Developing the Sports Betting App: Essential Features and Cost Estimation

Developing the Sports Betting App: Essential Features and Cost Estimation

The Sports Betting activity is not new and the sports enthusiasts had been doing the betting since long time back. However, the technologically advanced sports betting was started only a few years back and now betting is a highly sophisticated activity. Now, gamblers the world over participate in sports betting using their Smartphones. Sports-betting is not permitted in all countries of the world. Betting is allowed in Europe and America and is very popular in these two continents. Sports-betting is considered as an illegal activity in India, Japan and Middle East. In most of the remaining countries betting is legal. Online betting is about two decades old and was introduced in the year 1997. The popularity of online betting increased year after year and as a result of the introduction of the mobile sports betting app, betting became a widespread business activity with tremendous scope for growth.  Without the mobile app, sports-betting was more risky in earlier days when people had to visit either the websites or the physical shops to bet on various sports activities. The online betting market is today worth $51.9 billion and is growing at a great speed. The market volume of online betting had doubled within the last ten years. Popular betting apps like Bet 365 and William Hill have been successful in improving the sports betting scenario and the mobile apps made it a very vibrant market. This is the right time for app developers to develop new mobile betting apps and make their entry into the highly potential sports betting market

What’s the use of the sports betting app?

The sports-betting app enables the user to watch his favorite sports event live using a Smartphone from his home, office or any other place or while on travel. Apart from enjoying an exciting match and cheering for the team as well as the favorite player, the user of the app can place a bet and win handsome amounts as prize money. The Smartphone is the only device required for online sports-betting using the mobile app.

The structure of the sports betting app is divided into two sections – the user panel and the admin panel.

User Panel Features

Log In

The user of the app is required to log in to his account using his e-mail Id and user password. The log in feature is essential for all the on-demand apps.

Selection of Sport, team and player

The users of the sports betting app will require a list of different sporting events from which they will opt for a particular event on which they will place their bet. Also, the users of the app will select the team as well as player for their betting. The sports betting app should provide a list of sporting events for betting such as Cricket, Horse Race, Rugby, Tennis, Grand Slam, WWE, Basketball, NBA, Premier League, Formula One and the like. The betting app should also provide names of the teams participating in the event or tournament or series and also names of the players of each team. Along with the lists the betting rates for each team also should be displayed.

Live Watch

The betting app must be provided with a screen so that the user can watch the game live and see how the match progresses. When they watch the game live it will be easier for them to finalize their betting strategy with regard to a particular team or a particular player.

Guide for Betting

The Betting Guide for the users is a very essential feature of the sports betting app. The betting guide provides useful tips to the user for betting on a particular game or event or team or player and the guide for betting is more useful to those who are betting for the first time and those who use the betting app for the first time.

Player Information

The person who wants to bet should know about each player and hence the betting app should provide detailed information of each player and whether a particular player had won an earlier match and against whom did he play.

Match Schedules

The sports betting app should provide details regarding the schedule of the forthcoming matches including date, time and venue. With these details the app user will be able to plan his betting in advance.

Betting Models

There are different patterns of sports betting and the app user has to choose the most suitable betting pattern based on his preferences and other aspects. The betting app should provide the list of betting patterns that are offered by the app. Call, Call Raise, Always Checking the River, Check-Raising, Folding the Flop, Check or Call are some of the betting patterns.user_panel

Betting Categories

After selecting the betting pattern, the user of the betting app wants to select the betting type which he wants to place. The betting type depends on the particular sport on which one is betting. Some of the betting types are Multiples, Handicaps, Single, Each Way, Head to Head, Patent and Yankee.

Interacting feature

The Interaction feature of the sports betting app facilitates interaction between the app user and others so that the person who is betting using the app can interact with others and can discuss with them regarding the possible outcome of the match.

Final Status

This feature enables the app user to know whether he won or lost in the wetting when the admin starts creating a new pool.

Pay and Start Betting

The Instant Payment Option of the sports betting app enables to make instant payment online just by a few taps. The payment gateway integration enables the user to make the payment after choosing the betting method.

Multi-language support

Since sports-betting is popular in many countries, the betting app must be multilingual. Since the users of the app are from different countries, the app should support all the prominent languages the world over so that the user can select his most preferred language.

Match Summary

From the summary of the match provided by the app, the user of the app will be able to analyze and assess the performance of each player. The summary also gives him the opportunity to view the significant turning points of the match which perhaps he might have missed.

Offline Services

Sports betting app should also provide offline service when required. This is a vital feature of this app because in the absence of offline service, the user of the app will lose his money he paid for betting when there is a disruption of internet connectivity.

