It has been a little more than two years since Google Plus was first launched in June, 2011 and since then, even though it has received a fair amount of attention and popularity as a social networking site, business owners still haven’t been able to trust it as a relevant and substantial platform for promotion, advertisement and active interacting with clients. They are stuck to a wait-and-see strategy before making any move using Google Plus. They usually focus on the statistics that show there are not many users of Google Plus, which is sad, because there is so much potential in Google Plus and this people have fundamentally misunderstood its very nature and how it can improve their SEO results even if their clients do not use Google Plus themselves. But first let us check out the main features of Google Plus that gives it the potential of being so useful.

Features of Google Plus:

  • “Circles” that allow users to assemble people into groups for sharing content across various Google services and product. “Circles” also help in controlling the content in one’s “Stream”.
  • “Hang-outs” that facilitate group video chats enabling a person to reach out a vast audience in real time. Lately this aspect of Google Plus has been widely used for film promotions where actors and/or the makers directly interact with the fans. 
  • “Sparks”, sort of a supplement to Google Search, that let users identify topics that they might be interested to share with others.
  • Hashtags, which are hyperlinked to the most trending or viral search results containing that term. Use of hashtags has become really popular off late.
  • Google+ Local, Google+ Events and Google+ Communities which allow a large number of users interacting with each other who are from the same location, attending or have attended the same events, etc. thereby expanding virtual connections.


How Google Plus works?

Since Google+ is so intricately integrated with Google’s search engine facilities itself and allows user interactivity over such a broad range, it becomes a useful tool for business owners. Google itself creates al the content in Google+. At such this content will be effectively indexed by Google, as a result gaining page rank and appearing in Google’s search results. With more than two-thirds of the world’s online population using Google as their search engine, Google+ content becomes easily indexed and searchable in this manner.

Why Google Plus?

In the following postulates, we will explain in detail, why and how exactly Google Plus can become useful in improving SEO results and becoming an instrumental promotional platform.

  • Google Plus posts lets you capture SERP real estate while they appear on the Google search page results. At such, your audience can find your Goole Plus content through a basic Google search.
  • Google Plus content ‘floats’ on the internet, gaining page rank and appearing in search results for a prolonged period of time. Somehow Google Plus posts retain ranking indefinitely with certain year-old posts still being at the top of search result pages. Calculate in your mind how this easily is more beneficial that the 14 minute lifespan of a typical tweet.
  • There is a close relation between content authority and Google authorship. It appears that if the content is interesting and is being shared a lot, receiving plus ones, it will subsequently lead to higher authority.
  • As per the New Google algorithms SEO required Google Plus authorship along with the entire mechanism of Google Plus provides a range of social signals targeted towards the SMO (Social Media Optimization) and the SEO of the content. More the social signals, higher the content will rank in Google search results.
  • Last but not the least, using hashtags in Google Plus enables users to connect every post to all searches made on the platform.

If used wisely, Google Plus can only help and make your business grow in terms of SEO. Hopefully the points outlined above will make you take a fresh look at Google Plus Marketing and rethink about your SMO strategies.

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