What are the latest Updates, NEWS, Techniques, and Strategies of SEO 2018?

What are the latest Updates, NEWS, Techniques, and Strategies of SEO 2018?

Year 2018 is going to be very significant for SEO. For online marketers and internet businesses the current year is expected to be a promising year. Today the SEO scenario is highly vibrant and people are busy with implementation of their SEO plans. The online businessmen are determined to make their business a big success. Those who are preparing for a new type of SEO campaign are getting equipped with advanced tools as well as tricks. There are 7 latest SEO trends which are not only for the current year but also for the years to come. Everyone is in a hurry to improve the SEO of their website. In order to be comfortable with the latest SEO trends it is necessary to apply a few tips and tricks. We can expect a lot of SEO updates during the current year and these updates will be of great impact to the creation of better strategies for SEO.

Update No.2: Google’s new Paraphrasing Algorithm

In the month of May 2018, Google published research on its new Paraphrasing Algorithm. The new algorithm will decide how content will be optimized for search engine in the coming days. Now, paraphrased content will be created by Google using extractive and abstractive summaries.

In the case of ‘Extractive Summaries’, the content will be taken out from articles, posts and blogs and it will be in accordance with the user’s intent. Snippets will be created using the prominent sentences of the articles whereas in the case of ‘Abstractive Summaries’, the content which was extracted will be paraphrased and it will be simple and easy for the user to understand.

The content is extracted from multiple pages but, now we cannot say whether the algorithm will get linked to those pages and whether the abstracted content is going to be Google article.

Impact of the new algorithm

Once the new algorithm is executed, the positive outcome will be Video SEO and the negative outcome will be Small Blogs. The neutral impact, however, will be “Money” and “Non-Informative” keywords.

There are really exciting news items regarding the latest techniques as well as strategies for SEO. There are 21 latest SEO updates and NEWS for the year 2018. Here is the list of all the 21 SEO updates and NEWS along with the important strategies and techniques that are applicable for year 2018.As far 2018 is concerned, there will be no disappointments. Internet marketers were really put to roller-coaster rides during recent years. However, towards the end of 2017, the strategies of various segments of the digital platform became clear. Now, let us go through in detail the major SEO updates, techniques, strategies and NEWS for year 2018.

Update No.1 : Access to One Year and Four Months Data on the new search beta console

Google, the World’s No.1 Search Engine is about to shake up the Internet Marketing Industry as a whole. The new Google Search Console Analytics API which was released in the first month of 2018 will be supporting 16 months data henceforth instead of supporting just 3 months data. Keywords that send out queries for organic content as well as paid content will be notified by the search console on its keyword page. SEO as well as AdWords experts will concentrate their attention on the Keyword page. Customer intent can be found out by subjecting the user queries and keyword triggers to data analysis. This will enable the digital marketers to work out their SEO and PPC campaigns. Three months data is quite sufficient to find out the latest trends and now data pertaining to last 16 months is available which makes it possible to plan the marketing activities based on keyword triggers, buying patterns, search results and seasonal behavior.

Digital Marketing Industry has recorded phenomenal growth during the last ten years. However, there was no change in use of data for identification of customer intent. Previously the full attention was on .how to increase traffic’? But, now the focus is on ‘how to increase relevant traffic’? The net result is that using the most-searched keywords the highly relevant consumers are being pulled. With the data of last 16 months, a digital marketing company is well equipped to collate and analyze data. Now they know about the data patterns required to drive the proper organic traffic and this is going to make a great impact.

Update No.4: Google’s “Crowd Control” Feature to Check real time crowd

Now, Google Maps is provided with the “Crowd Control” feature which enables the user to get a real-time view of the location which he wants to visit. From the view one can assess the availability as well as prospects. This facility is provided at super markets, grocery stores, restaurants, vehicles service centres, pharmacy, coffee shops and various other places.

Update No.5: “Visual Sitelinks Images” for Mobile Search Ads

Google introduced this new feature in the Sitelink Extensions which are Visual Sitelinks Imagescalled “Visual Sitelink”. Google has already tried this feature in Adwords. In the sitelink extensions of Google Ads, the images will appear with the text also. In mobile phones, this feature will appear in swipeable carousel manner.