Admin Panel Features

Sign Up

Signing Up is in the same way as carried out in the user panel. Admin will register the user with the sports betting app.


The app will be having a number of registered users and through the dashboard the admin manages all the users. The admin will access all details pertaining to the user including style and type of betting, the amount placed as bet, etc.

Take Inputs from Bookies

In sports betting, the bookies have an active role. The bookies provide the admin a lot of information regarding the status as well as standard of the teams and the players and the prices fixed on them. The admin has to decide the profit share from each tournament or match. Admin will generate the password for each person who bets using the app and will also notify the start and end of the betting. The admin can include new users in the betting and in case the admin finds that a user has violated the rules for sports betting, he can exclude that user from the users’ list. Similarly, admin has the power to add a new sport to the app and to delete a sport from the list of the existing games. For each game, admin will be deciding the betting price.

admin-panelOther responsibilities of the admin

The admin will be having the following responsibilities also:

  1. Manage the money received from the users who wanted to place the bet.
  2. Pay money to the user who wins in the betting.
  3. Manage the content of the app.

Advantages of the Sports Betting App

Those who have noted the various amazing features of the sports betting app will agree that this mobile app has many advantages such as

  • Those who bet on the matches can get update information regarding how the match is progressing so that they will not have the fear of losing money
  • Through this app the users are able to understand the latest trends of public betting based on which they can start promoting an event or a bet
  • The users of the app will get the news about the latest developments in the sports world and interesting news from the various sports event venues.
  • The gamblers are updated by the app about prominent players and also whether they are playing through notifications
  • The sports betting app also functions as a single platform on which sports enthusiasts can communicate, share their views, videos and photos.

What one has to do to develop the sports betting app?

Those who plan to develop the sports betting app may ensure to take the following steps prior to starting with the new project:

Ensure to provide sufficient details about betting

Those who develop new sports betting apps should ensure that the user of the app is provided with adequate guidance to bet and the users must be extremely careful about the risks involved in sports betting. The novice users of the app will have more chances to lose money and as a result of the severe setback at the initial stage they may even go to the extent of deleting the sports betting app.

Ensure to provide the best UI and UX

Those who develop new sports betting app should ensure to develop a highly attractive app that provides amazing UI and UX.

Responsible Gambling Policy

The app developer should include Responsible Gambling Policy in the new app so that the user will have the weekly or monthly option to make the deposit. Necessary steps are to be taken to prevent children and minors from using the app for betting. Before creating an account with the app, every user should go through the age verification process.


Custom Betting

The extent of customization of the app as required by the owner of the app will be figured out by the custom betting platform management. This will enable the app owner to manage the bet, the payouts and real-time monitoring of the odd changes. Improving the app on a continued basis is very important.

Ensure strong security

Since sports betting involves large amounts of money there will be great security concern regarding the safety of money. Hence there should be no compromise on the security aspect of the app. All the transactions by the users must be 100% safe and the app user must be able to withdraw his winning money without any problem. For the online betting app, the security and the Server are the two most important aspects. Hence there should be no loop-holes on these two fronts. When there are loopholes, it will be too risky for the users to bet using this app since it may lead to losing the hard earned money that was invested on this app. Since the sporting app receives large quantities of data and information every day, the server configuration of the app is also a very important task. In some cases the service of a single server may not be sufficient to the user of the app and in such cases two different servers may be provided. Single server may be sufficient for small operations.

How to improve the security of the betting app?

The app developer should analyze and clearly understand the nature as well as intensity of the risk factors and threat and accordingly the app should be made safe and secured. A common type of security lapse that occurs with the betting apps is leaking of the confidential data related to credit/debit cards or when the username and password of those who are betting are hacked by someone. In order to ensure the safety of transactions by the users and to protect their payment data, the policies and security standards should be integrated. Using outdated servers and networks may lead to security risks. Hence the betting app should be periodically updated. The app is to be built using technologically the most advanced software.


Now those who want to bet on various sports events need not go the betting clubs or the shops of the betting agents and also they need not depend on the betting websites. The Smartphones now enable people to participate in sports betting anytime anywhere. Hence sports-betting is now easier, more comfortable and less time-consuming. Moreover, the sports betting app enables them to carry out the betting independently since all instructions for betting as well as making payments are clearly given on the app and the app user need not approach others for help. While the users of the app get a lot of opportunities to win substantial amount of cash by way of sports betting, the owner of the sports betting app can make good income through his betting app.

Those who want to develop a sports betting app for a reasonable price may contact the reliable app developing company and get their quote so as to proceed further.

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