In an effort to make search more protected, on Oct. 18th Google announced that users logged into their Google accounts using would be redirected to The search queries by these users would therefore be encrypted and not accessible to website owners via web analytics tools such as Omniture, WebTrends, Open Stats, and Google Analytics etc.
Google has announced that they will secure all keyword data. So this means that the keyword searches that you do will not be saved anymore. For the marketers SEO means the world and they feel it is very poor to have such a change. Now marketers have to change their old habits of SEO and start thinking of new ideas to improve habits and mindsets as they go forward. The percentage of keyword data is going down. It is better for everybody to think that Google doesn’t hate marketers as with the ads from marketers is the reason Google does great business.

The main reason why Google started this encryption of search data is to protect the search history of the users as their privacy will get affected when they are signed into Google accounts as there were some privacy concerns raised by people. Later this security or protection has been extended to the searches in the browsers also like chrome, safari, and Firefox. And now it is going to be more secure as all the searches that go through the Google search engine will be protected there is only one exception for this data encryption that is the clicks on the Google ads will not be encrypted.
SEO marketers should be focused and should concentrate on how to raise organic traffic, achieve business targets and online sales including lead generation, grow communities and earn branding. This is a step to make the marketers think of the business development and not to only keep their minds on keywords. To have a secure search may seem frustrating and irritating to most of the marketers but this step is not for the marketers it is for the benefit of the industry as a whole. A great SEO is something that gives excellent information with digital advertisements and endorsements from the websites which are legal which indeed focus on the business results that surpass keyword data.
Even after this there is no need to feel that the marketers are left in the dark on the way search affects their marketing strategy.

The ways that can help to measure the keywords and use search data are below:

  • There is still possibility to tell how much of traffic the website is incurring due to organic searches. Even though there is no information of the exact keywords there is still a way to correlate the data and optimize the site along with creating good content to raise or drop organic search.
  • According to analysis Google, Bing and yahoo have 67%, 18%, 11% search results which should be helpful to the marketers to know what are the most useful keywords. Hub spot may continue to show keyword data for 33%.
  • If the marketers use Google ads for pay per click marketing, connect the company’s ad words account to the Google analytics account in order to use the search data for keyword search
  • The ranking system will still play a major role to help to measure the output of search engine optimization and content.

For Hub Spot Customers

The decision that Google has made has affected not only the data that is found in Hub Spot but it also affects all the analytics, tools, along with Google analytics this means that it will not be possible to know the keywords that are searched by the searcher before visiting the site through Google. Google will share search criteria only with advertisers.

This will impact Hub Spot customers of your analytics in these ways:

  • Sources Report: when you get into Organic Search, all searches, contacts, visits, and customers by Google will from now onwards be categorized into “Unknown keywords.” Most of the company’s large share of organic traffic will mostly fall in this category.
  • Keywords Report: these things will not show any reflection from Google searches -The “Visits” and “Contacts” columns.

The tasks that the data searched is used for are:

  • To find the opportunities in order to improve the websites performance and its ranking. If there is a lot of search traffic for a website page of your company but the page doesn’t have good ranking all you need to do is improve the ranking so that there is lot of traffic
  • To understand the perception of your brand and the content you provide with the list of sentences that sent the traffic
  • To uncover keyword opportunities like if there is any page that doesn’t get lot of traffic we can try to improve the ranking by addressing the problem the keyword has.

These should be clarified to get optimal search usage. For more information please do visit our websites https://www.BRTechnosoft .com

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