Google May Be Updating Algorithm September 4th – They Won’t Confirm It

Since 4th September about last week there was huge prickle in charter amongst the SEO and Webmasters about the Google search Results shifting and changing In Short, many SEOs and webmaster complaining that their rankings results are drastically dropped, In  addition,  many webmaster also dropped rankings as per the observation.

The Google still not confirm that algorithms which update is this. This basically unnamed update. Their nothing to announce.
We have observed with various search results in last week through the monitoring tools such as Mozcast, and SERP Metrics and Algoroo all showed volatility on August 21st,  Since the September 4th Chatter began. We will having wait for next update to see if the tools showing activity for last week
Although, there are hundred of comment on the August 21st  post and we have monitor there are many commenting on September 4th  post.
Google does not constantly confirm updates but we think you should be aware that on August 21st and September 4th, there was sufficient silence to report to you that Google may have done some sort of algorithmic update.
The WebmasterWorld thread has two new posts this morning and We expect a lot more. Plus I see dozens of threads at Google Webmaster Help Forums with individual complaints in the past several hours.

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