The On Demand Apps have made our life much easier and more comfortable and every day we come across with a number of on-demand apps. The laundry app is already very popular and it is spreading its wings still wider. The laundry app is indeed a great relief for all those who have a hectic schedule daily. A few decades back the washer-man used to knock the door of our houses once in a week to pick up all the dirty dresses and other clothes. After washing and ironing all the clothes he will deliver back all the clothes. Once the households were provided with washing machines, the washer-man stopped visiting our houses.
Since today almost all the people are busy with their employment or business or other occupations, none is in a position to spare his or her valuable time for washing the clothes or other domestic tasks. Washing clothes is not only a time-consuming task but, it is also a tedious task. The on-demand laundry app is the best solution to this day-to-day problem faced by almost all people.
The on-demand laundry app is now as precious as ‘manna from heaven’ for most of the users. Globally, the demand for laundry services is increasing rapidly and the future prospects for those who are in this business are undoubtedly very bright. App developers must seriously think about developing a mobile laundry application so that they can bring more number of customers in to their fold. It is estimated that in the year 2017, laundry services earned not less than $7.98 million and by the year 2020 it is expected to touch the $8.9 million mark.

More scope for targeting audiences

Those who are equipped with the mobile app for laundry and dry cleaning will be in a position to target more number of audiences. The scope for those who have the laundry app is not limited with a few students and a few people from the working class; they can easily get bulk business from hospitals, hotels, hostels and guest houses where bed sheets, curtains, towels and table clothes etc. will be given in bulk for washing.
Functioning of the laundry app and its main components
After logging in to his/her account the user of the laundry app can fix the date and time for collecting the clothes which are to be washed. By that fixed time, the user may ensure that all the clothes that are to be washed are kept at one particular spot. When the pick-up person from the laundry visits his house he will pick up all the dresses and other clothes which are to be washed. He will take all the clothes to the laundry shop and there all the clothes will be thoroughly cleaned, ironed, folded and kept ready to dispatch. After covering the clothes with paper sheets they will be delivered back to the customer. In fact, the functioning of the laundry app is quite simple.
After knowing about the important components of the laundry app we shall discuss the key features of the app.
Basically, the laundry app consists of three different sections – the client page, the laundry page and the Main Panel which is also called as The Admin Panel.
Now, we shall go through each section in detail:
The Client Page
The client page is a portal that connects the user of the app with the laundry service. The first task of the developer of this app is to create the log in page. The user of the app can log in by entering his/her name, email id and mobile number on the log in page. By way of incorporating the geo-location facility, the user can be enabled to find out quickly the nearest laundry shop.
The user must be provided with a variety of options so that he/she can choose the service that is required. The options may include washing, ironing and dry cleaning. The price of each service also may be included so that the user can keep the total laundry expense within his/her budget. Inclusion of the in-built app calendar is another important step for creation of the client page. The user will select the dates for pick-up and delivery from the app calendar and after choosing both the dates he/she can book the visit of the pick-up man who will visit the house and collect the clothes. With the fresh status of the app, the laundry service can update their customer when the clothes are being washed and when they are taken out for delivery.
The Laundry Page
Building the laundry page is the next part of the app development. The owner or the manager of the laundry will be managing the laundry page of the app. The laundry page is similar to the client page. The laundry owner will use this page as the log in portal and after entering his log in particulars he will start to manage the orders. The laundry page will provide the owner all relevant information like how many orders are booked, the time of pick-up and delivery for each order, the exact address of the customer from where the clothes are to be collected, the number of clothes received from the customer, the type of service selected by the customer and regarding special offers and cash discounts.
The Admin Panel
The Admin Panel of the app functions as the server and controls the client page as well as laundry page. The main task of the admin panel is proper handling of database management. Admin panel also handles the other issues pertaining to the app.
Key Features of the app
In order to ensure that the laundry app development is a successful venture, the app developer must incorporate all the following features in the newly developed app.

  1. A simple log in page which serves as the registration portal

A simple and easy to manage log in page is a vital requirement of the newly developed laundry app since both the user of the app and the laundry manager will be using the log in page for registration. The app developer should see to it that only general particulars like name, mobile phone number and email id are required to be entered on the log in page.

