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It is always the simple question that whether it is React Native or Flutter. It is important to know the kind of technology to be used in the project. In the context it is important to consider the differences and similarities to help have an informed decision in time. It has always been the main question that which is best. It is time to pay some attention to the notable points that helps highlight the specialties and differences of both React Native and the Flutter in specific. Once you know the complete details it becomes easy for you to choose the option based on the sort of functionality you have.


Similarities of React Native and Flutter

  • Both the languages of Flutter and React Native are properly backed up by the tech field giants. It can be Google for the Flutter and Facebook for React Native. It can result in case of the constant support in matters of the said technologies.
  • Both React Native and Flutter are open source and free languages. You can have an easy access to the code and it is the handiest feature that can help make the technologies better when compared to the rest of the competitors.
  • Both the frameworks come with greater user experience and it is only in case of React Native the UI component should be best responsible and in terms of Flutter it is always widget to consider.
  • Both the technologies come with the latest feature of Hot Reload. This will allow the changes to happen mainly as part of the user interface in the real time without having to upload the page.
  • In matters of configuration both Flutter and React Native are easy and straightforward to deal with and this makes job easy and achievable online.

Differences between the Two

  • In terms of language, Flutter makes use of Dart and React Native makes use of JavaScript. Dart is a new and immature language, but still you have the young devs trying to master the same in time.
  • In terms of performance Flutter is an undeniable winner and in the competition React Native stands back in the line. Flutter framework makes use of the C++ engine and it also makes use of the Skia graphics library which in turn results in high performance app.
  • When talking about APIs and UI Flutter is richer with the set of positive possibilities. In contrast React Native uses the third party library. In time Flutter has the in-built components and the perfect tools for navigation and testing.
  • Flutter carries a richer documentation when compared to React Native This helps in the easy learning of the technology in case of the developers.


Thus, it is time that you consider like who is the real winner, Flutter or is it React Native. Both are perfect technological trends for the year 2021 and it is not easy for you to miss on one. It all depends on the kind of necessity you have in matters of choosing either React Native or Flutter for the purpose.

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