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Exact match domains or EMDs are domain names that exactly match the keyword a website wants to compete for. For years, it was highly an easier way to land on to the destined path easily. The loophole now has been closed just like the others were closed years before. A relieved breath for many, as it was some or the other way a hurdle in the ongoing business scenario. It was a cheap way to engage traffic and heartiest thanks to google for setting this loophole on the grounds of termination.

What all EMD bonuses included

SEO abide great standards to meet qualitative work today. EMDs are more targeted for violating keyword stuffing, webspam techniques, and not constructing quality sites. Threat of keyword phrase with the exact match domain name was an easy ice breaking task to execute. Several admirers were after this to get easy breezy traffic coming to their website and promoting business. The huge EMD bonus was that several websites name is the money keywords one wants to rank for. On page keyword optimization and link building, the main attributes of SEO was overpowered by EMD.

Google EMD update-A Shock

SEOs are angry, shocked, skeptical, about the heavy gift by google, as these updates are harming their websites and affecting their business predominantly. It was after which hearing the impactful result of EMD updates, as its outrageous features were a threat to existing website ratings. The blog of EMD 29th Sept, have cursed and portrayed abusive guidelines at google as the measures are opposite to their ongoing strategy.

Key takeaways

  • Make sure that you are in not under any violation or against rules as pronounced in Google’s guidelines index. Keyword stuffing is the main drawback in EMDs.
  • Inspite of all the concerned issues, the overall strength of the domain is an important factor. A priceless gift for winners as they are holding higher quality links and even more than that.
  • An upliftment because of social fans, as the people engaging in quality and rich content, devoid of any duplicates could provide a boost in rankings. Furthermore, a fact related as social signals are a sign of high quality content in the website.
  • Popularity upholded by growth is simply magnificent and reflects the overall quality of site and standards. Link building alone does not stand for better site. An amalgamation of both link building and better quality results in better site.

Webspam was crackdown in 2012, and lot of loopholes were terminated in the early 2012, which is a surprising factor for everyone indeed. Matt was the person after that.
However, there are several aspects which are left and need to be eradicated on an immediate basis, as they are still certain sites with old SEO practices and carry really bad link profiles. The data extracted from linkdetox technology has proved that there is lot more to fix. These updates from google thereby be taken on positive go as the regular update. Anyhow, bestow heartiest affection to Google and Matter for letting you get away with EMDs for so long.
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