  1. Order Tracking

Just like the other on demand apps, the laundry app is also GPS enabled. The GPS technology enables the user of the app and the laundry manager to track the status of a particular order. GPS enables the user of the app to find out what the laundry people are doing with his/her clothes and when the washed and pressed clothes will be delivered at his/her home. Similarly the laundry manager can keep a track of the pickup as well as delivery and can also find out the orders that have accumulated.

  1. Automatic Reminder

The user of the laundry app may set the time and date for picking up the cloth according to his/her requirement as well as convenience. It can be once in 10 days or once in two weeks, etc. However, because of his/her other commitments and busy schedule, he/she may forget to keep the clothes ready for pick-up by the laundry man. Hence, the mobile app developer may provide an automatic time reminder in the app so that the user will keep the clothes ready by the time the laundry man visits his house. The automatic time reminder will ensure prompt pick-up of the clothes as well as delivery of the washed clothes as per schedule.

  1. List of services in detail with price of each service

While placing the order with the laundry, the user of the app has to mention the services that he requires like washing only or washing and ironing or ironing only and so on. The app developer has to clearly mention all the services offered by the laundry service such as washing, ironing, folding, stain removing, etc. along with the corresponding price. In case the prices differ for clothes of different sizes as well as different types of fabric, all those details are to be clearly mentioned in the app. The dresses that are made of woolen may have to be washed using special type of detergents which may be costlier. Hence, it is very important to mention the different prices. In case extra charges are to be paid for removal of stains, those details also must be included.

  1. A description of the laundry service

The app developer can provide detailed information about the laundry for the notice of the customers. This will in turn help the laundry service to promote their business. Through the description the laundry service can convey the message to the customers that they are committed to provide eco-friendly laundry service to the customers and that they never use harsh detergents which will spoil the clothes. The laundry service can give assurance to the customers through the description that the clothes will be handled, washed an ironed with maximum care and that their customer service will be of excellent quality. In case scented and unscented washing options are offered, that also can be mentioned.

  1. Coupons and Special Offers

Information about coupons and discounts is a common feature of mobile apps. By way of mentioning about the special discounts and coupons the laundry can retain the customers and also attract more new customers.
Quality of service and reliability are very important to ensure customer satisfaction and also to increase the number of customers. The special offers and discount coupons will surely make the customers happier and in turn it will boost the business. The laundry can offer free ironing if the number of clothes given for washing is above a specific number. In this way, the laundry can announce the special offers.

  1. Payment Modes

The app developer must ensure that the users of the laundry app are provided maximum convenience and comfort. The app developer may include different methods for making payments to the laundry. Either the Cash on Delivery option may be provided or the online payment mode may be included.
What will be the cost of the laundry app?
Those who are already in the laundry business or planning to start a laundry will be interested to have the laundry app and they will be interested to know the cost of developing the laundry app.
The total number of hours taken to develop the mobile app is to be considered while estimating the cost for developing the app.  The other factors that are to be considered for estimation of the cost are design of the app, the platform – Android or iOS, development of front end and back end and lastly app testing. For Android as well as iOS, the developers will take about 200 hours to design the app. The time required to develop the app on the Android platform is less than the time required to develop the same on the iOS platform. In the case of Android, it will take about 700 hours to develop the app whereas to develop it on iOS platform about 750 hours will be required. Around 200 hours will be required to develop the backend of the app and additional 60 hours are required to design the Admin Panel. The cost of development of the app may vary from country to country. The rough estimation is that developing the  will cost in the range $10000 – $30000.
The demand for on demand mobile apps is increasing year by year because more people are becoming dependent on these apps due to lack of time to complete their daily chorus. The laundry app is one among such apps which became very popular within a short period. The users of the laundry app found it very convenient and also very easy to use and as a result more people are now planning to start using this app to meet their laundry service requirements.
The laundry owners who want to improve their business further by way of developing a laundry app can call for free quotes from a few app developers so that they can select the best offer out of them.
The app developers who develop the on demand laundry app can look forward to a thrilling business in the coming days.

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