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For projects with available detailed specification we offer Fixed Budget Business Model with fixed cost and delivery date. We analyze our client’s requirements thoroughly in order to prevent further changes to the software requirements specification and develop an exact plan at a very detailed level. Yet, this model meets both customer’s and developer’s expectations in the narrow variety of cases.

fixed_costThis model proves itself when the subcontractor implements simple and fully predictable portions of code that need to be paid for at a fixed and fair basis.

Should it bid at modest rates and go over budget, the subcontractor will eat the cost, – thus, stating a risk for developer. On the contrary, in case it is hard to predict in terms of time and creative effort, the development process needs control and improvement upon each iteration, and should allow for cancellation at virtually any stage thereof in order for the customer not to overpay, – thus, stating a risk for the customer. Thus, such a development scenario should provide for another business model. Time & Material

It is Ideal for clients who want to play a larger part in project execution. In this case, the pricing is determined based upon the number of man hours required to complete the project. In another words, when scope, specification and implementation plan of the project is not easy to define at initial phase, BRTECHNOSOFT Time and Material Model becomes an attractive option.

Time Material Model :-

Under this model, the client pays as per the number of man hours put in development efforts and the strategy to be followed is defined working in tandem with client for execution of end-to-end projects. If the initial time and material model determines exact scope and the project allows the scope to be frozen, it could be converted in to fixed price model. Our project management and reporting method ensures exact hours spent on project with full transparency.

Time & Material (T&M) Model is applicable for projects that are bigger and longer in duration. When exact specifications and implementation plans cannot be clearly defined before taking up the project, T&M Model is the right choice allowing you to modify your specifications, adjust time schedules and define scope during the execution of your project.

We have  Time & Material Model is an attractive option if you have complex and high level projects. Our T&M model experts will work with you closely to define a realistic pattern based on your projects complexity, proposed timelines, planned budget and any anticipated challenges. Our experts will do this by studying your business, your market and project requirements, so that your project is executed with best efforts in a smooth environment and ultimately you are successful.


  • Flexibility in revising your application in the course of its execution.
  • Optimizing the costs and timelines.
  • Our experts define realistic pattern for your advantage.
  • Unique model tailored to your requirements.
  • Increase or reduce resources and pay for the specific work done.
  • Effective communication ensures smooth workflow.
  • Regular work reports facilitate.

Hire Dedicated Resource

This is the ideal model for web development, existing overseas web development houses. In this model, We provides resources to work delicately on your project or be the part of your development team or to establish your offshore development centre.

We provide regular detailed reports on the work done on your project, which describe the progress and process of your project and also facilitate you to plan ahead in case if you want to improve or condense your application. Also, we ensure you effective communication through instant messengers such as Yahoo, MSN, Skype voice service and telephone connection.

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