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  • .NET customized application development
  • .NET database management system development
  • .NET based CMS development
  • Migration services
  • Portal development & enterprise application development
  • Web application development services and more
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    Hire Dot.;Net /ASP.Net Developers for Web Based Business Solution

    Advancements in technologies have continued to take place. .Net programming is one such technology that has provided new platforms for application development. By using the ASP.Net technology one can manage various business activities while ensuring the security. BRTECHNOSOFT has a pool of talent offering .Net programming and. Net development services. Its ASP.Net development team has helped incredibly in creating applications that has proved profitable for the clients.

    World-class hire .Net developer service is offered by the BRTechnsoft, which can be used in connecting information, system and services. The Asp.Net application development in India is booming. Taking the advantage of the high demand, we have maximized its horizons by hiring best Asp.Net developers and by offering Dot Net Development service to its clients. we have a robust team of dot net programmer that is always available to provide solutions the problems of the clients.


    Process of Hiring ASP.NET Programmer at BR:

    ASP.NET Developer CV

    In first step once you have hired our ASP.net programmer service, we send you some expert web expert CV for screening.

    Selected Web Developer

    Once you done with interview with your all selected ASP.Net Developer, you should tell us about your opinion for the best one

    Your choice of programmer

    Now you have to take look of those CVs and let us know about your choice of ASP.Net programmer.

    Set up interview

    Now you have to take look of those CVs and let us know about your choice of programmer.

    Tell us about opinion

    Once you done with interview with your all selected programmers , you should tell us about your opinion for the best one

    HandOver Designer to you

    We handover that Dot.net expert to you on hire basic for your Asp.Net development

    So, within the fours step of simple process you will get in touch of your hire resource. Our selection process is very clear and easy as well as let you to have full control over your employed Dot.Net developer. We assure you for getting desired outcome for hiring our Asp.net developers.

    Our Dot.Net Developer proficiency is as following

    • Custom ASP.NET Website Development
    • ASP.NET Web application development
    • ASP.NET Development Consulting Services
    • Enterprise .NET Application Development
    • Bespoke Application Development
    • Custom ASP.NET Desktop Application Development
    • Web portal development
    • Ecommerce development
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Social networking website development
    • Human resource management system
    • Job portal development
    • Learning process development
    • Payment gateway development

    Flexible Engagement Models

    If you choose to hire remote ASP.Net Developers in India, at BRTECHNOSOFT we offer flexible engagement models to suit every business need. You can hire a dedicated developer(s) who work full time on your project or hire on an hourly or project basis. You can also scale up or scale down anytime.

    Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer

    If you have a huge WordPress project that needs thorough attention, hire dedicated WordPress developers for smooth project management.
    • 8 hours per day, 20 days a month
    • Daily timesheet / Work report
    • Guaranteed 160 hours of work p.m.
    • From $1280 per month

    Fixed Budget

    If you have a budget for specific WordPress development such as theme or plug-in development, ask for an agile control engagement.
    • Utmost Flexibility
    • Agile Team Management
    • Simple Process
    • Complete Budget Control

    Hourly or Part-Time

    If you run a business with undefined projects or need expert assistance with ongoing WordPress development, hire certified WordPress Developers hourly.
    • Project-based working hours
    • Monthly or Weekly Billing
    • Pay for work only
    • Fast onboarding


    • Cost saving on hiring and maintenance functions.
    • No hidden cost
    • Simplistic coding
    • Reporting as per the clients preference or requirement
    • Timely communication
    • Security and confidentiality
    • Highly efficient work
    • Reduced development time
    • Quality rich and dedicated developers
    • Back to back support

    Ready To Hire ASP.Net Developers for your project requirements?

    Hire Passionate & Certified Microsoft .NET Developers for Your .NET Business-Critical Web Application Development Projects


    Custom ASP.NET Development

    We comprehend unique requirements of business and we can help them to build custom ASP.Net application.

    ASP.NET Application Development

    Our Dot.net Programmer will help to organize content and business processes by providing the best ASP.Net asp development services

    Enterprise ASP.NET Development

    Our professional ASP NET programmer will assist you to design and develop highly scalable and dynamic web applications that help businesses to accomplish their desired areas.

    ASP.NET Migration Services

    Our keen Asp.net programmer will assist you with migration services like ASP.Net web applications converted to MVC, ASP to ASP.NET conversation

    ASP.NET MVC3/MV4 Development

    We help manage in building crucial business applications using our ASP.NET MVC3/MVC4 development knowledge for exploited control and to include best lend customer experience.

    SharePoint Development

    Our professional asp net application development team will help you manage and workers to share, collaborate and regain information in a powerful way.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Improve your Customer Relationship Management silo with our visions nd expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    ASP.NET B2B Portal Development

    We are capable to build your own B2B Portal including financial technology product, Purchasing Portal, Custom Ordering etc. and integrate effectiveness and flexibility to your business

    ASP.NET Shopping Cart Development

    Stay align with present trend and essential need of the online market by including seamless, optimized flow to adapt your visitors to clients.

