Hassle free unnatural link removal solution for all webmaster whose sites are affected by Penguin 5

Hassle free unnatural link removal solution for all webmaster whose sites are affected by Penguin 5

Does your website affected by Penguin 5 AND 2.1 ? Looking for how to remove unnatural links? Don’t worries !! just follow some definite steps as we have explained in this post and you can easily less your stress for such hectic activity of link removal.

We all know that Penguin 5 AND 2.1 has affected many websites for their performance on SERPs. Basically Penguin is for unnatural links so to remove such links is vital for recovering the site from this update. Many of us are using disavow tool but it is the fact it’s not working accurate for all kinds of link removal it is the good for only those links which are not able delete from site platform.

Now we have only one option and that is manual link removal; however, it is very hectic work for all of us. Here, today we are explaining you some steps via flow chart so you can easily follow it for unnatural link removal.



To work out with this process you must have one sheet which contains list of your unnatural links.

Step 1: Take first link from sheet and search on browser. Is it opening or not?

So, here you have two criteria if its opening then move to second step else it is obvious this link is no more on page. However, if the links is not going to open then you must check the source code of that page because sometimes due to hidden text you are not able to see it. If you find that link as hidden in source then you have to move to second step.

Step 2: Checked it out that page stands for just SEO?

To identify that scenario is very easy as benign webmaster we all have some know how that for which page we are doing SEO or not.
Yes: Then you have to check about that particular link is containing NO FOLLOW attribute or not. If it contains no follow then leave if not then you have to check that head section

includes META Robots with NO FOLLOW tag or not.  If they contain then leave else you need to put request removal.

No: If you have not done SEO just for that page then move to step 3

Step 3: Here you have to check that is that link is related to the page or not.

Yes: Then move to forth step.

No: Follow YES condition of step 2.

Step 4: Usually till now most of we are using the anchor text for highly optimized keywords; however, this step is for pouring the condition about same. So, here you need to check the fact about your anchor text is containing high value keywords or not?

Yes: Move to step 5.

No: Leave the link removal from this step for selected link.

Step 5: This step comes in light when you have used highly optimized keyword in your link building. So, here in this step you need to check that for which key keyword you have used anchor text that keyword is highly used for your webpage in linking.

Yes: You need to change the anchor text.

No: Simply leave link remove from this step for selected link.

Now onwards, you have to go to first step and need to take another link for whole this process. So, this five steps oriented process will make your tedious unnatural link removal easy.

Don’t be late to use this process and recover your site from Penguin 5!!!!

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