, doctors, inventory, appointments, billing information, finances and much more. 

What is Hospital Management System?

Hospital Management System brings together all the information and processes of a hospital, in a single platform. It presents you with a unified 360-degree view for managing patients, doctors, inventory, appointments, billing information, finances and much more. 

The system automatically generates a highly-efficient process and makes it quick. Thereby, allowing hospitals to provide quality service in addition to professional medical care.

In a nutshell, Hospital Management System (HMS) creates a frictionless approach towards managing the entire hospital and solves all complexities in the process

Benefits Of Our Hospital Management System

Our 100% Accurately Programmed Web Applications Fit Perfectly To Your Business Requirements.

Centralized Administrative Control

Centrally monitor income from different departments (finance, stores, procurement, inventory, and HR) in addition to core hospital parameters. BRTechnosoft offers your hospital with comprehensive data on patient traffic for different hospital procedures.


Select those BRTechnosoft modules that can best support and enhance your existing hospital workflow. Add on other BRTechnosoft modules when useful or necessary.

One-Stop Solution

The BRTech ecosystem offers an all-in-one solution for all your hospital management requirements. The modules are integrated, so data flows seamlessly across the system. Eliminate the costs of integrating and the hassle of approaching multiple vendors for your different needs – for example, telemedicine, queue management, PACS and HR.

Electronic Health Records

All patient health records can be stored digitally, and can be integrated with every hospital department, allowing more effective patient management.

IT Support

Any questions? Our IT support team is available to assist you and to ensure the smooth functioning of your advanced hospital management system.

Automated Workflows and Kiosks

Reduce pressure on hospital staff with fully automated kiosks and workflows (for example, fast tracking discharge processes).

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Increase overall clinical outcomes with BRTechnosoft process-driven and predictive model design.

Intelligent Analytics

Track operation theater utilization, patient turn-around time, delays in discharge, revenue leakages, etc.

Faster Turnaround Time

Increase hospital efficiency with remote patient monitoring and hardware that automatically syncs patient vitals with patient medical records.

Benefits To Doctors

  • Minimal upfront costs for the facility
  • Quick access to appointment schedules, rounding lists, patient details for discharge inflation with mobile and web apps
  • Communication tool for doctors that enables easy referrals and transmission of patient data on a secure platform
  • Enables remote viewing of patient details
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design with minimal clicks for data entry
  • Telemedicine capability with an easy-to-navigate interface for doctors

Benefits To Patients

  • Automated patient reminders for follow-up visits
  • Online patient access to complete medical history (electronic patient health records)
  • Fully automated kiosks creating less dependence on staff assistance
  • Telemedicine functionality that enables patients to communicate with care providers/facilities from a remote location
  • An efficient queue management system keeping patients satisfied with a smooth, and stress-free waiting period
  • Mobile pharmacy application. Medications can be delivered to patient’s home

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Multi Hospital Management System Main Module 

    1. Super Admin Dashboard
    2. Department
    3. Dashboard
    4. Doctor
    5. Patient
    6. Schedule
    7. Appointment
    8. Human Resources
    9. Financial Activities
    10. Medicine
    11. Pharmacy Module
    12. Donor
    13. Bed
    14. Prescription
    15. Lab Tests
    16. Payment Gateway

Core Features of Complete Multi Hospital Management System

  1. Doctor Database
  2. Prescription Management
  3. Appointment Management
  4. Human Resource Database
  5. 9 Types Of Login Access (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Patient, Nurse, Accountant, Pharmacist, Laboratorist, Receptionist)
  6. Hospital Accounting
  7. Financial Reporting
  8. Invoicing
  9. Pharmacy Management
  10. SMS Management
  11. Dynamic Language
  12. Multi Language English, French, Italian, Portuguese , Spanish
  13. Frontend Website
  14. Schedule Management for Doctors
  15. Payment Gateway
  16. Email Module
  17. Notice Module
  18. Quantity in Pos
  1. Dynamic medicine selection during prescription creation
  2. New dashboard
  3. Patient Timeline
  4. Template for Lab report creation
  5. Easy Process to Translate Into any Language
  6. Patient Medical History
  7. Patient Medical Files Archive
  8. Prescription
  9. Patient Payment History
  10. User Activity Report
  11. Doctor’s Commission calculator for Diagnosis Reference
  12. Stripe payment Gateway
  13. Twilio sms Gateway
  14. Table responsiveness in all device
  15. Server side tables for Appointment, Prescription and some other tables
  16. Auto Email and SMS template
  17. Prescription re-design.
  18. Popup patient history on click calendar appointments
  1. CodeIgniter 3.1.10
  2. Fontawesome 5
  3. Telehealth
  4. Paystack Payment gateway
  5. Jitsi meet video conference gateway.
  6. Stripe payment Gateway
  7. Twilio sms Gateway
  8. Table responsiveness in all device
  9. Server side tables for Appointment, Prescription and some other tables
  10. Auto Email and SMS template
  11. Prescription re-design.
  12. Popup patient history on click calendar appointments
  13. CodeIgniter 3.1.10
  14. Fontawesome 5 and many more.
  15. Telemedicine

Available Languages

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Portuguese
  6. Spanish

Multi Hospital Management System



Superadmin :     Password : 12345
Admin                       Password : 12345
Doctor                       Password :  12345
Patient                      Password :  12345
Nurse                           Password :  12345
Pharmacist        Password : 12345
Accountant        Password :  12345
Laboratorist        Password :  12345
Receptionist    Password :    12345


By implementing interactive Hospital Management System source code, BRTECHNOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES LLC has designed stunning solutions through which many entrepreneurs have kick-started their business digitally in a short time span.




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