    As a Best ASP.NET Development Company India We Follow the Advance Hiring ASP.NET Developer Work Flow Process.


    Why Go For Hiring ASP.NET DEVELOPERS

    Hiring ASP.NET DEVELOPER from India can help you save your time and cost. You get best quality web development solutions at exceedingly affordable prices. Here are some of the other benefits:

    Why Go For Hiring asp.net developers

    • YOU SAVE UPTO 60%

    Our outsourcing ASP.NET developer and programmer based in India work on contract basis. You release them payment only when they are handling your project, whereas continually pay your employee within your company. As per our inner study, companies save up to 60% when they offshore web developer from India

    We are strictly following process for recruiting Asp.net coder & developers. Hence, the ASP.NET programmers – conduct your projects would be highly experienced. All Dot.NET programmers in BRTechnosoft have an average 4 years domain expertise.

    When you hire our internal Dot.Net app programmer. You would have to pay them fixed salary on monthly basis. Even when they have no project to work on. This is a pointless expense which could cost your company greatly in a long run. You can save the unnecessary expenses when you hire offshore Asp.Net programmer.

    Afterwards hiring an internal Dot.net app programmer, you have to go through a boring process like writing, test, personal interviews, a long training process etc.. this process consumes a lot of time, money and your valuable resource which you can use in other key areas

    when you hiring internal ASP.NET programmer or coder, you would require to provide them with services like appropriate laptop and other infrastructural facilities. These benefits in added to once’s salary can be very burdensome to you. Hiring offshore developers can save this cost.

    Become the top rated ASP.NET web development company, we use advance technology to produce any kind of website for you including a blog, a ecommerce website etc..


    Hire Magento Expert from BRTechnosoft to give a fantastic look in your website:

    Accelerated Time-To-Market

    We are leading of web development company and Our developer is fairly fast thus build new applications with advance features in less time and also as per the industry terms

    Cross-Functional Teams

    From our end each department and team dedicatedly take their responsivity and completes it with professionalism to achieve the assigned task.

    Immense Industry Experience

    We have dedicatedly ASP.NET experts which has expanded years of experience in the same domain and also achieved a decent track record in delivering quality solutions

    Flexible Hiring Models

    We permit you to hire our well isolated development architecture where you can select the persons and a team of your high-quality

    Cross-Functional Teams

    From our end each department and team dedicatedly take their responsivity and completes it with professionalism to achieve the assigned task.

    Proven Methodologies

    We have secure development policy which works quite good quite good in reaching the objectives decided for the running project

    Streamlined Development

    Through a huge track record of developing Dot.Net applications, we make sure to handover a fine and technically sound solutions to meet your business requirements.

    Security Assurance

    We place the project’s security on the top which makes our solutions work perfectly and also the excessive effect

    Project Delivery

    Our project manager stays with you all solutions till you successfully install and run the project. We also deliver you the ease level by offering after delivery support services.

    Best Choice For Hiring Dedicated Web Developer

    An award winning, ISO certified web development company, BRTechnosoft is a reliable name for providing on-demand web developers and programmer as per the precise demands of your organization.

    Interested in Hiring ASP.net Developers Service now?

    We believe in your desires to achieve quality platform,
    and to interact with the high end technologies in a way that, your business can flourish globally with an high impact. Hire Asp.Net Developer


    • Free Trial: Enjoy 1 Week of Free Trial Upon Signup
    • Flexible Engagements: Hire as per your custom needs.
    • Monthly Rolling Contracts: No burden of long term contracts.
    • Shorter Time To Market: Get ahead of competition with flexible, plug-and-play solutions.
    • You’re in control: we tailor our services to meet your needs and we’re fully equipped to make rapid changes with our agile team of developers and project managers.


    We have qualified project manager to nonstop monitor the work performance of hired Asp.Net developers and recommend them perfect solutions for creating perfect website design for you.


    We use NDA for providing greatest security to our customers. Our dedicated Web Developer makes sure that your idea is safe with us and confidential as we respect your privacy and work transparently


    Our Qualified Asp.Net developer start the development on Agile methodologies and share daily reports done an easy project management channel.


    We allocate you the best Web Developer whose capable match your requirements, Thus, they dedicatedly work for you from starting to project end.


    We reduce hire web Developer services at a reasonable cost. With us, you get the ample flexibility to choose a web Developer on full-time, part-time and bucket hours TM Support.


    We reduce hire Asp.Net developer services at a reasonable cost. With us, you get the ample flexibility to choose a Asp.Net developer on full-time, part-time and bucket hours TM Support.


    At BRTechnosoft, we offer easy communication channels such as email, Skype PMS, Chat, call etc. to communicate with us instantly during the whole project. You can connect anytime with our developer and support team.


    Our extremely experienced quality analysts make sure that every project will be delivered bug-free and up to the make after QA testing that will work effortlessly on every platform

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