Update No.6: Sitemap File Size Limit increased from 10MB to 50MB

The increase in the file size limit to 50MB by Google and Bing is in view of the difficulty faced by the websites with long URLs. This will enable the users to upload uncompressed Sitemaps up to 50 MB.

Update No.7: Bing Ads Bot for Campaigns

Now the Bing Ads advertiser can access a virtual account manager. Using the Bot, the advertisers can make their campaigns more effective. The marketers can design more effective ads also.

Update No.8: Assign Audience List at Campaign Level

This is an update under Google Adwords. The advertiser can now assign audience list according to his discretion at the campaign level. For their ads at Google Adwords, the advertiser can now select his desired audience. This feature also offers bid adjustments in bulk.

Update No.9: Understand consumer’s behavior in local searches

This new feature will help the advertiser to understand the behavior of the consumer in local searches so as to create more effective local ads.

Update No.10: Importance of Content Marketing in e-Commerce Industry

Now, content is the most powerful tool for online marketers to drive the attention of customers at different stages. Through this update Google serves the message that the marketers need to create more content and content marketing should be carried out through different channels. Every marketer should have a clear strategy for content marketing.

Update No.11: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is the process of directing the website visitors to a particular task by the marketer. It is all the more important for the online marketer to understand clearly how CRO works so that he can make use of CRO in an effective way to meet his business objectives.

Update No.12: Quality Content crucial for SEO Ranking

The marketer must be able to identify rich and great content. He should know what should be included in the quality content and what should not be included. The impact created by rich content is unique and there is no substitute for it.

Update No.13: Checklist for Local SEO

The phenomenal increase in the number of local searches has led to the quick growth of Local SEO. There are two major reasons for the drastic growth of Local SEO. Number of local searches made from mobile devices increases day by day and location is very important for mobile searches. Another reason is that, even in the case of desktop searches, Google prefers organic local results

Update No.14: The Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

Google has officially announced the 9 most important SEO Ranking Factors. The SEO professionals need not search any more for the ranking factors. Previously, the SEO ranking factors were changed frequently following the search engine updates. Now, there is no confusion among SEO strategies and techniques. In spite of the search engine updates, the SEO ranking factors remain as the base of SEO.

Creation of backlinks with “Reverse Image Promotion” also comes under Update No.14. Graphics will be useful when used interactively. If someone uses your images and graphics without your permission, Reverse Image search will enable you to find out who is using your images and graphics. Apart from enabling you to avail due credits, you will get a bonus backlink also.

Update No.15: Exposing some essential factors of Internet Marketing

So far SEO professionals were unaware of various factors pertaining to internet market. Actually, these are very essential factors. They focus on customer demands. This SEO update has brought to light these hidden factors. Every aspect of digital marketing is significant and needs attention and care.

Update No. 16: Best Practices for Mobile SEO

In digital marketing it is very important to optimize the mobile websites for the user’s experience. Previously, the online marketers were struggling to make their websites 100% mobile-friendly. This update has brought to light the hidden routes to develop the most mobile-friendly website.

Update No.17: The Best Plugins for WordPress e-Commerce Websites

Those who have WordPress e-Commerce Websites will find it as a great SEO update since this update introduces the 10 best SEO plugins for WP e-Commerce websites.

Update No.18: The best SEO Tips for e-Commerce Websites

From this year, there will be no confusion regarding SEO for e-Commerce websites. This update provides permanent solutions to various SEO problems.

Update No.19: SEO is Changing Fast

The SEO Update from Google has brought to light the fact that some big changes are awaited in SEO. SEO in future will be quite different from SEO of today. The researches on the latest strategies and techniques of SEO reveal that SEO is changing at a great speed. SEO has undergone total revolution and today the most significant ranking factors are content quality and user experience.

Update No.20: The Best SEO Tools

Google algorithm updates are released frequently and many changes are expected for SEO in 2018. One has to conduct SEO analysis in the most advanced ways so as to ensure more visibility and higher ranking on Google search engine. This update has identified the 10 most powerful tools that are vital for SEO.

Update No.21: The Latest Trends and Tricks for SEO Planning

Apart from the advanced tools, marketers should know the latest tricks and trends which are also important for planning an effective campaign. All businessmen want their online business to stand out. Hence, proper SEO planning is very important for their success. This SEO Update provides 7 latest SEO trends that are applicable to 2018 and beyond. The update also reveals a few tips and tricks which are required to be comfortable with the latest SEO trends.

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